21st June

As I write this on the Summer Solstice, the weather finally seems to have settled down and is warming up nicely, here in West Lancashire. The decking has had its annual coat of paint, the outdoor furniture is out of storage and the borders are being populated with bedding plants. Hopefully the last couple of weeks of term will be fine and we can see some spectacular cricket that can be reported here.

Despite fine weather in the south at the weekend and cloudy but cool conditions in the North, large swathes of the Midlands were affected by heavy rain. This led to many games being washed out, especially when schools were reverting to a normal programme of games after an intense period of exams. My former employer, Shrewsbury were due to play a large block of both boys and girls matches against Rugby, who they hadn’t played for many years.

The performances of the week must go to 4th former Wills Bennison who scored 198 in St Peter’s, York’s win over Pocklington, and Chloe Taylor, who scored 102* in Shrewsbury’s 100-ball tournament win over Sedbergh. Winchester’s la Fontaine Jackson also scored 136 in the Under 17 cup in his side’s win over St. Edward’s.

Malvern in their regional semi-final win over King’s Worcester broke what are believed to be tournament records with their score of 275-1 being the highest ever recorded. Worcestershire Academy player Olly Cox scored 170 in the match that is also the record individual score.

In the Under 18 T20, Whitgift became the first school to book their place at the Finals Day to be held at Arundel Castle on Sunday 3rd July. Spectators are welcome and entrance is free. Play starts at 10am.

The 3 other semi-finalists won’t be known until next Monday as in the South West King’s Taunton will play Bradfield hopefully at Clifton, while Trent travel to Malvern in the Midlands Group. In the North, the North West group still has to be decided – Sedbergh will take on Myerscough Manchester at St Peter’s, York with the winners playing off against St Peter’s for the right to represent the North at Finals Day. All of these games will take place on Monday 27th June.

The National Under 17 has reached its quarter final stage with Canterbury Academy’s 3 run win over Epsom College the highlight of the 3rd round, while the Girls Under 18 100-ball competition is also at the same stage. Results for both competitions can be found below.


*Woodhouse Grove 138, St Peter’s140 -1

*St Peter’s148-9 (20 overs), Warwickshire EPP 149-7

Warwickshire EPP 321-8, *St Peter’s 220-7

*St Peter’s 155-4 (20 overs), Old Peterites 156-5

*St Peter’s 327-4 (40 overs) (W. Bennison 198), Pocklington 260-9 (H Jackson 128)

XL 196-5, *Christ’s Hospital 195-3

Bede’s* 258-7 (40 overs), Ardingly 205-6

Haberdashers 129-7 (50 overs), *Abingdon 128-8

*Berkhamsted 223-7 (50 overs), Bedford 224-9

*Brighton 225-9 (50 overs), Seaford 155

Bradfield 259-5 dec., *Haileybury 141

*Hampton 108 (50 overs), KCS 92

Charterhouse 256-6 (50 overs), *Lord Wandsworth 228

*Merchant Taylors’, Northwood 236, MCS 165-9

Tiffin 138, *Reed’s 140-1

*Sevenoaks 251-9 (50 overs), King’s Canterbury 155

Bancroft’s 203-6 (40 overs), *St Alban’s 205-6

*St. Paul’s 381-5 (50 overs), RGS Guildford 158

*King’s Macclesfield 227-5 (40 overs), Birkenhead 62

*Ley’s 218-9 (40 overs), Brentwood 166

Sedbergh 95 (50 overs), *Manchester GS 96-3

Gresham’s 269-8 (50 overs), *Perse 178

*Tonbridge 330-5 (55 overs), Wellington College 205

Oundle 222, *Uppingham 162-3

Repton 254-4 (28 overs), *Warwick 132-7

Old Wykehamists 204-8 dec., *Winchester 205-8

MCC 215-5 dec., *Aldenham 216-9

*Charterhouse 199, Winchester 201-6

MCC 236-9 dec., *Gresham’s 242-6

National s Under 18 T20

South East Group


*Whitgift 178-7, Hurstpierpoint 114

Whitgift qualify for Finals Day


North Group

NW Semi-Final

Sedbergh v Myerscough, Manchester at St. Peter’s, York on Monday 27th June

The winners will play St. Peter’s on the same day for a place at Finals Day to represent the North


South West Group

South Central


Bradfield 197-3, Wellington 123

Bradfield play King’s, Taunton at Clifton College on Monday 27th in the South West Final



East Midlands and East Anglia


*Felsted 150-5, Trent 151-4

Trent play Malvern in the East and West Midlands Final on Monday 27th at Malvern


West Midlands


*Malvern 275-1 (O Cox 170), King’s, Worcester 139-7


Malvern 171-8, Bromsgrove 127

Malvern play Trent in the East and West Midlands Final on Monday 27th at Malvern


The Cricket Paper National Under 17 Cup

Third Round

Newcastle Boys School 113-7, *Sedbergh 114-3

Canterbury Academy 153, *Epsom 150-9

*Winchester 243-3 (la Fontaine Jackson 136), St Edward’s 112


Girls Cricket

The Cricket Paper National Girls 100-Ball

Second Round:

Oxford High 121-2, Marlborough 57-9

Felsted 117-4, Ipswich 98-7

Bradfield 126-6, Forest 120-7

King’s, Taunton 149-2, Clifton 118-5

Shrewsbury 149-4, Repton 108-6

Sedbergh 91-2, Trent 90-9

Rugby 173-3 Leicester Grammar 59ao

Bede’s Senior 201-2, Lord Wandsworth 59-9

Quarter Final Round:

Shrewsbury 172-4 (C Thomas 102*), Sedbergh 123-3

Bradfield 61-1, King’s Taunton 60ao.

Rugby v Oxford High

Bede’s Senior v Felsted


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