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Tuesday July 13th 2021

Very few results this week, of course, as term ended 10 days ago for almost all boarding schools. I had thought there would be festivals to report on, but I suspect they fell victim to the weather.

One that did not was the T20 festival at Bablake. Five teams took part on 5th and 6th July. The hosts were joined by Coventry neighbours King Henry VIII School as well as Queen Mary’s Grammar School Walsall, King Edward’s Stratford and John Hampden Grammar School (High Wycombe). Play started on time on the first day thanks to the heroic efforts of the groundstaff. Bablake defeated the holders John Hampden by 23 runs in the first game, thanks to an excellent 50 from Tom Mouseley. At the end of the first day, Bablake were involved in an even closer contest as they defeated King Edward’s Stratford by three runs.

At the end of the round robin stage, Bablake, King Edward’s Stratford and Queen Mary’s Grammar School were tied on six points with similar run rates. King Edward’s Stratford and Queen Mary’s Grammar School were fractionally better in terms of their net run rate, with the former winning the trophy after posting an imposing 148/1 in a rain reduced final. George Hendy scored 112 of these runs, part of his aggregate tournament run tally of 257 runs from five innings.

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I began the season by suggesting that there were two contrasting visions for the weeks to come: one was a blissful season of almost uninterrupted schools cricket because there would be no exams to blight it as usual. The other was the likelihood that fear over the Covid pandemic might lead to many schools erring on the side of caution or indeed being compelled to do so by regulations. One thing I had not quite reckoned with was the impact of Teacher Assessed Grades which turned out to be far worse than any external exams in terms of a) the vast amount of time it consumed on the part of both teachers and pupils and b) the awful consequences which might ensue if a whole year-group or whatever were required to go home and the effect that would have on the already appalling system.

In the event, there was a huge disparity in outcomes. Despite most teachers being on their knees with all the extra time and effort required, an amazing number of schools did manage to fulfil something like a normal season of 15 – 20 matches. At the other end was an equally large, probably larger, group of schools who played virtually no real 1st XI matches; though they almost all did play some cricket, even if largely internally.

The national Schools T20 competition was, with the heroic efforts of many Masters i/c arranging fixtures at incredibly short notice, completed on time with another great occasion at Arundel. You can read all about it here.


Old Peterites 169 & 171-7, *St Peter’s, York 119 & 225-6
*Denstone 116-6 (20 overa), Warwickshire Under-17 117-6
Warwickshire Under-17 168-4 (20 overs), *Denstone 101
Langley Park 110 & 116, *Denstone* 169 & 61-0
*Cranleigh 210 & 81-8, Charterhouse 161 (Y Majid 6-49)

Bablake T20 festival
*Bablake 172-7, John Hampden GS 140
King Henry VIII Coventry 86, John Hampden GS 87-0
Queen Mary’s Grammar School Wallsall 150-6, John Hampden GS 81.
John Hampden GS 117-7, King Edward’s Stratford 118-3.
King Edward’s Stratford were the overall winners of a closely contested festival

National Schools T20 Full Results

To see more detail including the chart of the 2021 competition, please go to The National Schools T20 competition

North East group 1
*Worksop 202-0 (S Meadows 104 not out), Hill House 72-7
Worksop win the group

North East group 2
Scarborough 122-7, St Peter’s York 124-8
Mount St Mary’s 124-7, Scarborough 125-0
St Peter’s York 175-8, Mount St Mary’s 142-5
St Peter’s York win the group

North East final
Worksop 126, St Peter’s York 121
Worksop win the North East section and now play the winners of the North West for a place at Arundel

North West group 1
Birkenhead 159-4, King’s Chester 147-6
Birkenhead 123–6, Wirral GS 84-9
Birkenhead School win the group

North West group 2
Manchester Myerscough 226-2 (M. Fisher 121 not out), Cheadle Hulme 134-4
Myerscough Preston v Altrincham GS – no score received yet
Myerscoiugh Manchester win the group

North West group 3
Rossall 157-4, Kirkham 89
Rossall 105-5, Lancaster RGS 106–1
Lancaster RGS win the group

North West group 4
Manchester GS 173-2, Rossall 141–6
Myerscough Manchester 194–0, Merchant Taylors’ Crosby 86
Myerscough Manchester 134–4, Manchester GS 123-7
Rossall 155–6, Merchant Taylors’ Crosby 123
Myerscough Manchester qualify for the North West Final

North West group 5
Sedbergh 162–6, Birkenhead 93–4
Bolton 119, *RGS Lancaster 120-2
Lancaster RGS had to withdraw
Sedbergh now play Myerscough Manchester in the North West final

