Reports by schools – 2008

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Abingdon School P 14 W 10 L 3 D 1 A 2

Master i/c: C. J. Burnand Coach: M. S. Hill

The season finished extremely well with seven wins in nine days, including the Plate Final of the National 20/20 Cup at Wormsley. Success was achieved through exceptional fielding and bowling, most notably from Tim Deeks, Nathanial Watkins and Josh Smith (25 stumpings).

Aldenham School P 12 W 6 L 2 D 4

Master i/c: J. O. Shafe Coach: D. Goodchild

This was a successful and positive season for the 1st XI again winning more games than they lost. After a slow start the team performed well, inspired by the Captain Matthew Wallace, who had a magnificent season as wicket- keeper batsman, and the spin duo of Tom Pettet and Bhasker Patel. The highlights of the season were thrilling wins against MCC and the Old Boys and an exciting escape into 20/20 against St Albans School.

Alleyn’s School P 12 W 8 L 3 D 1 A 3

Master i/c: R. N. Ody Coach: P. E. Edwards

A most successful season, winning eight of our twelve matches. The team were superbly led by Anton Baskervile and a huge thank you must go to our departing year 13 students, most of whom have played in the 1st XI for three years.

Ampleforth College P 15 W 6 L 6 D 3 A 1

Master i/c: G. D. Thurman

A good season, full of excitement and quality cricket. Jack Blakiston Houston led the side magnificently, bowling beautifully and building a great team spirit. Pat Cudmore led the batting, scoring an unbeaten century.

Ardingly College P 12 W 6 L 4 D 2 A 1

Master i/c: R. A. F. King Coach: C. Waller

A good season, with wins over Seaford College, Christ?s Hospital, Worth, Hurstpierpoint College and Lancing College and a winning draw against Sussex Martlets.

Arnold School P 8 W 1 L 5 D 2

Master i/c: M. L. Evans Coach: A. J. McKeown

A very young 1st XI was captained superbly by Robbie Hudson. The season started brightly after a fine win over local rivals Rossall School and a swashbuckling 66 not out by Robbie Hudson nearly won the annually MCC match until the weather intervened. Hudson finished as the season?s top run scorer and wicket taker.

Bancroft’s School P 29 W 23 L 2 D 4 A 1

Master i/c: J. K. Lever

The XI was unbeaten during the school season. Batsmen Anand Patel with three centuries, Rishabh Shah and Gareth James, leg spinner Abhi Bothra (whose 56 wickets was a new school record) and keeper James Tuplin with 39 victims were the outstanding performers. With few leavers the prospects for next season are strong.

Bangor Grammar School P 14 W 10 L 1 D 3

Master i/c: D. J. Napier Coach: C. C. J. Harte

Following on from our pre-Christmas Tour to Australia (where all six matches were lost!) this was a most successful season with good weather to boot. Ryan Law?s captaincy was exceptional and a mature team responded in kind.

Barnard Castle School P 17 W 12 L 4 D 1 A 3

Master i/c: B. C. Usher Coach: J. Lister

(no report supplied)

Bedford Modern School P 15 W 7 L 6 D 2 A 1

Master i/c: N. J. Chinneck

At times the team played exceptionally well, but lacked real consistency. There was some excellent batting from Badal Naik, Alastair Craig and Laurence Jones, whilst the two young spinners, Alex Walker and George Thurstance often showed their potential.

Bedford School P 21 W 8 L 13

Master i/c: P. Sherwin

We lost our first ten School games but then, after inflicting the only defeat of the season on Harrow School, won 11 of our next 14 games. With all players returning again in 2009, we are expecting a storming summer next year.

Beechen Cliff Schoo P 9 W 2 L 4 T 1 D 2 A 4

Master i/c: E. J. Wilmot Coach: M. Thorburn

Beechen Cliff?s young team struggled to compete with the independent school opponents this year. The team were all Lower 6th and year 11, and next year I hope the team begin to mature and fulfil their undoubted potential.

Berkhamsted Collegiate School P 20 W 13 L 6 D 1 A 1

Master i/c: R. I. Mackay Coach: B. R. Mahoney

Berkhamsted had a positive season considering the very wet summer. Notable performers were all-rounders Pete Dunning, 31 wickets and 394 runs, Tom Sambrook, 491 runs and 12 wickets, and Jackson Kilgannon, 485 runs (including a top score of 157not out) and 30 wickets.

Birkenhead School P 15 W 14 L 1

Master i/c: P. Lindberg Coach: B. T. P. Donelan

A magnificent season with only one loss. A good all-round team performance with everyone contributing throughout the season. David Hurst, Nick Lytollis and Andrew Clarke had outstanding seasons, the latter scoring a century, and taking five wickets in an innings, including a hat-trick in the same game.

Bishop’s Stortford College P 11 W 2 L 6 D 3

Master i/c: M. Drury

(no report wanted)

Bloxham School P 12 W 3 L 6 D 3 A 2

Master i/c: R. W. F. Hastings Coach: B. Hector

Only three wins from a side with plenty of talent was a disappointment but Jon Best batted consistently at the top of the order with an average of 28.2. Angus Boyle bowled tightly and Harry Loxton and Jak Soppet bowled well as a spin pairing.

Blundell’s School P 17 W 12 L 5

Master i/c: R. J. Turner Coach: C. L. L. Gabbitass

Overall a most successful season incorporating a good number of highly competitive matches which were played in the true spirit of the game. Sam Smith led the side with enthusiasm and style whilst Justin Williams developed as an opening batsman of considerable maturity.

Bradfield College P 15 W 7 L 5 D 3 A 2

Master i/c: D. J. Clark Coach: J. R. Wood

Some of the tougher fixtures were lost which was very disappointing given the potential of the team. Hamza Riazuddin, who played first team cricket for Hampshire CCC during the season, led by example with both bat and ball and Michael Payne?s 18 wickets were a useful contribution.

Bradford Grammar School P 17 W 5 L 7 D 5 A 3

Master i/c: A. G. Smith Coach: S. A. Kellett

With a very inexperienced team 2008 was a transitional season. Typically with a young team the batting lacked power and the bowling struggled for penetration but, led enthusiastically by Jonty Poward, the side developed well and produced a respectable set of results.

Brentwood School P 15 W 10 L 2 T 1 D 2 A 3

Master i/c: B. R. Hardie

The opening partnership of Aaron West and Max Shirt dominated the very successful season with seven century partnerships. Max broke the school batting record and Aaron?s all round performances were even more significant.

Brighton College P 14 W 9 L 5

Master i/c: N. J. Buoy Coach: J Appleton

After a very good start the 1st XI lost too many close encounters throughout the second half of the season. It was still a very successful season with wins over Dulwich, Eastbourne, Wellington (Berks), Oakham and Epsom, but the team would feel they never achieved their potential.

Bristol Grammar School P 16 W 10 L 4 D 2 A 2

Master i/c: R. S. Jones Coach: K. R. Blackburn

Ten wins made 2008 one of the best ever season for Bristol Grammar School. The batting relied too heavily on Will Tavar?, Rob Cunliffe and captain Felix Currell, but the bowling attack led by Will Fishley was varied and reliable, with exciting Under-14 off-spinner Charlie Killick emerging.

Bromsgrove School P 14 W 9 L 3 D 2 A 4

Master i/c: C. J. Munn Coach: P. Greetham

A very positive year, with nine victories and two centurions; fifth formers Jonathon Webb and Ben Cox against Warwick School and KES Birmingham respectively. Michael Wyres won the Bowling Cup as a fifth former. Led ably by Henry Newman this was a young side that can only get more competitive.

