Results archive 2004

Wednesday July 14th 2004

Oundle rounded off their record-breaking season of 15
wins by taking the Silk Trophy. Robert Fahrenheim
scored 2536 runs in four seasons and Cameron Wake 2899
in five; Patrick Foster’s bowling average of 9.07 was
the best since 1895. Eastbourne won all 12 matches
completed, bowling out all opposition. Key players
were Jordan Toy (captain), Chad Chisholm and Will
Ripley. Felsted, also unbeaten with 17 wins and 5
draws, were led by Chris Huntington, Matt Surry and
Joe Buttleman.

Sutton Valence recorded 13 wins and one last-ball
loss, led by wicket-keeper/batsman Ashley Jackson with
an average of 76. Philip Mann of Bromsgrove had the
astonishing figures 6 wickets for no runs in ten
overs, against the Gentlemen of Worcestershire.

For Canford, Tom Cledwyn (av. 100) and Chris Martin
(av. 88) were the chief architects of a successful
year, while Millfield for the first time won both the
Lord’s Taverners and the Bunbury Cup.

For Manchester GS, David Leeming broke John Crawley’s
record as their youngest ever century-maker, and
Robbie Williams finished a fine season for Marlborough
with a bowling average of just 8.

RESULTS (*denotes home team):

Wellington 177-9 dec,*Manchester GS 171-9; *Manchester GS 234-2 dec
(D.Leeming 100 not out), Woodhouse Grove 115-7;
*Felsted 174-4 (20 ov), Abingdon 109-9; SILK TROPHY:
*Oundle 190 (50 ov), Shrewsbury 171; Hilton (RSA) 265,
Eton 230; Eton 195, *Oundle 200-2; Hilton 215,
Shrewsbury 175; *Loughborough GS 256-4 dec, Manchester
GS 207-4; Marlborough Blues 134, *Marlborough 83;
HAILEYBURY FESTIVAL: *Haileybury 224-5 (T.Stewart 119
not out), Marlborough 159; Marlborough 230-9,
Cheltenham 163; MCC 183-5 dec, *St Paul’s 184-4; *St
Paul’s 240-4 dec, Perse 181-8; The Leys 264-7 dec, *St
Paul’s 239-7; LYTHAM FESTIVAL: *KEQMS Lytham 168 (50
ov), Abingdon 171-5; Birkenhead 261-7, Abingdon 262-2
(P.Stern 151 not out); Abingdon 223, UCS 169; Ormskirk
GS 235-7 dec (A.Glayser 105), *KEQMS Lytham 224-9;
*Woodhouse Grove 190-5 dec, Old Grovians 192-9; St
Edward’s Oxford 211-8 dec, *Stowe 113; *Stowe 229-4
(35 ov), Magdalen College School 139-4; STOWE 20/20
FINAL: Stowe 195-3, KCS Wimbledon 98.

Wednesday July 6th 2004

Rugby and Marlborough finished their traditional
two-day fixture amid thunder and lightning,
Marlborough finishing 13 short with 7 down. Man of the
match at Manchester GS was clearly Nick Reid, who
followed up his 105 not out against Sedbergh by taking
six for 42.

Sutton Valence enjoyed their best season in recent
years with 13 wins and one last-ball loss, led by
their wicket-keeper/batsman Ashley Jackson with an
average of 76. Oundle are hoping to create a new
school record this week, having already won thirteen
games out of seventeen, drawing the others.

RESULTS (*denotes home side):

