28th June

28th June

With the exam season almost over, cricket returned to normality last week with full games being played by many schools along with the odd two-day game. Touring sides have also returned to these shores after a 3-year break due to the pandemic with South African schools visiting, including Rondebosch who tour the south of England before participating in the Silk Trophy Festival at Shrewsbury from the 4th to the 6th of July alongside the hosts, Eton and Stowe.

Nest week’s column will not be published until Thursday 7th as it will feature the various festival results along with report on the National T20 Finals Day, the Girls 100-ball Finals Day, the last ever Eton v Harrow games at Lord’s, and the various end of season festivals happening around the country. Also the paperwork for the 2023 edition of the Wisden Cricketers Almanac will be emailed to masters i/c this week in preparation for the school’s pages to prepared in August and early September.

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the National Schools T20 reaches its climax this Sunday at the beautiful Arundel Castle cricket ground starting at 10am. Entry is free and should provide some entertaining cricket for all. The four participants are Whitgift, who qualified from the London region and beat Hurstpierpoint from the South East to take their place. The South West winners, King’s Taunton defeated Bradfield on Monday evening at Clifton, while current holders Malvern overcame the challenge of Trent College on Sunday to represent the Midlands. The North region had been held up by poor weather before half term and exams since, culminated on Monday at St. Peter’s York, when Myerscough College, Manchester beat Sedbergh firstly in the North West final before defeating the hosts, who had won the North East title before half term.

The running order is provisionally:

10 am              Malvern v Myerscough, Manchester

1pm                 King’s, Taunton v Whitgift

4pm                 Final

Once again, runs flowed this week and Ollie Cox of Malvern took his tally beyond 1300 runs with his 4th century of the season 8 half-centuries) in the T20 game v Trent College, while Rhys Lewis (Shrewsbury) scored his 5th.  Bowlers taking more than 5 wickets in an innings appears to be relatively rare this season, though with the large amount of limited overs cricket now played along with ECB fast bowling directives, this is not perhaps surprising. The Wisden statistics may reveal otherwise.

Let’s hope for some better weather for the weekend and next week than has been forecast for the rest of this week!


Rondebosch (Capetown) 297-4 (50 overs), *Brighton 199-7

XL 195-3 (35 overs), *Haileybury 196-5

*Oundle 16204 (20 overs), Wellingborough 150-8

*Bromsgrove 106-9 (20 overs), Myerscough, Manchester 93-9

City of London Freeman’s 195-4 (30 overs) (A Iqbal 108 not out), *Christ’s Hospital 145-9

Sussex Martlets 243-4, *Christ’s Hospital 144

Stamford 128 (50 overs), *Bedford 127-7

Bolton 171, *Birkenhead 1521

*Bradfield 260-7 (50 overs), Charterhouse 261-4

*Cheltenham 218-8 dec., Rugby 133-8

Trinity 249-5 dec., *Dulwich 109-5

Mumbai CC 156, Harrow 159-6

Brighton 228-6 (30 overs), *Hurstpierpoint 204-5

St Peter’s 155-6 (35 overs), *Hymers 136

*Ipswich 293-8 (40 overs), Brentwood 200

Dauntsey’s 91, KEVI Southampton 92-2

St Edwards 227 (50 overs), *Marlborough 171

Oakham 208, *Oundle 166

Paarl Boys 166-8 (20 overs), *RGS Worcester 139-5

*RGS Guildford 251-7 dec., Hampton 125

Malvern 246-7 (48 overs), *Shrewsbury 239 (R Lewis 105)

Forest 198 40 overs), *St Albans 201-8

Epsom 195-9 (40 overs), *St George’s 190-7

Haileybury 243-6 dec., *Uppingham 224-8

*Bromsgrove 239-8 50 overs), Sedbergh 240-5

MCC 265-7 dec., *Hurstpierpoint 266-5

MCC 255-5 dec., King’s Macclesfield 90-8

*Cheltenham 153-7 (50 overs), Winchester 154-0

MCC 276-6 dec., *Durham 240

*Harrow 239 (50 overs), St Edwards 211

Repton 191-8 (40 overs), *KEVI Birmingham 192-8

*Shrewsbury 190 (40 overs), KEVI Birmingham 139

Rondebosch 292-6 (50 overs), *Millfield 284-8

Free Foresters 259-4 dec., *Oundle 245-9

Paarl Boys (RSA) 128-6 (20 overs), *Stowe 129-7

K*ing’s Chester 138-7 (20 overs), Myerscough Manchester 139-3

MCC 228-7 dec., *Wellington College 229-8

Rondebosch 256-6 (50 overs), *Charterhouse 130

Clifton 206 -4 dec. & 220-4, *Rugby 180-3 dec. & 133-9 (2-day game)

Myerscough 154-4 (20 overs), *Cheadle Hulme 152-2

*Hampton 213-7 dec., Bradfield 217-5

KEVI Birmingham 128-6 (20 overs), *KEVI Stratford upon Avon 129-3

MCC 265-6 dec., *St Lawrence 147

Paarl 92 (30 overs), *Oundle 93-2

MCC 227-4 dec., *RGS Worcester 171

MCC 211, *Leys 212-4

*Worksop 160 (35 overs), St Peter’s 161-9

O Coventrians 128 (50 overs), *Bablake & King Henry VIII 129-3

MCC 187-3, Pangbourne 133-3

Band of Brothers 222-9, King’s, Canterbury 189-9


National Under 18 Boys Twenty20

East Anglia, East Midlands, West Midlands, and Wales Group


*Malvern 216 for 3 (O. Cox 131 *), Trent 150 all out

Malvern represent the East Anglia, East Midlands, West Midlands, and Wales Group at Finals Day

North Group

North West Final

Sedbergh 116-7 (15 overs), Myerscough Manchester 117-3

Played at St Peter’s, York

North Final

St Peter’s 106, Myerscough 107-4

Myerscough represent the North at Finals Day

South West


King’s Taunton 191-5, Bradfield College 120

King’s Taunton represent the South West and South Central at Finals Day

The Cricket Paper National Under 17 (35 Overs)


Shrewsbury 227-7, *Sedbergh 213-5

Gresham’s 196-9, *Trent 197-4

Canterbury Academy 226-7, *Bradfield 209

Shrewsbury play Trent and Canterbury play Winchester in the semi-finals

The Cricket Paper National Girls 100-ball

Finals Day (played at Rugby School)


*Rugby 60-1, Shrewsbury 61-1 – match reduced to 40 balls due to rain

Bradfield 67, Bede’s 68-1


Bede’s 156-4, Shrewsbury 108

Bede’s are the winners


A report on Finals Day will appear next week.





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