Bryanston School P 11 W 6 L 3 D 2 A 4

Master i/c: B. J. Lawes Coach: J. Norton

The team had a good season winning six and losing three matches. Nick Marshall and Sabastian Street produced excellent performances all season. Street scored 566 runs at an average of 56.6 and he took 28 wickets at 11.57. His wonderful statistics highlight his talent and commitment to the game.

Canford School P 10 W 5 L 5

Masters i/c: R. J. Wallis /D. King Coaches: M. J. Griggs/J. H. Shackleton

A season remarkable for the preponderance of youth in the First XI, which regularly included eight players aged 16 or below. Five of the ten matches were close, which made it a good year for the spectators, and all were played in good spirit.

Caterham School P 13 W 7 L 6 A 4

Master i/c: J. A. Ross

A very positive and encouraging season, for a developing team, who played with great spirit and enthusiasm, ably led by Adam Long, who is the only boy not returning in 2009. Robert Willson, who had an outstanding term with both bat and ball, will be captain next year.

Charterhouse P 17 W 11 L 5 D 1

Master i/c: P. J. Deakin Coach: M. P. Bicknell

Ben Jeffrey and Oliver Pike were a formidable opening pair but James Chandler’s 41 wickets was the outstanding performance. George Adolphus’ strong captaincy was also instrumental in the 11 wins and our most successful season for 5 years.

Cheadle Hulme School P 10 W 8 L 2 A 3

Master i/c: J. C. Winter

A memorable summer ended with wins against the MCC and Cheshire Under-16s in a two-day game. Chris Winter was the leading bowler with 25 wickets in all matches, while Matthew Marfani scored 438 runs. The team reached the last 16 of the National 20s. Mark Bennett, Chris Winter, Matthew Marfani, Akshat Agarwal and Matthew Winter all represented Cheshire at different age groups.

Cheltenham College P 17 W 11 L 3 D 3 A 5

Master i/c: M. W. Stovold Coach: M. P. Briers

A very successful season. Charles Wootton reached the nineties four times without securing a century. Not a ball was bowled at the Haileybury Festival owing to rain. The side were winners of the Chesterton Cup 2008.

Chigwell School P 13 W 3 L 7 D 3 A 0

Master i/c: F. A. Griffith

It was a mixed season for Chigwell School this year: our best wins were against Westminster and Enfield Grammar School. Daniel Majeed, vice-captain and next year?s captain, had a splendid year, topping the batting and bowling averages.

Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School P 8 W 4 L 4 A 4

Master i/c: R. P. Kearney Coach: I. Wilmott

It was a season of transition and rebuilding, giving the opportunity to gain valuable senior cricket experience for a younger side. The team proved very competitive against strong, experienced opposition and look forward to next season with high expectations

Christ College Brecon P 11 W 5 L 5 D 1 A 3

Master i/c: C. J. Webber Coach: P. Brett

A young side had a rewarding season with notable victories recorded over Neath College by nine wickets and Llandovery College by ten wickets. 16 year old Kieran Marmion produced some strong all-round performances.

Christ’s College, Finchley P 9 W 4 L 5 A 4

Master i/c: S. S. Goldsmith

A very strong fixture list was adopted to celebrate the150th Anniversary of the school’s foundation. It included a revival of matches last played against St. Paul’s in 1888 and Forest School in 1897 and ended with a visit from the Delhi Blues from India. All but one of the XI return next season.

Christ’s Hospital P 13 W 6 L 7

Master i/c: H. P. Holdsworth Coach: L. J. Lenham

The side was ably led by Andy Whittingham. The team benefited from a pre-season tour in Barbados which certainly sharpened the fielding. A new school run-out record of 25 victims was obtained and the keeper, Joe Launchbury equalled the record of 32 dismissals in a season. The Secretary, George Hobden, had a good all-round season and Alex Marsh a leg-spinning Colt all-rounder showed great promise. The season proved a fitting finale to Les Lenham who retired after 56 years in the game.

City of London Freemen’s School P 16 W 11 L 5 A 6

Master i/c: J. G. Moore Coach: N. M. Stewart

Notable victories against Trinity, Tiffin, John Fisher and the MCC were among the highlights and our form at home saw only one loss, in a 20/20 match. Rory Burns made an outstanding contribution: he had a record breaking partnership of 202 with captain Tom Culhane, scored three 100?s and also set a new school record by amassing 838 runs.

Clayesmore School P 15 W 4 L 7 D 4 A 1

Master i/c: D. I. Rimmer Coach: P. M. Warren

Despite some early successes, the side struggled to find any real stability; however, Toby Sutton?s consistency with the bat and consistent bowling from the captain, Peter Merrell, kept this young side in contention, finding greater success with the longer, timed game.

Clifton College P 14 W 3 L 11

Master i/c: J. C. Bobby Coach: P. W. Romaines

This was a season that promised much but undoubtedly failed to deliver. An inability to take wickets meant that far too often the XI was left chasing very testing targets. Zak Watson and Charlie Walker both had creditable seasons with the bat. This was a young side this season and many of them will be returning for a further two years so there is some optimism that the XI will be more successful in the future.

Colfe’s School P 13 W 3 T 6 D 4 A 6

Master i/c: G. S. Clinton

The 2008 season although not outstanding showed real progress. This was a very young side with an average age of 15years 6months. With our Under-14 and Under-12 sides winning the London cups for their age groups the future looks positive.

Colston’s School P 14 W 4 L 8 D 2

Master i/c: T. A. H. Williams Coach: D. G, Lawrence

Colston’s School 1st XI had a rebuilding season in 2008 with no more than two upper sixth boys representing the school at any one time. Injuries to captain Chris Roper and Karl Hurkett also hindered the team. Next year’s team promises much more, following the 1st XI tour of Grenada.

Cranbrook Grammar School P 10 W 3 L 6 D 1 A 5

Master i/c: P.W. Humphreys

This has been a difficult season for what was a young squad. They punched above their weight in most situations though, and can count themselves unlucky that there were not more victories. I wish them every success in the future.

Cranleigh School P 13 W 7 L 2 D 4 A 2

Master i/c: W. N. Bennett Coach: S. D. Welch

Cranleigh School enjoyed another successful season with good wins against Winchester, RGS Guildford and the MCC. Seren Waters proved the outstanding batsman and was backed up with some fine performances from Elliott Hannah, Paddy Harman and Philip Roper with the ball.

Dauntsey’s School P 17 W 13 L 4 A 1

Master i/c: A. J. Palmer Coach: S. Cloete

Dauntsey?s had their most successful season ever, in terms of number of matches won, oercentage of matches won and in retaining their Peak Sports League title. Jonathon Lodwick, in his second season as captain, completed five years in the XI with a total of over 2,000 runs and 75 wickets. Three off-spinners, Samuel Boor, Vishal Patel and Thomas Foyle contributed greatly whilst all-rounder Owen Alsop played for the West and Wales at the ESCA/Bunbury Festival.

Dean Close School P 12 W 4 L 7 D 1

Master i/c: B. P. Price

This was a highly satisfying season given the inexperience of this incredibly young side who managed to win four matches through great determination and wonderful team spirit. The team was led by Liam Brignull who, despite his young age, captained the side expertly throughout.

Denstone College P 13 W 7 L 5 D 1 A 1

Master i/c: J. R. Morris (sic, though she?s Miss Morris)

A very encouraging season from a young, enthusiastic and talented side. Denstone demonstrated a depth of batting, and bowled six sides out this season. Chris Beech and Ben Young performed well with both bat and ball while Josh Bagshawe and James Warren took 17 wickets apiece.