*Framlingham 292,(J.Wybart 125), St Joseph’s 101; Oakham 210, *Felsted
161-7; King’s Canterbury 149-7, *Felsted 152-3; Harrow
266-7 dec (H.Morrison 145), *Malvern 135-8; *Harrow
153-9, Oakham 154-1; *Repton 277-7, Carey, Melbourne
206; Nottingham HS 235-6, *Repton 237-2 (B.Bridgen 120
not out); Emeriti 233-6 dec, *Ratcliffe 203-7;
*Ratcliffe 91, Nottingham CC 92-1; *Gresham’s 264-9
dec (W.Stebbings 121), Oundle 187-8; Perse 200-7,
Wisbech 164-9; Bedford 273-7 (A.Wakeley 136), *Perse
174-7; *Perse 253-5 (A.Brookes 101 not out), Brentwood
156; King’s Macclesfield 180, Rossall 170; MCC 218-6
dec, *Bancroft’s 177 (S.Millar 109); *Woodhouse Grove
231-5, Giggleswick 82; Forty Club 250-7 dec,
*Dauntsey’s 150-7; Abingdon 132-6 (20 ov), *Dauntsey’s
96-7; R.Hughes Invitation XI 188-6, *Ratcliffe 157;
Worksop 131-9, *Oundle 134-2; *Canford 286-2 dec
(T.Cledwyn 144 not out, C.Martin 100), Cricket Dotties
78-8; *Canford 294 (T.Cledwyn 134, C.Martin 108), MCC
295-6 (S.Rintoul 106); *Canford 279-4 (C.Martin 172
not out), Bryanston 126; Felsted 254-2 (C.Huntington
116 not out) (40 ov), *Kimbolton 150-6; Worksop 131,
*Oundle 133-2; *King’s Canterbury 242-2, KCS Wimbledon
121; Chigwell 116, *Forest 117-8; *Kimbolton 55, Perse
56-0; Sutton Valence 180-7, *Eltham 116; *Sutton
Valence 229-7, Maidstone GS 48; MCC 125, *Eltham
126-9; Gentlemen of Leicestershire 282-6 (K.Jogia
100), *Ratcliffe 140; Sedbergh 208-7 dec, *Leeds GS
195-7 (T.James 108); *Eton 166, Bradfield 169-6;
*Bradfield 254-5 (50 ov), Berkshire Development XI
237-9; *Christ’s Hospital 160, Trinity Melbourne 138;
MCC 218-6 dec, *Christ’s Hospital 155; A.J.Palmer’s XI
192-3 dec, *Dauntsey’s 189; MCC 140, *Abingdon 141-5;
*St Bede’s 167, Brighton 168-3 [Langdale final];
*Lancing U15 78, Brighton U15 80-1 [Blackshaw final];
*Rugby 121 & 140, Marlborough 201-7 dec & 48-7; Dean
Close 178, *Malvern 179-2; *Dulwich 125, Abingdon
126-5; St Edward’s 82, *Oundle 83-3; *Oundle 217-8,
Oundle Rovers 151; QEGS Blackburn 175-9, *KEQMS Lytham
177-8; *KEQMS Lytham 147-6, Liverpool 30; *KEQMS
Lytham 178-9, Giggleswick 169; *Rugby 121 & 140,
Marlborough 201-7 & 48-7; Manchester GS 139, *KES
Birmingam 115-9; Manchester GS 195-5 dec, Bangor HS
133; *Manchester GS 197-9 (N.Reid 105*), Sedbergh 177;
*Oundle 225-7, Radley 76; St Edward’s 211-8 dec, Stowe
113; Stowe 229-4 (35 ov), Magdalen College School
139-4; Stowe 195-3 (20 ov) KCS Wimbledon 98 [Twenty20
final]; Woodhouse Grove190-5 (A.Shahzad 120), Old
Grovians 192-9); Ewell Castle 171, *Kingston GS 172-4
(B.Jones 117 not out); Latymer Upper 123, *Kingston GS
109; Old Perseans 197-9, *Perse 200-6 (R.Hesketh 106
not out); Kimbolton 55, *Perse 56-0.

Monday July 4th 2004


Until the late 1960s, ten schools played each other –
in two-day matches – at Lord’s, but then it was
decided to dig up the pitch and these fixtures (with
the exception of Eton v Harrow, reported in these
columns last week), had to move elsewhere. Rugby v
Marlborough survived at Lord’s until 1973.

The 149th fixture was played at Rugby. Marlborough’s
strong bowling attack (T.Graham 4-25), on a rather
slow wicket and outfield, bowled out Rugby for 121.
Marlborough’s response was 201-7 dec, but scored too
slowly to prove decisive; the Adair brothers both
scored 60s.

The second innings came alight, almost literally.
Rugby’s second innings was restrained by Robbie
Williams who took 5 for 19, and left Marlborough with
11 overs to score 60 to win. Amid thunder and
lightning, Marlborough resorted to desperate measures,
hitting the ball wildly to win before the rains
descended but, with 7 wickets down and 13 to win, in
three overs, settled for a draw.