North West Final
Sedbergh 207-5; Myerscough Manchester 207-7
Super over: Myerscough Manchester 9-0; Sedbergh 10-0
Sedbergh (North West) now play Worksop (North East) for a place at Arundel

North Final
Sedbergh 136, Worksop 86
Sedbergh will represent the North at Arundel on Sunday July 27th

East group 1
Trent 120-7, Repton 123-6
Oakham 155-6, Repton 157-3
Repton win the group

East group 2
Three teams withdrew
Rugby win the group by default

East group 3
*Bedford 148-3, Wellingborough 106-6
Stowe135-9, *Bedford 113-9
Stowe win the group

East group 4
*Felsted 147-6, Perse 91
Felsted win the group

East group 5
*Gresham’s 182, Culford 61
Langley conceded the game to Gresham’s
Gresham’s win the group and now play Felsted

East group 6
*Ipswich 168-6, Royal Hospital 135-7
Framlingham 110, St Joseph’s 111-7
*Ipswich 132-6, St Joseph’s 120-7
Ipswich win the group

East group play-offs
Gresham’s 158-6, *Felsted 160-5
Stowe 104-3, Rugby 100-6
Semi-finals: *Repton v Stowe, *Felsted v Ipswich

East semi-finals
Repton 147-7, Stowe 148-3
Stowe now play Felsted in the East final

East final
*Felsted 134-6, Stowe 138-1
Stowe now play Malern for a place at Arundel

West Midlands and Wales group 1
Llandaff Cathedral 98-8, Monmouth 99-1
RGS Worcester 117-9, Monmouth 118-3
RGS Worcester 159-6, Wycliffe 107-7
Monmouth win the group

West Midlands and Wales group 2
King’s Worcester 73-7, Bromsgrove 75-3
Malvern 215-6, Dean Close 128-7
Bromsgrove 128-7, Malvern 131-1
Malvern now play Monmouth in the semi-final

West Midlands and Wales group 3
Newcastle-under-Lyme 66-6, Shrewsbury 68-0
Ellesmere withdrew
Shrewsbury win the group and now play Wrekin

West Midlands and Wales group 4
Queen Mary’s GS, Walsall, 105-4, Wrekin 46-1 (DLS revised target)
Wolverhampton GS withdrew
Wrekin win the group and now play Shrewsbury

West Midlands and Wales group 5
Warwick 167-4, KES Stratford 125-5
KES Birmingham 134-7, Warwick 135-6
KES Birmingham 155-3, KES Stratford 96-6
Warwick with the group

West Midlands and Wales group play-offs
Wrekin 121-5, Shrewsbury 125-0.
Warwick were forced to with draw and so Shrewsbury now play Monmouth or Malvern in the regional final

West Midlands and Wales semi=finals
Monmouth 115-5, Malvern 116-3
Malvern now play Shrewsbury in the final

West Midlands and Wales final
Malvern 134-5, Shrewsbury 102
Malvern now play Stowe for a place at Arundel

West Midlands and Wales v East final
Malvern 165-6, Stowe 41
Malvern will represent the region at Arundel

South East group 1
Simon Langton 144-6, Hurstpierpoint 145-3
Bede’s 146-5, St Lawrence 135-7
Hurstpierpoint 144-7, Bede’s 145-3
Bede’s win the group

South East group 2
*Eastbourne 192-8, Seaford 98
*Eastbourne 233-1 (T Hinley 136 not out), Sevenoaks 96-9
Eastbourne win the group

South East group 3
*Tonbridge 202-1 (S Hadfield 112 not out), Skinners’ 112-8)
Skinners’ 161-5, King’s Rochester 95
King’s Rochester 110-5, *Tonbridge 111-1
Tonbridge win the group

South East semi-finals and finals
Eastbourne 112-8, Bede’s 109-9
Hurstpierpoint 146-6, Tonbridge 150-6 (19.1 overs)
Tonbridge 132-9, Eastbourne 81-8
Tonbridge win the South East and now play Hampton for a place at Arundel

North London group 1
Berkhamsted 147-8, Forest 125-7
Berkhamsted 175-4, *Merchant Taylors’ (Northwood) 92
Berkhamsted win the group

North London group 2
Haileybury 204-3, Dame Alice Owen’s 110
*Haberdashers’ Aske’s 156-5, Haileybury 159-7
Haileybury win the group

North London final
Berkhamsted 108-7, *Haileybury 109-3
Haileybury win North London