Dr Challoner’s Grammar School P 11 W 5 L 5 D 1 A 3

Master i/c: D. A. Atkinson

Oliver Richards led a competitive side well. Jeremy Suter and the captain scored most runs and were well supported by the Shiel brothers and Ali Birkby. Tom Crick excelled with the ball, taking four wickets in four balls against Reading School.

Dollar Academy P 12 W 9 L 2 D 1

Master i/c: J. Foster Coach: J. G. A. Frost

This has been a very successful year, with notable bowling contributions from Scotland Under-19 player Mathew Bremner and Drew Weir, and a significant number of runs scored by Kevin Bostic and Scotland Under-15 player Peter Ross.

Dover College P 9 W 2 L 5 D 2 A 6

Master i/c: G. R. Hill

This was a young side with 13 of the 17 who played for the XI returning next year. Year 11 were very strong with two fifties by Josh Harrison-Dring and a hat-trick by Joe Woods against the Band of Brothers. The XI bowled and fielded well but batting was interesting.

Duke of York’s Royal Military School P 12 W 8 L 3 D 1 A 4

Master i/c: S. Salisbury Coach: C. Stone

A very successful season culminating in a tense four run defeat by the MCC marked a wonderful year for cricket at DYRMS. The XI has seven players returning next year. Bowling was the great strength this year with four strong performers. Twins Charles and Tom Thurston, both left-arm opening bowlers, were threatening and economic and were well supported by the spin twins of ,captain James Baber and Jamie Inshaw. Several young Under-15 players featured in the XI, Chris Gauchan showing considerable promise.

Dulwich College P 20 W 12 L 5 D 3 A 2

Master i/c: D. J. Cooper Coach: C. W. J. Athey

Another successful season once again, equalling the College record of 12 wins in a season. Dhyan Ranatunga ended his fourth season in the XI as the leading run scorer and Will MacVicar enjoyed a highly successful debut season with bat and ball. Excellent cricket was played to reach the 20/20 final once again, but a poor batting display saw the side lose its grip on the title.

Durham School P 20 W 13 L 4 D 3 A 2

Master i/c: M. B. Fishwick

The Easter tour to Hong Kong preceded a successful season with 12 wins including MCC, Durham Pilgrims and Ampleforth. Michael Turns played for Durham County Academy. Will Cleavers won the M. Hirsch trophy for outstanding cricketer. The highlight was the achievement of 267 for eight off 40 overs to beat RGS Newcastle.

Eastbourne College P 10 W 6 L 4 A 3

Master i/c: M. J. Banes Coach: A. Waller

Season?s highlights included winning the inaugural Arch Trophy in Abu Dhabi in March and retaining the Langdale Trophy with strong 20/20 performances. Brittle batting caused problems, but Angus Stewart led the side with passion and intelligence.

The Edinburgh Academy P 12 W 7 L 4 D 1

Master i/c: M. J. De-G. Allingham

It was a successful season with a good varied bowling attack backed up by some athletic fielding. The batting was fragile at times. The highlight of the season was an outstanding performance from Alex Blair v Glenalmond (152 not out and five for 41).

Elizabeth College, Guernsey P 17 W 10 L 5 D 2

Master i/c: M. E, Kinder

An exciting and positive season. The highlight was winning a Guernsey Championship game, the Under-17 Inter-Insular, the Old Elizabethans, Victoria College, Jersey and the MCC in the space of 6 days

Ellesmere College P 8 W 2 L 5 D 1 A 2

Master i/c: P. J. Hayes Coach: R. Jones

Alex Whittle in his second year as captain scored an exciting 105 not out off just 51 balls including four sixes and thirteen fours to secure victory against Hurstpierpoint, while Animesh Mehra took five for 15 as Rydal Penrhos were bowled out for just 59.

Eltham College P 12 W 3 L 7 T 1 D 1

Master i/c: E. T. Thorogood Coach: R. Hills/D. Debeer

Eltham College had a tough season brilliantly led by Lower 6th form captain James Pearse. Ten of the XI will be returning for the 2009 season and, together with a strong set of Under-15?s Eltham will have an outstanding outfit in the next few years.

Emanuel School P 12 W 3 L 7 D 2

Master i/c: P. A. King Coach: M. R. Stear/M. L. Roberts

This season has seen further progression of our young squad, with Rory Lampier giving a good all round performance in his final season, ably assisted by Abdul-Alim Sheikh.

Enfield Grammar School P 15 W 5 L 9 D 1 A 2

Master i/c: M. S. Alder

A very young side battled well during the course of the season. Fragile batting meant the side never posted a big total, but the bowling always made for very tight, if not low scoring games. Kyal Bacchus-Brown captained the side

Epsom College P 13 W 9 L 4 A 2

Master i/c: D. J. R. Campbell

A comparatively successful season due mainly to substantial partnerships at the top of the order and an effective pair of spinners who accounted for 43 wickets between them. All bodes well for next season with nine of the XI returning.

Eton College P 18 W 13 L 3 D 2 A 2

Master i/c: N. A. Leamon Coach: J. M. Rice

Eton had an excellent season ending in a run of eight consecutive victories and the retention of the Silk Trophy. Will Vanderspar broke John Barclay?s long-standing record for runs in a 1st XI season with 1064 in just 15 innings.

Felsted School P 18 W 8 L 5 D 5

Master i/c: C. S. Knightley Coach: N. J. Lockhart

After a difficult three week period in June, this young side gained invaluable experience and showed great character in winning six out of their last seven matches which augurs well for the future. Sam Weller, the captain, hit three hundreds.

Fettes College P 16 W 11 L 4

Master i/c: C. S. Thomson Coach: A. B. Russell

An excellent season in which captain Laurence Bax fashioned a side from four year groups into a very successful unit. The summer, which included victory in the Lothian Schools Cup, finished in style with the last over defeat of Monkton Combe.

Forest School P 15 W 3 L 10 D 2 A 5

Master i/c: S. Turner

This was not a season to remember either for the weather or the results. Jeremy Waller led from the front as captain; the averages bear testimony to that. There were glimpses of form from Joel Coppeard with bat and ball. Let us hope 2009 is kinder in many ways.

Framlingham College P 14 W 9 L 4 T 1 A 1

Master i/c: M. J. Marvell Coach: M. D. Robinson

Positive cricket was rewarded with nine victories this season and a place in the last 16 of the Independent Schools 20?s Trophy. Robert Newton ended his school days with 3339 1st XI runs but will be replaced by the talented Ben Wright and Robbie Bridgstock.

George Watson’s College P 13 W 8 L 4 D 1

Master i/c: I.. Geddes Coach: M. J. Leonard

An inconsistent season. Some of the tougher fixtures were narrowly lost, which was a little disappointing given the potential of the team. Younger players Tom Barrett and Andrew Chalmers performed with the bat, while Keith Morton, when available, led the side well.

Giggleswick School P 14 W 7 L 5 T 2

Master i/c: M. J. F. Shrimpton

The season began with three very difficult fixtures against Bolton, a Cryptics XI and Sedbergh. Throughout these three games the team made excellent progress playing against tough opposition. The result of this tough start was a well-earned victory at Durham in the fourth game which really kick-started our season. The performances of Tom Davidson and Edward Read really lifted the side and a well earned victory in the King?s Tynemouth Festival which also included Rydal Penrhos and Silcoates, crowned a fine season.?

The Glasgow Academy P 8 W 2 L 5 D 1 A 1

Master i/c: A. A. MacLay Coach: V. Hariharan

This season provided a steep learning curve for many of the young inexperienced players. Hence the mixed results and performances. In Jamie Gillies and Ross McColl, we have two promising leg-spinners who have the potential to go far.

Glenalmond College P 18 W 4 L 12 D 2 A 1

Master i/c: A. Norton Coach: S. D. Hill

A young side showed great resolve in adversity during a season in which the batting proved impossibly brittle. All return next season.