July 2nd 2004

If the weather doesn’t get you, the examination boards
will. This season has been better for weather but
dreadful for exams. Whereas once upon a time you did
exams at school for two or three weeks, at the very
end of July (believe it or not), nowadays the exam
season extends through almost the whole of the
“summer” term. In some independent schools, pupils
have had to remain behind after the end of term to sit
A level papers.

Worse, the exam stress is so great that a fashion has
grown up of having an almost compulsory “post-exam
exeat” of a couple of weeks for those lucky enough to
finish early. For the last few years, since the
introduction of the ghastly AS system, this means all
top three years of secondary education. Many schools
have been severely handicapped, having to turn out
much weakened sides because of “exam pressure”. Is it
any wonder that we struggle to produce enough top-rate
cricketers when coaching and playing (in schools, at
least), is so extremely limited?

The situation is so serious that schools in Sussex are
hoping to recruit Roger Knight, Secretary of MCC, but
formerly a schoolmaster in the area even while he was
playing County cricket, to protest against the
impossible situation which the current exam regime

Schools (and the ECB) are fighting back with a series
of initiatives to keep cricket thriving, not least
with the development of 20 overs cricket competitions.
But, as all cricketers know, you can play short
versions of the game really well only when you have
learnt the techniques of the longer game.

Wednesday June 30th 2004

With perfect symmetry, the season for many schools
ended as it began, with a torrential downpour in much
of the country. Nevertheless, several games were
squeezed or squelched in. A name to watch is Rob
Newton of Framlingham, only 14 now, who already has a
contract with Northants CCC. He scored two double
hundreds last year for Norfolk Under-13s and is
currently averaging 49 for his school’s 1st XI.

Gresham’s returned to their winning ways, with the
prolific Felix Flower and Will Stebbings both
recording centuries last week. Bancroft’s start their
cricket week having now won 10 out of their 11
matches. Canford recorded a tie with Millfield.

RESULTS (* denotes home side): *Gresham’s 329-4 dec
(F.Flower 123), Norwich 166; *Framlingham 209-5 dec
(R.Newton 102), Culford 170-8; *Gresham’s 246-9 dec
(W.Stebbings 100), Wymondham 137; Harrow 191, *Dulwich
116; *Bancroft’s 111, Aylesbury GS 93; Durham Pilgrims
251-4 dec, *Durham 252-5 (P.Muchall 127 not out); Eton
239-6, Harrow 219 (at Lord’s); St Edward’s 82, *Oundle
83-3; MCC 182-9 dec, *Dr Challoner’s GS 183-5;
Cranbrook 155, *Framlingham 159-5; Croydon schools U14
135, London schools U14 89-9; *Bradfield 124-9,
Tonbridge 125-9; Oakham 210, *Felsted 156-7; Dover 75,
*Sir Roger Manwood’s 76-1; Kent College 171-4, *Sir
Roger Manwood’s 142-9; Woodbridge 180, *Framlingham
183-3; Fettes 119 & 101, *Merchiston 177-9 & 45-1;
Oxley 175-8, *Fettes 142; Sutton Valence 245-4
(A.Jackson 122), *King’s Rochester 155-7; KCS
Wimbledon 125, *Epsom 127-4; *King’s Canterbury 158,
Epsom 159-6; *Gresham’s 271-6 dec, The Leys 58-1
(rain); Old Greshamians 266-8 dec, *Gresham’s 268-5;
Old Ratcliffians 143, *Ratcliffe 124; St Dunstan’s
124-9, *Bancroft’s 126-2; St Paul’s Brisbane 207,
*Leeds GS 208-3 (D.Syers 121 not out); *Reigate GS
114, Christ’s Hospital 115-6; MCC 155 (M.Nelson 7-28),
*Stowe 156-8; Canford 194 (50 ov), *Millfield 194-5;
*Canford 277-2 (C.Martin 101), Cricket dotties 60-8
(rain); Cranbrook 155, *Framlingham 159-5; *Monmouth
184-9, Gorseinon cricket academy 174; Aylesbury GS
138-7, *St Alban’s 139-5; Essex U16 165-5, *Bancroft’s
166-8; John Lyon 148, *Merchant Taylors’ (Northwood)
148; St Dunstan’s 124-6, *Bancroft’s 128-2; *Tiffin
236 (K.Balasubramaniam 153), Incogniti 219-9;


First draft (one or two details need double-checking,
so not to be used yet!)

