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Andy Whittall (Chairman): [email protected]

Douglas Henderson (Editor): [email protected]

Other members of the Cricket committee of HMC schools:

Mark Allbrook (East): [email protected]

John Bobby (South West): [email protected]

Stephen Charlwood (North London): [email protected]

David Elstone (Chairman, HMC sports committee): [email protected]

Chris Harte (Northern Ireland): [email protected]

Rory McCann (Scotland): [email protected]

Michael McKaughan (Prep schools): [email protected]

Rob Morris (West Midlands & Wales): [email protected]

David Moss (North West): [email protected]

Andy Palmer (MCCUs): [email protected]

Richard Risebro (South London): [email protected]

Glenn Roberts (North East): [email protected]

Steve Tomlinson (South Central): [email protected]

Stephen Tonge (Republic of Ireland): [email protected]

Andy Wagner: [email protected]

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