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Thursday April 15th 2021

Today is published the 2021 edition of Wisden. For the briefest of introductions go the schools section you can read the Wisden 2021 Press release. We are delighted to publish simultaneously an extended supplement to the main article in the printed version. We’d strongly urge you to read the printed version first, in order to put the supplement intro perspective. Click on the link to read in full the Wisden Schools Cricketer of the Year – a retrospective


Please use the links below to access the archive. As the copyright is owned by Wisden, this section is not updated until a few months after publication of the Almanack (April the following year). I am grateful to Wisden for allowing me to publish this archive.

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This page shows the archive from 2000 onwards. These years are different from earlier ones and are extremely detailed. Just click on any year and click on whatever takes your fancy.

To see the archive from 1887 to 1999 (actually to 2004), please click here

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For a composite and variously sorted list of all records from 2000 – 2019, please click here.

For searching this cumulative (and enormous) spreadsheet, choose a tab at the bottom, then Control + F and follow the instructions. Any Apple devide (eg Mac computer or iPad) may have the tabs elsewhere.

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