Marie Getheridge is a comprehensive Headmistress who
is quite certain that cricket should be firmly on the
curriculum. At Writhlington school in Somerset, she
has raised ?3.5 million in the last four years from
private sources, including considerable support from
Somerset CCC. Her school is one of four centres of
cricket excellence in the county.

Her persuasive ways have already produced a most
impressive sports hall, with superb facilities for
cricket including four nets (with space for more) and
a video-analysis system. That was merely stage one of
her plans to make her school outstandingly
well-equipped for sport: four brand-new tennis courts
(with assistance from the LTA), two of them coverable
in winter with a ?balloon?, sit alongside the new
sports hall. Next year sees the development of the
cricket square and outdoor nets. Once that is
complete, she aims to develop the school?s football,
under similar arrangements.

Mrs Getheridge is not some sports nut; indeed she
herself has no background in sport. She sees the
development of sport (and cricket in particular) as
the best way of improving standards overall, and
already it seems to be working: from a modest 20%
gaining 5 or more A-C GCSEs five years ago, her pupils
now achieve 60%, and she expects more. ?Cricket is a
civilising influence?, she says. ?Pupils learn to
co-operate through team games, and they can achieve
real excellence. In doing so, they gain in self-esteem
and it rubs off in other areas, especially the
classroom. I can?t stand the idea that comprehensives
produce mass mediocrity?.

Even better than famous cricket schools, every
year-group from Under 12 to Under 19 has its own
cricket team. Already, the local community are using
the new sports facilities and it is quite difficult to
book space of an evening; Mrs Getheridge envisages a
dynamic partnership between the school and the
surrounding area, with courses and coaching available
for young and old alike. She even wants to found a new
local cricket club once the square is improved, to
compete in the thriving North Somerset cricket scene.

Who said that sport in state schools was dead?

Wednesday June 23rd 2004

Nick Reid, acting captain of Manchester Grammar School
for the day, inspired his side with a score of 94,
then declared superbly to set up a nail-biting draw
with King’s Macclesfield who finished two short with
four down.

Benny Howell and Dan Housego, both Under 15s, have
scored prodigiously as openers for Oratory, with 5
century stands between them; Benny Howell has scored
two unbeaten hundreds in recent games, one of them in
a high-scoring loss against Eton.

Cliffhanger of the week was at Highgate where the home
side chased 219 and finished on level scores with nine

RESULTS (*denotes home team): Harrow 267-7, *Hampton
119; Bloxham 120, *Wrekin 124-3; Oratory 159-6 (20
ov), Shiplake 127-8; Butterflies CC 219-6 dec,
*Highgate 219-9; Essex CC U17s 193, *Forest 195-4;
Bath CC 255-6, *Millfield 259-5; Old Boys 265-4,
Sutton Valence 266-5 (A.Johnson 147); Forty club 296-4
dec, *Gresham’s 280-7 (F.Flower 135); *Oratory 232-3
(B.Howell 102 not out), Leighton Park 56; *Manchester
GS 203-7 dec, King’s Macclesfield 201-4; MCC 242-6
dec, *Oratory 245-4 (D.Housego 125);? *Oratory 233-5
(B.Howell 101 not out), Eton 236-5 (J.Bacon 106);
*Harrow 221-9, I Zingari 169; *Bedford 210-9 dec,
Stowe 211-1 (A.Cossins 100 not out); Repton 232-7 dec,
*Denstone 168-7; Tonbridge 214-5, *Brighton 140;
*Sevenoaks 128-7, Eltham 129-9; Woodhouse Grove 247-5
dec, *Arnold 120; RGS High Wycombe 265-7, Abingdon 251
(P.Stern 112); Shrewsbury 132,*Malvern 134-3; St
Bede’s 157-6, Sutton Valence 158-6; Forest 187-7, Eton
179; Woodhouse Grove 217-5, QEGS Wakefield 218-5
(G.Wood 108); Lord Wandsworth 234-8 dec, Christ’s
Hospital 238-4 (J.Maxwell 118 not out); Old Blues 188,
*Christ’s Hospital 166-6; Queen’s Taunton 159,
*Taunton 160-4; Canford 195, *Millfield 196-5; *Fettes
197-6, Edinburgh Academy 184; Bolton 163, *Sedbergh
166-6; *Oakham 247-2 dec, Gresham’s 199-5; *Oundle
222, Felsted 171-7; Bishop?s Stortford 156-9,
Haberdashers? Askes 157-8; Leeds GS 246-2 dec (D.Syers
113 not out), Pocklington 17-2 (rain); Cranleigh 126,
*Dulwich 128-2; Eastbourne 262-4 dec (D.Loman 103 not
out), *Lancing 42-3 (rain); Ellesmere 92,
Newcastle-under-Lyme 93-4; *Forest 249-5 dec, Perse
194-6; Highgate 147-9, *Bancroft?s 148-2;
*Hurstpierpoint 142-3 dec, Sutton Valence 143-2;
*Monkton Combe 208-8, King Edward’s Bath 209-6;
*Monmouth 289 (K.Tudge 135), Brecon 187; St Alban’s
180-9, *Berkhamsted 73; *Sandwich CC 192-6 dec, Sir
Roger Manwood’s 131-7; Tiffin 269-7 dec, *Reigate GS
236-9; *Tiffin 279-8 dec, St George’s Weybridge 130-9;
UCS Hampstead 113, *Merchant Taylors’ (Northwood)

