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This column will resume on Tuesday April 13th. I have been heavily involved in a rather different-looking Schools section and it has been a massive enterprise. So large that Wisden has space for only part of it, and far more will be included here on the day Wisden is published with our special supplement. The supplement will make little sense unless you have already read the main feature in Wisden itself, so make sure you have your copy before reading the supplement!


Here are the details for ordering Wisden 2021 at a substantial discount:

For schools (including members of staff, pupils and parents) who wish to order the new edition of Wisden annually, the best price available is the less-than-half-price (£25) offer if you take out a subscription. To subscribe, please visit:  

For those who prefer not to subscribe, the 2021 edition (hardback or soft cover) can be ordered for £35 (post free) from The large format edition and Shorter Wisden ebook can also be ordered via this link.  

The hardback or soft cover edition can also be ordered for the discounted price of £35 (post free) by phoning 01256 302692 (choose option 1 followed by option 1 again) and quoting the discount code “GLR UK7”. The large format edition can also be ordered for £55 (post free) by quoting “GLR UK7”.  


Since last March through to this February (2021) I have been commenting on the Coronavirus and also shown on this page are links to various articles etc about the state of schools cricket. If you would like to see this quite lengthy page, then please click here. It is also available longer-term under the heading (left) of Results archive.

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