Gordonstoun School P 14 W 8 L 4 D 2 A 5

Master i/c: R. K. J. Dawson

The Gordonstoun season was badly hit by a very wet start to the term. However a young side played some positive cricket and benefited enormously from the outstanding coaching of Richard Dawson the ex-England, Yorkshire and Northamptonshire off spinner. Todd Morris had an excellent all-round term and contributed significantly with bat and ball.

Gresham‘s School P 15 W 7 L 6 D 2 A 3

Master i/c: P. J. Watson

A generally successful, if inconsistent, season with seven wins in 15 matches. Captain Andrew Clark and Tom Ingram starred throughout, with Clark?s 113 against Oundle a highlight. Rob Willmore, Ben Jones and Chris Middleditch all bowled well.

Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School P 19 W 10 L 5 D 4 A 4

Master i/c: S. D. Charlwood Coach: M. I. Yeabsley/D. I. Yeabsley

A young side performed creditably, particularly in the final game of the season against Devon Under-16s, and achieved good results overall. Captain and all-rounder Ajay Soni (1959 1st XI runs and 73 wickets over four seasons) topped the batting averages again, while Kushal Patel and Nishanth Selvakumar showed much promise for the future. The three spinners, including Tom Edrich (grandson of Bill), captured 77 wickets between them.

Haileybury School P 12 W 9 L 1 D 2 A 3

Master i/c: M. J. Cawdron Coach: G. P. Howarth OBE

An outstanding and memorable season. A dependable, balanced bowling attack allowed the freedom of an aggressive batting side spearheaded by the destructive David Wilson.

Hampton School P 22 W 15 L 5 D 2 A 1

Master i/c: D. E. Peel Coach: C. Harrison

A decent season although, with the exception of Ian Prowse, the batting lacked the application to challenge the toughest opponents. Bilal Chohan and Angus Deuchar led the attack ably and Alexander Hall was a high-class wicketkeeper-batsman.

Harrow School P 17 W 16 L 1

Master i/c: S. J. Halliday Coach: S. A. Jones

Harrow had a fantastic season, winning the Cowdrey Cup, defeating Eton at Lord?s, Shrewsbury, Brighton, and Kent and Middlesex Academies. Success was based around the batting and spin bowling of Sam Northeast and Gary Ballance, but many others contributed, notably Simon Davidson, Iwan Jenkins and Rob Taylor.

The Harvey Grammar School P 10 W 5 L 5 A 4

Master i/c: N. Bristow

A young and improving team, with no Year 13 players, played some enterprising cricket, culminating with an excellent win against The Forty Club.

Highgate School P 13 W 9 L 3 D 1

Master i/c: A. G. Tapp Coach: S. Patel

Highgate enjoyed a successful season and have won 18 of their last 22 matches. Captain and Middlesex player Tom Nicoll scored three hundreds out of his tally of 668 runs and took 35 wickets. His younger brother William took 25 wickets and scored 350 runs.

The High School of Glasgow P 7 W 2 L 4 D 1 A 4

Master i/c: D. N. Barrett Coach: N. R. Clarke/K. J. A. Robertson

A disappointing season mainly due to some very poor weather at weekends. A good win off the penultimate ball against the XL Club was a fitting end to the season.

Hurstpierpoint College P 14 W 5 L 6 T 1 D 2 A 1

Master i/c: G. J. Haines Coach: N. J. K. Creed

A fine season for a young, up and coming Hurstpierpoint College team. Harminder Singh was a tremendous find, hitting 493 runs at 41.08 and taking 14 wickets at 33.21. Josiah Menzies contributed well taking 23 wickets at 17.6.

Hymers College P 11 W 2 L 6 D 3 A 1

Master i/c: D. C. Elstone Coach: P. J. Hepworth

Despite losing six matches it was an encouraging season as a young Hymers College side gained invaluable experience. The highlight of the season was a devastating spell of bowling from captain, Majid Ali, who took eight for 26 against the XL Club.

Ipswich School P 15 W 8 L 3 D 4 A 2

Master i/c: A. K. Golding Coach: R. E. East

An excellent season with eight victories. Ed Pope captained the team well, and took 40 wickets bowling leg-spin. But the outstanding performer was Archie Gravell in year twelve who scored four centuries during the season and averaged over 100.

John Lyon School P 16 W 9 L 5 D 2 A 1

Master i/c: I. R. Parker

A successful season with six Year 11 boys in the side. Kabir Toor was called up into the Middlesex 1st X1. The side was captained by Anek Mhajan. The school toured South Africa at Easter.

The Judd School P 14 W 8 L 5 D 1 A 1

Master i/c: D. W. Joseph

The season will be remembered for the successful tour to Barbados and the contributions of some of the new players. The side was led successfully by Joe Whitehead and saw major contributions from Richard Pulsford and Michael Thompson.

Kimbolton School P 14 W 8 L 3 D 3 A 3

Master i/c: A. S. Lawless Coach: C. M. Edwards

A pleasing season with some impressive wins, the first victory over the Old Kimboltonian XI for many years being the highlight. The greatest individual contribution with bat and ball came from James Biddle, including two centuries within a week.

King Edward’s School, Birmingham P 19 W 6 L 10 D 3 A 4

Master i/c: L. M. Roll Coach: D. Collins

The season started well with a flurry of wins, but failed to get to the heights that this early season success promised. Philip Neale finished six years in the First XI with another outstanding display in all disciplines of the game.

King Edward VI College, Stourbridge P 6 W 4 L 2 A 6

Master i/c: M. L. Ryan

A potentially highly talented XI was untested as appalling weather halved the fixture list, while those matched played were often heavily affected by damp conditions. Only two batsmen scored over 100 runs though several made some individual high scores.

King Edward VI School, Southampton P 10 W 3 L 6 D 1

Master i/c: M. G. M. Mixer Coach: C. R. Surry

After a confident start to the season, the loss of captain and all-rounder Ali Cheyne to injury was a big loss to the team. Jos Clarke and Sam Thaker led from the front and the performances of younger members of the team gives optimism for next season.

King Edward VII and Queen Mary’s School, Lytham P 16 W 4 L 10 D 2 A2

Master i/c: J. A. Liggett Coach: T. Holt

A young side, magnificently led by Michael Cooper. Winning three games after Half term was just reward for the dedication of the team. Exciting wins over Kirkham G.S and UCS London in the Lytham Cricket Festival were the highlights of the season.

King Henry VIII School P 10 W 7 L 3 A 4

Master i/c: A. M. Parker

Although several fixtures were lost at the start of the season, the side
showed a great deal of character and pulled together as a team. There were
solid performances with the bat from the Captain Alex Fisher and stubborn
resistance from fellow opener Sam Ballinger. The architect of several
victories was Stephen Sykes, a young leg-spinner who took 22 wickets in his
debut season.

King’s College, Taunton P 18 W 13 L 5

Master i/c: A. Jones Coach: D. Breakwell

A record-breaking opening stand of 340 and reaching the National Schools 20?s semi-final were just two highlights of a very satisfying season. Jos Buttler was exceptional with the bat, ably supported by talented opening partner Alex Barrow.

King’s College School, Wimbledon P 11 W 7 L 2 D 2 A 4

Master i/c: T. P. Howland Coach: G. P. Butcher

Statistically a good season with wins against some excellent sides. Daniel Newton captained the side with a great deal of intelligence and was superb with the bat. Sam Holland showed good promise, bowling leg-spin and confusing many an opposition batsman.