Wednesday June 16th 2004

Gresham’s winning streak came to an end with a last
ball loss against Stamford; Taunton, too, lost against
Sherborne, having won all their previous school

King’s Canterbury continued their strong performance,
having defeated all opposition except Eastbourne, with
a win against local rivals St Edmund’s. Ampleforth
remain unbeaten and successfully chased a healthy
target of 236 for eight declared set by Durham.

In Bristol a tense 40-overs tie was played between
Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital and Queen’s Taunton, both
finishing on 195 for five.

Felsted have now scored a remarkable 691 runs since
losing their last wicket, following a second
successive unbeaten double hundred opening stand.

RESULTS (*denotes home team): Canford 281-4 (50 ov)
(T.Cledwyn 139 not out), *King’s Bruton 201-4;
Crossfields 68, Warden Park 70-1; Band of Brothers
180-7, *King’s Canterbury 184-5; St Edmund’s 119-7,
*King’s Canterbury 120-0; Rugby 215-8 dec, *Stowe
216-2 (M.Nelson 113 not out); Bolton GS 135 (D.Woods
7-25), *Manchester GS 136-5; Berks Gents 179-7 dec,
*Abingdon 180-5; *Pangbourne 122-8, Abingdon 124-5;
Trinity 188, *King’s Canterbury 189-4 (M.Humphrey 106
not out); *Felsted 274-0 (C.Huntington 151 not out,
M.Surry 109 not out), Brentwood 225; Dollar Academy
156-8, *Fettes 158-3; Tonbridge 282-3 (M.Shales 103),
Wellington (Berks) 157; *Marlborough 246-1 dec, St
Edward’s 163; Uppingham 87, *Repton 89-2; Radley 158,
*Harrow 160-2; Rossall 105, *Sedbergh 106-2;
Portsmouth GS 148, *Canford 149-0; *Malvern 246-2 dec,
King’s Gloucester 213; *St Dunstan’s 104-8, Eltham
106-1; Oundle 255-8 dec (M.Outar 111), *Bedford 177-7;
Reed’s 76, *Christ’s Hospital 79-1; Cheltenham 215-5
dec, Shrewsbury 204-5; *Duke of York’s 42, King’s
Rochester 43-2; *Sherborne 163-9, Taunton 151;
*Eastbourne 229, Epsom 127; Monkton Combe 190-2,
Clayesmore 176-6; Newcastle RGS 189-8, Merchiston
Castle 190-7; Queen’s Taunton 195-5 (40 ov), *QEH
Bristol 195-5; Sutton Valence 191-8, St Edmund’s
Canterbury 149-5; Woodhouse Grove 217-5, Queen
Elizabeth Wakefield 218-5; Bradford GS 109, *Leeds GS
113; Enfield GS 148-9 dec, *Bancroft’s 152-1;
Haberdashers’ Askes 153-9, *St Albans 155-2;
Haileybury 149, *Dulwich 150-2; Monmouth 179, *Clifton
141; Reed’s 76, Christ’s Hospital 79-1; St George’s
Weybridge 216-7 dec, RGS Guildford 191-7;
Gresham’s 161, *Stamford 164-8; *Dauntsey’s 122,
Beechen Cliff 124-5; *King’s Macclefield 221-4 dec,
Lancaster RGS 156-4; Brighton 195, *Whitgift 105;
Durham 236-8 dec, *Ampleforth 237-6.

