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Still (September 29th) very little to report as only four schools have sent me any details. Hardly surprising as the impression I get is that Masters i/c have been living hand to mouth as their schools have had outbreaks and various new restrictions are being brought in. One school’s match v MCC was “Covid stopped play” as an outbreak happened on the morning of the match. Some schools have indeed managed to play several inter-school fixtures but the impression I get is that many who had been planning them were forced to cancel and arrange only internal cricket. Still, as one Master i/c put it, it has been a welcome idea to get out and play some cricket even if in rather restricted form. The mostly lovely September weather has helped too.

Maybe it will encourage schools to play more September cricket in future.


During the summer (since March) I have been commenting on the Coronavirus and also shown on this page links to various articles etc about the state of schools cricket. If you would like to see this quite lengthy page, then please click here. It is also available longer-term under the heading (left) of Results archive.