Wisden cumulative archive 2002 – 2015 seasons

Season 2015 has now been added with full information as usual. It is a vast file which even with a very fast internet connection takes a minute to download.

There is a problem with the “Best bowling” pages. This is because the hyphen (eg 5-17 as used in Wisden) somewhat throws the Excel camp into confusion and often transfers such entries into either a date or the basic figure (eg 44538) and is difficult to correct by simply changing the format. It applies only to about 50 entries in 9000 altogether and in due course I shall correct it. Also, if “Arbuthnot-Perkins” currently appears as “Arbuthnot for Perkins”, it is because of the hoo-haa of the hyphen which is easy to correct though takes time.

Seasons 2002, 2003 and 2004 have been typed from the original Wisden as these are the only seasons where Wisden did not provide full figures (I/NO/R/HS/No of centuries/Avge for batsmen, O/M/R/W/BB/Avge for bowlers). This is in the process of being rectified as far as possible by schools delving into their own archives.

Not quite true: since season 2005 I have had the full figures (though not published in Wisden) and these have always been on this website (courtesy of Wisden).

Thus temporarily this is a spreadsheet rather than separate PDFs. In order to see the different pages, you need to click on the tabs at the bottom. This is to make it very much easier to update the sheet as schools continue to respond to requests to fill in the gaps.

Wisden stats cumulative 2002 – 2015