Cricket at Eton

Some Eton Cricket History

1730 First recorded game at Eton College

1751 Old Etonians play against ?The Rest of England? in a three- match series on which more than ?20,000 was reportedly bet. (W1L1D1)

1792 Old Etonians play against Calcutta Cricket Club in Calcutta.

1796 First Eton v Winchester school match

1805 Eton v Harrow at Lord?s (Eton win by an innings and 2 runs)

1831 Eton reported to be wearing light blue caps.

1880 Lord Harris captains England v first visiting Australia XI. The Hon. Alfred Lyttelton is also in the England side.

1882 The Hon. Ivo Bligh, C. T.? Studd and G. B.? Studd tour Australia with England. Bligh receives the ashes of a bail?

1897 B. J. T.? Bosanquet invents the googly

1899 Lord Hawke captains England v South Africa

1921 The Hon. Lionel Tennyson captains England

1928 G. O.? Allen represents England in Australia (he refuses to bowl bodyline?)

1936 G. O. Allen captains England in Australia

1948? George Mann captains England in South Africa

1961 C. Ingleby-Mackenzie captains Hampshire to the Championship

1972 John Barclay captains England Young Cricketers in West Indies

1987/8? First school tour to Australia

1994 Eton Under015 win Lord?s Taverners National Cup

1997/8 Matthew Fleming represents England in 11 ODIs

2000 Alex Loudon captains England Under-19

2001 Eton Under015 win Lord?s Taverners National Cup

2006 Eton Under-15 win Lord?s Taverners National Cup

2006 Alex Loudon represents England in 1 ODI

2007 Eton Under 15 win Lord?s Taverners National Cup


Details of how to get to Eton can be found at Upper Club is located on the corner of Slough Road and Pocock?s Lane. Parking is available from the Pocock?s Lane entrance.

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