The King’s School, Canterbury P 14 W 8 L 4 D 2 A 2

Master i/c: R. C. White Coach: A. G. Ealham

With two of last season?s regulars and three others injured, several younger players came to the fore. Patrick Mitchell starred with both bat and ball. Wicket-keeper Charlie MacLeod scored vital runs and twice had five victims behind the stumps.

The King’s School, Chester P 13 W 7 L 4 T 1 D 1 A 3

Master i/c: S. Neal Coaches: D. D. Lewis/ N. R. Walker

The school enjoyed its most successful season for a while, as upper-sixth stalwarts were well supported by a fine crop of fifth-formers. Tom Pearson-Jones?s centuries were the individual highlights, the one-wicket victory over the XL Club the most thrilling match.

The King’s School, Ely P 12 W 7 L 4 D 1 A 2

Master i/c: K. G. Shaw

This was an excellent season for the first XI culminating in victory in the County Cup Final. James Turner in his debut season took 35 wickets bowling his leg-spin with excellent control, whilst Nicholas Seaman was the most destructive batsman

The King’s School in Macclesfield P 19 W 7 L 8 D 4 A 3

Master i/c: S. Moores

A young side without any real star performers, King?s struggled with the bat but generally bowled well. They were well led by Jonathan Barratt who shared the majority of the wickets with fellow spinner and next year?s captain James Lomas.

King’s School, Rochester P 8 W 5 L 3 A 5

Master i/c: W. E. Smith

This was a fine young team with much potential; however, their season was adversely affected by appalling weather. Harri Ashdown again led the batting and Alex Cross was the pick of the bowlers. Dominic Saunders showed himself to be a player of the future.

The King’s School, Tynemouth P 9 W 2 L 4 D 3 A 3

Masters i/c: W. Ryan/P. J. Nicholson Coach: D. G. Shurben

The season was dominated by individual achievements with spinner Martin Fearon handed a place on Durham Academy?s books and he also toured India with MCC Schools. Nick Jones struck a new school highest score in making 170 versus Glenalmond School.

The King’s School, Worcester P 21 W 14 L 5 D 2 A 3

Master i/c: D. P. Iddon Coach: A. A. D. Gillgrass

Five boys hit over 400 runs, with Liam Gwynne and Tom Bryant scoring heavily. Liam?s brother and captain, Tom, made an impressive all round contribution (478 runs and 27 wickets) and 15 year old spinner Tom Bird continues to show promise.

Kingston Grammar School P 9 W 5 L 3 D 1 A 5

Master i/c: J. E. K. Schofield

A good and successful season with Ben Tibble leading by example with both bat and ball and ended up the leading run scorer and wicket taker. There were extremely useful and important contributions from both Tarn Huxford and James Royce.

Kingswood School P 14 W 8 L 5 D 1 A 0

Master i/c: G. D. Opie

Matthew Horsley dominated the batting in his fifth season on the 1st X1. The Rouse brothers who both play for Somerset, Harry (14) and Tim (12), both played their part and are exciting prospects for the future. Alex Field captained superbly.

Kirkham Grammar School P 11 W 2 L 9

Master i/c: M. A. Whalley

Despite some superb individual performances with the bat, a poor season in terms of results. An inability to develop momentum as a team when batting or bowling proved our frustrating downfall in many matches which should have been won.

Lancaster Royal Grammar School P 13 W 7 L 2 D 4

Master i/c: I. W. Ledward Coach: I. Whitehouse

Mark Walling?s double century was the highlight of a successful season for the school. Michael Wellings also scored an impressive three centuries while John Lynch led the way with the ball; his off-spin claiming 29 wickets.

Lancing College P 12 W 5 L 4 D 3 A 1

Master i/c: R Davies Coach: C Mole

A young team performed better than expectation and the development of the side bodes well for next year. Tim Lopez batted convincingly and John Mc Lean?s leg spin helped keep the attack together.

Leeds Grammar School P 13 W 4 L 5 D 4 A 5

Master i/c: S. H. Dunn

A young and inexperienced squad relied heavily on Harpal Ryatt for runs and wickets; consequently the season?s results reflected the captain?s performances. The promotion of Under-15 bowler James Wainman into the attack looks very promising for next season.

Leicester Grammar School P 7 W 2 L 4 D 1 A 2

Master i/c: L. Potter

Captain Michael Potter topped both the batting and the bowling averages for the third year running though he only managed seven wickets. A first ever win against the strong Wyggeston and Queen Elizabeth I College shows the progress being made and we look forward to our new school site and facilities.

The Leys School P 10 W 6 L 2 D 2

Master i/c: B. A. Barton Coach: J. D. R. Benson

In his final year, and the year that the Lashings came to the Leys, Douglas Rice fulfilled his talents with two centuries. A balanced bowling attack meant more victories were possible. These wins came primarily in the early stages of the season, along with the Bell and Mitchell cup, won for the first time.

Lord Wandsworth College P 11 W 6 L 3 D 2 A 2

Master i/c: A. L. Eysele Coach: C. C. Hicks

The young 1st XI showed promise. Captain Mike Salmon led by example and he was ably supported by all-rounder Tristan Eysele and the solid batting of Ben Rubio and Tom Grimes. A good season in comparison with previous years

Loughborough Grammar School P 15 W 10 L 4 D 1 A 1

Master i/c: H. T. Tunnicliffe Coach: M. I. Gidley

The 2008 season was a successful one, only losing 4 matches, 3 of which were by 5 runs or less. The side was a mixture of youth and experience with Jack Berrisford having an excellent all round season scoring over 850 runs and 17 wickets.

Magdalen College School P 15 W 9 L 3 D 3

Master i/c: R. G. Gilbert

This was a successful season, well captained by Gus Kennedy who also kept wicket taking 24 dismissals; eight in one game. A nail-biting winning draw against The Oratory and victory against the Old Boys were the highlights.

Malvern College P 18 W 7 L 6 D 5 A 3

Master i/c: A. J. Murtagh Coach: T. W. Roberts

Seven wins in a season was a better return for 2008 than anyone could?reasonably have expected of a young team without any stars. But they?gelled well as a unit and generally punched above their weight. Simon Harwood (30 wickets and 307 runs) was the most promising of a batch about to enter the 6th Form next year.

The Manchester Grammar School P 15 W 8 L 4 D 3 A 2

Master i/c: D. Moss

A very young team played some impressive cricket. David Rudolf as captain was outstanding and Under-13 Matthew Tully looks a real find with both bat and ball. Charles Reid was leading batsman and captains next year a team with real potential

Marlborough College P 12 W 4 L 4 D 4 A 5

Master i/c: N. E. Briers Coach: R. M. Ratcliffe

There were excellent wins against Sherborne. Clifton, Portsmouth GS and The Blues. Rain, unfortunately, also interrupted the traditional two-day match against Rugby School which had been proving to be an intriguing contest

Merchant Taylors’ School, Crosby P 13 W 7 L 5 D 1 A 3

Master i/c: Rev. D. A. Smith Coach: S. P. Sutcliffe

A young team?s best wins were against KEQMS, Lytham and Kirkham GS, but a high scoring, one-run defeat at Lancaster RGS was also a highlight. Stephen Grugel led the side with bat, ball and a smile, making the team?s only century against Rydal and finishing as leading wicket taker. Andrew Cunningham and Lawrence Armstrong in particular provided all-round support, and all players contributed to the excellent team spirit.

Merchant Taylors’ School, Northwood P 14 W 8 D 6

Master i/c: C. M. J. Lehane Coach: H. C. Latchman

Led brilliantly by Mylo Wilkin, the 1st XI went through the regular season unbeaten – the fourth time in a row this has happened. Highlights included nail-biting wins against St Paul?s and Westminster in the last over, and a comprehensive victory over the MCC.