Wednesday June 9th 2004

With most schools on half-term, few fixtures were
played last week. However, at this time of year,
several national and local competitions are moving to
the final stages.

Wisden’s 2003 schools team of the year, Brighton
College, face Harrow tomorrow in the quarter-finals of
the Lord’s Taverners Under 15 competition. Their side
is notable for including two girls in the line-up:
Holly Colvin who bowls slow left-arm, and Sarah Taylor
who bats and shares the wicket-keeping.

Another youthful team with an enviable record of
success is Warden Park’s Under 13 side. The Sussex
comprehensive has reached the last 16 of the National
Under 13s Bunbury cup competition, having defeated
Dulwich in the previous round in a magnificent game,
and they play Crossfields Reading tomorrow for a place
in the quarter finals.

Malvern won the Chesterton cup for the second
successive year, defeating RGS Worcester by 25 runs at
New Road last Sunday.

Schools so far unbeaten include Felsted, led by Joe
Buttleman, Matt Surry and Charlie Douglas-Hughes, all
of them averaging over a hundred; Chris Huntington is
also nearing 500 runs for the season so far. His
partnership of 277-0 with Matt Surry against Ipswich
set a new school record. Taunton has also won all its
school matches so far.

Schools themselves need no reminding that we have now
hit the ghastly exam season, with all three senior
year-groups involved, followed by the apparently
essential post-exam exeat. Cricket thus takes a back
seat, with only Saturday fixtures to sustain the
momentum of most school teams.

This column would like to include details of all
schools who play cricket, including girls’ cricket.
Those who have not so far contacted us are invited to
send the simplest of e-mails to the address below, to
register names and e-mail addresses.

RESULTS (*denotes home team): MCC 237-3 dec, *Merchant
Taylors’ (Northwood) 95; *Repton 257-4 dec (B.Bridgen
122 not out), Wickersley 104; St Edmund’s
127-8,*King’s Rochester 132-2; *King’s Rochester 293-4
dec (B. Phillips 121 not out), Forty Club 219-3; West
Norfolk 288-6 dec, *Gresham’s 289-4 (W.Stebbings 132
not out); Malvern 171-8, RGS Worcester 146; Shropshire
Gentlemen 53, *Wrekin 54-0; *Wrekin 218-3, Old
Wrekinian Assoc. 129.

Wednesday June 2nd 2004

Tonbridge and Eastbourne have dominated schools
cricket in the South East and met last Saturday in a
real cracker. Both schools had won 8 matches and both
had bowled out all opposition.

Eastbourne started disastrously at 14-3 with the two
centurions of the previous weekend, Jordan Toy and
Richard Chilcott, both back in the pavilion. Soon
after lunch, the total was a fairly dismal 119 for 7,
but a rally by the tail saw them to 172.

This seemed barely emough, especially when the first
four balls of the Tonbridge innings all went for four
and they reached 30 after three overs. The collapse to
35 for 5 didn’t look quite so pretty, but Tonbridge
are not easily defeated and a determined rearguard put
them back on track. Not enough, however, to stave off
defeat by 67 runs.

Results (*denotes home side): *George Watson’s 102.
Fettes 103-1; Ratcliffe 140, *Wyggeston&QE 142-2;
Ilford HS 169-8 (35 ov), *Bancroft’s 161-6; Northants
Amateurs 71, Oundle 73-3; St Edward’s 151, *Abingdon
154-4; Stowe Templars 171-9 dec, *Stowe 172-4; Repton
Pilgrims 258-6 (50 ov), *Repton 202-9 (L.Harvey 125);
*Eastbourne 173, Tonbridge 105; *St Edward’s 175,
Harrow 177-2; Newcastle-under-Lyme 125 (J. Lee 7-24),
*King’s Macclesfield 126-5; Felsted 277-0 (M.Surry 147
n.o., C.Huntington 114 n.o.), Ipswich 115; MCC 184-9
dec, Oundle 187-3 (R.Fahrenheim 103*); Lord William’s
Thame 194-4, *Abingdon 108; Eton 229-6, *Millfield
233-6 (R.Timms 108 not out); St. Albans 141, *Merchant
Taylors’ (Northwood) 141; John Lyon 196-6 dec, Queen
Elizabeth Barnet 198-7.