South London group 1
*Hampton 197-5 (T Tanmay 106), Tiffin 119
KCS Wimbledon 78 (P Kiritharan 5-1 inc. hat- trick), *Hampton 79-2
*KCS Wimbledon 155-5, Emanuel 93-9
*Hampton 251-1 (T Thanawalla 134 not out), Emanuel 51
Hampton win the group and now play Dulwich

South London group 2
Langley Park 197-3, Colfe’s 114-5
*Dulwich 138-4, Eltham 65-8
Colfe’s 129-5, Eltham 130-2
Langley Park 140-4, *Dulwich 141-8
Dulwich win the group and now play Hampton

South London group 3
Wilson’s 128-8, *Whitgift 112
Trinity Croydon 126-6, Wilson’s 83
Trinity Croydon 87-7, *Whitgift 89-3
Trinity Croydon win the group and now play St George’s

South London group 4
Reed’s 136-2, *St George’s Weybridge 141-4
Caterham withdrew
St George’s win the group and now play Trinity Croydon

South London group play-offs
Dulwich 124. *Hampton 125-4
Trinity Croydon and St George’s Weybridge withdrew
Hamtpon thus win the South London group

London final
Haileybury were forced to withdraw (Covid reasons)
Hampton thus progress to the finals and play Tonbridge for a place at Arundel

South East final
Tonbridge 147-8 ,*Hampton 87
Tonbridge now represents the South East (and London) at Arundel

South Central group 1
Wellington 179-3, Churcher’s 86-6
*Bradfield 146-8, Magdalen CS 91
*Bradfield 92, Wellington 93-6
Wellington win the group

South Central group 2
RGS High Wycombe 95, Shiplake 97-0
Radley B 201-7), RGS High Wycombe 134-8
*Radley A 203-5, Shiplake 104-9
Radley win the group

South Central group 3
Abingdon 138-3, Dauntseys 84-7.
*St Edward’s School, Oxford 182-6, Reading Blue Coat 102-10
Reading Blue Coat 165-4, Dauntseys 168-4.
Abingdon 114 for 6, *St Edward’s 118-4
St Edward’s win the group

South Central group 4
*Oratory 150–5, Lord Wandsworth 151-7
Lord Wandsworth 95, Winchester 96-4
*Oratory 168-7, Winchester 169-0
Winchester win the group

South Central semi-finals
St Edward’s, 111-8 (16 overs – rain), *Winchester: 112-6
*Wellington (Berks) 142-2, Radley 112-6
Winchester play Wellington in the South Central final

South Central final
Wellington (Berks) 135-9, Winchester 121-7 (at The Oratory)
Wellington win the South Central region and now play the King’s Taunton for a place at Arundel

South West Tier 1
Clifton 168-6, *Taunton 93
*Millfield 165-8, SGS (Filton) 118-8
Taunton 36-4 (7 overs), *Millfield 40-2
Clifton 110-7, *King’s Taunton 114-2
*King’s Taunton 174-6, Millfield 142-9
SGS (Filton) 69, King’s Taunton 73-3
*Taunton 117, King’s Taunton 120-1
*Clifton 147-7, Wellington (Somerset) 46
*Clifton 134-7, Millfield 135-0
Millfield 144-6, Wellington 104-5
Wellington (Somerset) 120-9, King’s Taunton 123-2
King’s Taunton win the South West region and now play Wellington (Berks) for a place at Arundel

South West/ South Central final
Wellington (Berks) had to withdraw for Coivd-related reasons
King’s Taunton represent the region at Arundel


South West Tier 2 group 1
Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital 157-6, Bristol GS 135-7
Colston’s withdrew so Queen Elizabeth’s win the group

South West Tier 2 group 2
Queen’s, Taunton 179-4, Warminster 128-6
*Warminster 81, Blundell’s 85-3
*Queen’s Taunton 121-9, Bryanston 107-6
Blundell’s 159-4, Queen’s Taunton 105-8
Blundell’s 163-4, *Bryanston 137-6
*Bryanston 181-4, Warminster 93-9
Blundell’s win the group

South West Tier 2 group 3
Mount Kelly 100-8 , *Plymouth 103-1
Truro & Penwith 143-6, *Mount Kelly 145-7
Truro & Penwith 102, *Plymouth 102-0
Plymouth win the group

Best runner-up
Queen’s Taunton

South West Tier 2 semi-finals
Plymouth were forced to withdraw (Covid)
Queen’s Taunton progress to the Finals

South West Tier 2 final
Queen’s Taunton 71, Blundell’s 74-1
Blundell’s win the South West Tier 2

Finals day
Sedbergh 125-9, King’s Taunton 128-6
Malvern 158-6, Tonbridge 143-9
Malvern 164-6, King’s Taunton 150-8
Malvern retain the title

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