Merchiston Castle School P 16 W 10 L 4 D 2

Master i/c: C.W. Swan Coach: S. Gilmour

A season of much good cricket especially in the batting with seven hundreds and 19 fifties being scored by batsmen including five centuries by Mark van Heerden. Carleon Brome was an outstanding all-rounder but the XI lacked depth to be wholly successful.

Mill Hill School P 15 W 8 L 7 A 1

Master i/c: N. R. Hodgson Coach: I. J. F. Hutchinson

A glance at the record might suggest a season of limited-overs matches but that was not the case. James Fleming led his side to an impressive haul of victories in predominantly timed games. Guarav Hingorani?s wickets were key, but the star of the show was the young Adam Rossington.

Millfield School P 18 W 10 L 6 T 1 D 1 A 1

Master i/c: R. M. Ellison Coach: M. R. Davis

A tough fixture list proved more than challenging for a young side. Josh Lawrence scored 678 runs and Aneurin Norman took 28 wickets. Good wins were had against three County Academy sides and only losses to schools were against Eton and Bishop?s.

Monkton Combe School P 18 W 9 L 7 D 2 A 2

Master i/c: P. R. Wickens Coach: M. B. Abington/N. D. Botton

Sam Dewes, grandson of John Dewes, had a fine season in a side who all really enjoyed their cricket. Led by Nick Spear, a record equalling nine wins were recorded, including a ten wicket defeat of Wiltshire Queries, chasing 180 to win.

Monmouth School P 16 W 11 L 4 D 1 A 4

Master i/c: A. J. Jones Coach: G. I. Burgess

After a slow start Monmouth School played some exciting cricket. Ollie James headed the batting and bowling with excellent all-round performances. Bowling was the team?s strength. Unfortunately weather interrupted the Castle Festival.

Newcastle-under-Lyme School P 11 W 5 L 5 D 1

Master i/c: S. A. Robson Coach: A. Hill

The school enjoyed an exciting and successful season in which it won five matches, four of them in a row. Against Derby Grammar School, Daniel Robson, in only five overs, took six wickets for seven runs, including only the second hat-trick in the School?s history.

Nottingham High School P 13 W 7 L 4 D 2 A 5

Master i/c: S. A. J. Boswell Coach: I. Rose

Frankie Brown led from the front with bat and ball. He was well supported by a young and inexperienced side that has lots of potential for the next two years.

Plymouth College P 11 W 3 L 3 D 5

Master i/c: G. C. Roderick

In Geoff Roderick?s last season in charge this was a modest season by recent standards. James Burke made a significant impression on those matches in which he played, with his contribution to the victory against Blundell?s being a highlight.

Oakham School P 21 W 8 L 7 D 6 A 1

Master i/c: F. C. Hayes Coach: D. S. Steele

An average season judged by recent years, mainly as a result of a fairly thin batting line-up which did not match a decent but occasionally less than incisive attack; a mid-season injury to the all-rounder captain did not help.

The Oratory School P 21 W 14 L 2 D 5 A 1

Master i/c: S. C. B. Tomlinson

A young side was superbly led by Euan Brock. To gain 14 victories was a tremendous effort particularly with the lack of experience of playing at this level. Ten out of the XI are returning next year, so much is expected.

Oundle School P 18 W 7 L 4 D 7 A 0

Master i/c: J. R. Wake Coach: vd Merwe Genis

Seven victories and only one defeat during term time was a very creditable performance from a 1st XI that was full of youngsters that had appeared in consecutive Lord?s Taverners Finals over the past two seasons. Harry Ramsden toured India with MCC Schools and played for the South of England. Ramsden and the captain elect Tom Spencer, also with Rory Osmond, played at Lord?s for an ESCA XI v England Uunder-15.

The Perse School P 12 W 9 L 1 D 2

Master i/c: E. W. H. Wiseman Coach: D.C. Collard

The Perse had another good season winning nine matches with only one loss. The best performances were against Bedford and the Old Perseans. The bowling was strong with openers Harry Picton-Turbervill and Matthew Swan taking 36 wickets between them with economy rates below three. Nick McLellan also bowled well and captained superbly.

Pocklington School P 18 W 8 L 7 D 3

Master i/c: D. Watton Coach: D. Byas

A very young side was well captained by Charles Lambert. Highlights of the season were Henry Burn?s 111 not out against Ashville College and Joe Green?s 100 not out against Leeds Grammar School

Portsmouth Grammar School P 15 W 12 L 3 A 2

Master i/c: S. J. Curwood Coach: R. Maru

A very impressive season with excellent all-round performances from all players. Captain William Bond was an outstanding leader and wicket-keeper. The opening batting pair of Nick Hodgson and Chris Stone always set a strong foundation, well supported in the middle order by Finn Hoolahan. A good mix of pace and spin with wickets shared throughout. Robert Gibson displayed a high level of skill with his leg-spin bowling.

Prior Park College P 13 W 5 L 5 D 3 A 0

Master i/c: S. J. Capon Coach: M. D. Browning

This was planned as a developmental season, but turned out to be reasonably successful with some notable victories. Several young players showed much promise for the future, with Seth Tapsfield (batting) and Edward Robinson (bowling) leading the statistics.

Queen’s College, Taunton P 16 W 9 L 6 D 1 A 3

Master i/c: A. S. Free Coach: D. R. Bates

Ben Ackland again dominated the batting and took his aggregate to 2611 runs for the school. David Bland has taken 59 wickets in three years and Will Tanner, Jacob Lintott and Will Steward all have three more seasons in the side.

Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Wakefield P 10 W 7 L 2 D 1

Master i/c: T. Barker/I. A. Wolfenden

After a slow start School completed a good season with victories over Leeds Grammar School, Ashville College, Silcoates College, Woodhouse Grove, Bradford Grammar School and Hymers College, culminating in winning the Bradford Sixes and a great tour to Barbados.

Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital P 14 W 2 L 11 D 1 A 1

Master i/c: P. E. Joslin Coach: D. C. Forder

In many respects a disappointing season in which insufficient runs proved to be our downfall. Large partnerships in the top five batsmen were limited with only David Walker scoring more than 50 in a game. There were some closely fought games.

Radley College P 18 W 8 L 9 D 1

Master i/c: J. R. W. Beasley Coach: A. R. Wagner

This effective all-round side competed hard and were purposefully, led by George Coles. Results were mixed but the team put its disappointing days behind it and played spells of outstanding cricket in the field.

Ratcliffe College P 14 W 5 L 6 D 3 A 1

Master i/c: R. M. Hughes Coach: E. O. Woodcock

A rather inconsistent season, which included some destructive wins and some disappointing defeats. Freddie Bainbridge topped the batting for the fourth season, whilst Tom Smith, Dan Sleath and David Cox bowled with guile and aggression.

Reed’s School P 15 W 8 L 4 D 3 A 3

Master i/c: M. R. Dunn Coach: K. T. Medlycott

A successful season, completed by an inexperienced team, came through regularly putting team performances together. Sam Brandon led the batting, whilst Simon Sweeney spear-headed the bowling but many more players frequently contributed.

Repton School P 16 W 11 L 1 D 4

Master i/c: F. P. Watson Coach: M. K. Kettle

Tom Poynton kept wicket brilliantly and captained most ably. The batting was dominated by Hamza Siddique, whose 207* broke the Repton record. Spinners Josh Moore and Tom Eldred bowled very well. The side were National 20/20 champions.

Rossall School P 15 W 4 L 6 D 5 A 2

Master i/c: A. D. Williams Coach: T. L. N. Root

Rossall enjoyed one of its most successful seasons in recent years with the highlight being victories over Stonyhurst and Kirkham. 14-year-old James Wilson was the outstanding performer of 2008. Eight of the 11 return next year.

