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Nothing much to report so far as there is still much doubt and uncertainty. One school which had been planning to play inter-school fixtures finally got cold feet and decided against.


The ISC issued the following update last Thursday. Cricket is one of the sports included.

Physical activity in schools
The Government has updated advice on school sport, confirming: “Schools have the flexibility to decide how physical education, sport and physical activity will be provided whilst following the measures in their system of controls. Sports whose national governing bodies have developed guidance under the principles of the Government’s guidance on team sport and been approved by the Government are permitted. Schools must only provide team sports on the list available at ‘return to recreational team sport framework’.” The guidance can be found here by searching for ‘physical education’. There is now no bar on contact sports if the Department for Culture, Media and Sport has advised the particular sport can return, and the relevant national governing body has released guidance on how the sport can return.


Meanwhile there is more encouraging news about several schools who played during the “summer holidays”, mostly against clubs.

Do let me know of any developments.


During the summer (since March) I have been commenting on the Coronavirus and also shown on this page links to various articles etc about the state of schools cricket. If you would like to see this quite lengthy page, then please click here. It is also available longer-term under the heading (left) of Results archive.

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