Wednesday May 12th 2004

Felsted is used to international honours, with three
England players in recent years. Matthew Surry, aged
only 15, seems set to continue the trend with three
unbeaten hundreds in his last three innings for the
school: 105 not out on a tour to Australia, 102 not
out in a pre-season match with RHS Holbrook, and 158
not out in a remarkable score of 295-4 declared in
only 47 overs against Bishop?s Stortford HS.

Eastbourne, with the benefit of its micro-climate, has
enjoyed three successes in early season against St
John’s Leatherhead, King’s Canterbury and, most
recently, a healthy 5-wicket win against Brighton.

Very few others around the country have played in the
last week, owing to the rain, but Fettes did manage a
game, albeit played in a constant drizzle, with a
gripping finish against Edinburgh Academy. Chasing a
target of 188-7 from 45 overs, Fettes needed three to
win off the last ball with the last man in. One was
scored and a run-out going for the second (and a tie)
left them a single short.

Results (* denotes home side): St Edward’s 107-9 (40
overs), *Radley 110-6; *Bradfield 132 (50 overs),
Harrow 136-7; Blundell’s 75, *Taunton 78-4; *Lancaster
GS 182-7 (40 overs), Manchester GS 134-9; MCC 171-5
dec, *Sedbergh 134; *Sedbergh 176-9 dec, Durham 111-5;
*Felsted 295-4 dec (M. Surry 158 not out), Bishop’s
Stortford HS 189-8; Edinburgh Academy 188-7 (45
overs), *Fettes 187; Free Foresters 228-6 dec,
*Millfield 231-6; MCC 195-6 dec, *Millfield 199-8;
*Brighton 125, Eastbourne 126-5; Croydon Schools U15
100, London Schools 101-5.

Wednesday May 5th 2004

School records tumbled at Bancroft?s, where the home
side broke no fewer than three: Simon Miller (180 not
out) and Robin Thompson (57 not out) put on 249 for
the second wicket to record a remarkable score of 280
for 1 declared, defeating Colfe?s by 175 runs. Harrow
had built a similar score of 281 for 1 against the
Free Foresters (surprisingly no centurions) and
followed with a score of 248 for 8 to overcome
Charterhouse by 64 runs.

After a recent tour of Grenada, Woodhouse Grove
triumphed against Kirkham GS with the very young Uzair
Mahomed scoring 131 not out on his debut and Ajmal
Shahzad taking seven for 18 in 7 overs, all clean

The damp weather which curtailed or cancelled most
school fixtures in the last week may surprisingly have
helped the leg-spinner Bhargav Modha of Oakham to
record the astonishing figures of ten for 19 in an 8
wicket win against Worksop.

RESULTS (*denotes home side): *Harrow 248-8,
Charterhouse 184; *Harrow 281-1, Free Foresters 166;
*Durham 220-4, Pocklington 146; *Lancing 62, Epsom
63-1; Sevenoaks 37, *Epsom 40-1; *Durham 130, St
Peter’s York 134-2; Bancroft’s 281-1 dec (S Miller 180
not out), Colfe’s 105; *Giggleswick 114-7, Sedbergh
117-2; *KEQMS Lytham 173-3 dec, Sedbergh 174-3;
Manchester GS 180-4 dec, *Birkenhead GS 119-7; *Wells
Cathedral 117, Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital 118-2;
*Repton 199-6, Malvern 181; Woodhouse Grove 218-3 dec
(U Mahomed 131 not out), Kirkham GS 35 (A Shahzad
7-18); *St Bees 65, Giggleswick 66-3; *Tonbridge 137,
Dulwich 105; *Tonbridge 254-3 dec, Tonbridge CC 126;
*Framlingham 250-6 dec, Ipswich 125; *Brentwood 163-7
(35 overs), Framlingham 164-4; Monkton Combe 158,
Bryanston 83; Worksop 73 (B Modah 10-19), Oakham 74-2;
Fettes 144-8, Merchiston 126-6;

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