Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack

Season 2021

There is a substantial section on schools cricket in this annual publication. It is compiled by Douglas Henderson, the editor of Schools Cricket Online. Returns should be sent to [email protected] as soon as possible after the end of the school season, deadline July 31st; a few late entries in special circumstances can be accepted until August 31st. To be included in the schools section next year, you will need three files which you can download here.


Here are the details for ordering Wisden 2021 at a substantial discount:

For schools (including members of staff, pupils and parents) who wish to order the new edition of Wisden annually, the best price available is the less-than-half-price (£25) offer if you take out a subscription. To subscribe, please visit: www.wisdenalmanack.com/subscribe.  

For those who prefer not to subscribe, the 2021 edition (hardback or soft cover) can be ordered for £35 (post free) from www.wisdenalmanack.com/2021. The large format edition and Shorter Wisden ebook can also be ordered via this link.  

The hardback or soft cover edition can also be ordered for the discounted price of £35 (post free) by phoning 01256 302692 (choose option 1 followed by option 1 again) and quoting the discount code “GLR UK7”. The large format edition can also be ordered for £55 (post free) by quoting “GLR UK7”.  


Guidelines on how to fill in the official forms. It looks more complicated than it is, once you get the hang of it.

Guidelines on how to fill in the forms

The statistics form. This is an Excel spreadsheet. If you don’t understand spreadsheets, don’t worry. All you need to know is how to move the cursor to a particular cell and then follow the instructions.


The report form. This is a Word file and is very simple.

Wisden report on season

And finally, here is tool I devised a few years ago so that your scorer can keep your records up to date and present you with your already completed Wisden stats form (automatically). It may be used as an alternative to the Stats form (see above) as it automatically transfers all the information onto (apparently) exactly the same form. However, though it looks exactly the same it has different hidden formulae, so you cannot use it like the normal form (ie type onto it). It is one method or the other.

Individual Records

To see a list of schools who have appeared in Wisden since 2005, click on this link Wisden Schools 2005 – 2019. There was no similar schools section for the 2020 season, of course.

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