The Royal Grammar School, Guildford P 18 W 13 L 3 D 2 A 4

Master i/c: S. B. R. Shore Coach: M. A. Lynch

A successful, RGS Festival-winning season thanks to a bowling attack headed by Simon Peet, Morgan Dawe and Ben Robinson, a consistent batting line-up led by Mathew Bloch, and some inspirational captaincy by Charlie Homewood.

The Royal Grammar School, Newcastle P 17 W 8 L 6 D 3 A 4

Master i/c: O. L. Edwards Coach: M. J. Speight

The team enjoyed a reasonably successful season without quite fulfilling its potential. Michael Craigs was an outstanding captain and opening bowler, and Daniel Young?s all-round contribution was impressive.

The Royal Grammar School, Worcester P 16 W 7 L 7 D 2 A 5

and The Alice Ottley School

Master i/c: M. D. Wilkinson Coach: P. J. Newport

A young side took a while to find its feet but then scored notable victories against Repton, Loughborough by two runs and King?s Worcester by one run in a classic match. The all-round abilities of Dan Sproul and the incisive bowling of Liam Booth will be missed next year.

Royal Hospital School P 14 W 3 L 8 D 3 A 2

Master i/c: D. Topley Coach: D. W. Hawkley

The school played much attractive cricket by declaring on four occasions but sadly losing. Batting was their strength in 2008 but finding a competitive unit of bowlers was challenging. The introduction of two quality younger players helped the team but dropped catches cost the side on a number of occasions.

Rugby School P 15 W 6 L 2 D 7

Master i/c: M. J. Semmence Coach: N. G. B. Cook

Jonathan White led the side to six victories. These included Radley, Bedford, Stowe and Sutton Valence. The XI also reached the quarter finals of the Public Schools 20/20 competition, beating Warwick, Uppingham, Stowe and Oundle.

Rydal Penrhos P 9 W 1 L 6 D 2 A 4

Master i/c: M. T. Leach

The team performed better than last year, demonstrating that patience, persistence and practice does pay dividends! Strong all-round performances from several players – Edward Williams Gray in particular – were key factors.

St Albans School P 21 W 13 L 7 D 1 A 1

Master i/c: C. C. Hudson Coach: I. J. Cowan

13 victories in a season, whilst still not routine, excite less notice since the trend towards limited-overs matches. Jack Reynolds impressed more with ball than bat, but 2008?s heroes were twins James and Richard Leather, sharing 46 wickets and nearly 750 runs.

St. Dunstan’s College P 12 W 3 L 8 D 1 A 1

Master i/c: N. R. Taylor

A reasonable season in which the batting let us down on more than one occasion. Josh Waters, Chris Murray and Alex Price all performed admirably. This is a young team that can improve over the next few years.

St. Edmund’s School, Canterbury P 14 W 7 L 7

Master i/c: A. R. Jones Coach: D. P. Fulton

A young and spirited side, led ably by captain Ben Easter, enjoyed a very positive season. The games played were on the whole very tight affairs, many going to the last few balls providing a stern physical and mental challenge. With more belief the side could have been rewarded with even greater success.

St Edward’s School, Oxford P 22 W 14 L 5 D 3

Master i/c: R. W. J. Howitt Coach: R. E. Jones

A magnificent season, which followed a successful tour of South Africa, including 14 wins – a school record and victory in the inaugural Harvey cup. Joe Robinson led the side astutely and Alex Strong was the leading all-rounder with 503 runs and 26 wickets.

St George’s College, Weybridge P 19 W 6 L 10 D 3 A 2

Master i/c: M. T. Harrison Coach: J. R. P. Heath

Mike Hawkins scored two centuries including one off 69 balls. Captain Nick Bissessar and opening bowler Jack Tolliday will be missed after three consistent years. They are the only players leaving the side.

St John’s School, Leatherhead P 16 W 7 L 8 D 1 A 2

Master i/c: G. I. Macmillan Coach: I. Trott

Some of the tougher fixtures were lost but seven wins for a very young side was good and nine of the XI return for the 2009 season.

St. Lawrence College P 6 W 1 L 5 A 7

Master i/c: T. Moulton

A young side struggled but were unlucky to have seven matches ruined by bad weather. Among the batsmen, Ryan Jones, the 15-year-old wicket-keeper, showed promise. Kit Bowra and Daniel Whittle (returning in 2009) were reliable bowlers.

St Paul‘s School P 14 W 3 L 7 D 4

Master i/c: M. G. Howat Coach: A.G. J. Fraser

A potentially talented batting side proved to be more inconsistent than was hoped for. 15 year old Sam Cato showed promise for the future with both bat and ball.

St Peter’s School, York P 16 W 9 L 4 D 3 A 1

Master i/c: D. Kirby

St Peter?s had a good season. On his rare appearances, Jonathan Bairstow was again in outstanding form. James Hepworth was also impressive, making three centuries. The strength of the bowling was in the four spin bowlers.

Sedbergh School P 17 W 13 L 1 D 3 A 2

Master i/c: C. P. Mahon Coach: D. J. Fallows

The 1st XI won a record 13 games, suffering only one defeat to a strong side from Durham CCC Academy. Jordan Clark became the first Sedbergh batsman to score 1000 runs in a season while the bowling, led by Sam bell and Jamie Harrison was strong throughout. Highlights included victories against Brighton, Oakham and Wellington College in the BOWS Festival and in regular fixtures against MCC, Manchester GS and St. Peter?s, York.

Sevenoaks School P 14 W 9 L 4 D 1 A 2

Master i/c: C. J. Tavar? Coach: P. J. Hulston

The 1st XI had an excellent season with nine wins, several of which were emphatic. Josh Parker was outstanding with 428 runs and 13 wickets, whilst Will Wilkin exerted control with spin.15-year-old Charlie Farrant produced the performance of the year with seven for 32.

Sherborne School P 13 W 4 L 7 D 2 A 3

Master i/c: R. W. Hill Coach: A. Willows

This was a tough season for a young inexperienced team. Will Peatfield bowled with pace and got good batsmen out. Tom Atkins led the batting from the front. Player of the season was Robin Irving who was an outstanding captain both on and off the field.

Shrewsbury School P 19 W 15 L 2 D 2 A 5

Master i/c: A. S. Barnard Coach: A. P. Pridgeon

A vintage season. A very strong XI led by James Taylor (England Under-19?s and Leicestershire, with over 4,000 runs in his 1st XI career) lost only two matches all season: to an excellent Harrow XI in a repeat of the Lord?s Taverners Under-15 Final in 2005 and a resilient Eton XI in the final of the Silk Trophy.

Silcoates School P 18 W 7 L 8 T 1D2 A1

Master i/c: G. M. Roberts Coach: R. W. Middlebrook

The pre-season tour to Cape Town set the standard for the season. The team were excellently captained by the player of the season; Sam Scott. Opening batsman and 2009 captain Yusuf Patel was the most improved, scoring over 500 runs.

Simon Langton Grammar School P 6 W 2 L 2 D 2 A 4

Master i/c: R. H. Green

Early and late season wash-outs reduced the programme to just six matches. The young team played positive cricket throughout, and with most players coming back next season the prospects look encouraging.

Solihull School P 14 W 7 L 4 D 3

Master i/c: C. H. Jones Coach: D. Smith

During the first part of the season results were very pleasing with excellent batting performances from Tom McNellie. The team was captained well by Matthew Proudman throughout the season assisted by Edward Sykes.

Stamford School P 17 W 11 L 5 D 1

Master i/c: D. G. Colley Coach: E. J. Wilson

A very successful season which could have been even better but for a couple of below par performances. Oliver Lindley continues to impress with the ball and two impressive centuries from Shan Masood and Bahle Mhlanga were the highlights.

Stockport Grammar School P 11 W 5 L 5 D 1 A 4

Master i/c: R Young Coach: D Makinson

The school?s best season for six years. Last-over wins against King?s Macclesfield and Arnold, and a competitive draw against Manchester Grammar were the highlights. James Needham, Alex Hope and Joe Higginbotham-Jones were the outstanding players.

Stowe School P 28 W 13 L 12 T D 3 A 1

Master i/c: J. A. Knott Coach: C. J. Townsend

In a very busy season, there were still notable successes, winning the St Joseph?s end of term tournament, and defeating Oundle and Uppingham in the national 20/20 competition. Jamie Hirst had an outstanding season, scoring four centuries, while Tom Wilson led the side well. Touring sides were hosted from India, Melbourne and Sydney.

Strathallan School P 13 W 7 L 4 D 2

Master i/c: R. H. Fitzsimmons

Overall, this was a good season with outstanding results over Fettes and Glenalmond in major run chases. Freddie Coleman was the star, averaging 97, but this was not a one-man team. Under Johnny Dickson, every member of the side made a telling contribution.

Sutton Valence School P 18 W 9 L 5 D 4 A 1

Masters i/c: A. P. Igglesden/W. D. Buck

Lone Upper 6th Ian Millman led this very young side to nine wins. St Bede?s and Rugby (in Ireland) outplayed us but the competitiveness and technique of Kent trio: Chris Vernon, Tyler Griffin and Harry Galpin – plus that of Antiguan Hayden Walsh – impressed many.

Taunton School P 16 W 13 L 2 D 1 A 1

Master i/c: S. T. Hogg Coach: H. K. C. Todd

A team of good all-rounders enjoyed another fine season. Several convincing early victories were followed by hard fought wins against the MCC, Sherborne, King’s Taunton and Glenwood from South Africa. In these games the strength in depth of the batting was of huge importance. Unfortunately the fielding and running between the wickets was not as impressive as it has been in recent years.

Tiffin School P 17 W 7 L 7 D 3 A 1

Master i/c: M. J. Williams

Tiffin?s season saw a very good start and an equally good finish but the exam season proved less successful. Bill Geiringer, the captain, had an excellent all-round season and led extremely well. With 10 caps back, 2009 looks promising.

Tonbridge School P 16 W 7 L 5 D 4 A 2

Master i/c: A. R. Whittall Coach: I. Baldock

Tonbridge had a fine season this year, although should have won a greater percentage of their matches. We came out on the wrong side of some of the tougher fixtures which was disappointing given the potential of this team and how close many of the matches were. Oliver Durell set a fine example and led the team very well. There were also many fine performances from some of the younger boys in this side which bodes well for the future.

Trent College P 15 W 10 L 4 D 1 A 1

Master i/c: C. P. Seal Coach: J. A. Afford

An extremely promising season from a very young side. To win ten games was a superb achievement following some dispiriting losses in the first half of the season. Alex Robinson (son of England?s Tim Robinson) led the team in fine style and there is much to look forward to in 2009.

Truro School P 12 W 4 L 4 D 4

Master i/c: A. D. Lawrence

(no report wanted)

University College School P 13 L 12 D 1 A 2

Master i/c: S. M. Bloomfield Coach: W. G. Jones

Some very fragile batting displays meant that we were never in a position to dominate any match, or give a decent seam bowling attack much opportunity to pressurise the opposition. Despite this, Tom Loughnan kept a great team spirit.

Uppingham School P 16 W 7 L 4 D 5

Master i/c: C. P. Simmons Coach: T. R. Ward

This was a strong season for Uppingham with memorable victories over Oakham, Bedford and Stowe. All-rounders Joe Barnett and Angus Barton were the pick of the players with fourteen-year-old Shiv Thakor showing real potential.

Victoria College, Jersey P 16 W 5 L 3 D 8

Master i/c: M. D. Smith Coach: C. E.Minty

Victoria College played some excellent cricket in 2008 with the highlight being a brilliant 118 not out by Sam de la Haye against the MCC. The team finished their tour of England unbeaten, playing positive and enthusiastic cricket. Thomas Gibbs took 38 wickets, ably assisted by opening bowler Benjamin Searson who took 30. De la Haye was the star with the bat scoring 465 runs and will captain the team in 2009.

Warwick School P 16 W 6 L 9 D 1 A 3

Master i/c: G. A. Tedstone Coach: S. R. G. Francis

The season started disappointingly but finished with a flurry of victories turning the season around. Joseph Melly and Timothy Austin were the pick of the players scoring the majority of the runs and taking most of the wickets.

Wellingborough School P 13 W 5 L 5 D 3 A 1

Master i/c: S. M. Adams Coach: N. L. Knight

The batting performances of the top order were excellent, and laid the foundation for our success. Jack Johnson and Jack Chopping had outstanding seasons. Reaching the semi-final of the National 20/20 was the highlight of the season.

Wellington College P 17 W 9 L 6 D 2 A 1

Master i/c: M. T. Boobbyer Coach: R. L. Johnson

A successful season was built around captain Luc Durandt who broke the school record and had a strike rate of 123.64. He scored hundreds against Eton, Harrow and Tonbridge in the Cowdrey Cup. His four seasons in the side yielded 3122 runs.

Wellington School P 10 W 4 L 6 A 2

Master i/c: M. H. Richards Coach: J. M. Wyatt

A most encouraging season, in which five regular Under-16s all played their part. There were notable all round performances from the captain Tom Carson and captain elect Max Capaldi and with only three departures next season appears promising.

Wells Cathedral School P 14 W 3 L 10 D 1 A 4

Master i/c: R. J. Newman Coach: C. R. Keast

After several close finishes at the start of the season, the 1st XI achieved success during the annual cricket festival.

West Buckland School P 13 W 10 L 2 D 1 A 1

Master i/c: L. Whittal-Williams Coach: M. T. Brimson

The tour in Southern India in July 2007 laid the base for the school?s most successful season in modern times. After a disappointing start the team showed a real depth of talent which took the pressure off the openers with bat and ball and led to a positive, confident approach to all matches.

Westminster School P 19 W 8 L 7 D 4

Master i/c: J. D. Kershen Coach: J. R. Hall

A successful season culminated in winning the London Schools Under-19 Cup for the first time. Alex Rankine had a record-breaking season with the bat, aided by Alex Fisken and Keval Patel. The spin of Alex Scott, Fisken and Patel dominated the bowling supported by seamers Ross Wheeler and Fred Johnson.

Whitgift School P 13 W 9 L 3 D 1 A 4

Master i/c: D. M. Ward Coach: N. M. Kendrick

Overall this was a successful season for Whitgift. The batting was led by Jason Roy, who later played for Surrey in both the Twenty20 Cup and Pro40 competitions, while the spin bowling of Freddie van den Bergh showed great control.

Winchester College P 16 W 9 L 7 A 2

Master i/c: C. J. Good Coach: B. L. Reed/P. Gover

An excellent season with positive cricket played throughout. Good performances from Ben Stevens, Christian Portz and Alex Mckenzie who scored three back-to-back hundreds.

Wolverhampton Grammar School P 10 W 1 L 9 A 4

Master i/c: N. H. Crust Coach: T. King

A young side struggled against some strong opposition. However, there were some positive performances, with both Tom Meek and Michael McEwen showing real determination and skill on many occasions.

Woodbridge School P 12 W 2 L 4 D 6 A 2

Master i/c: D. A. Brous

When they played as a team they produced several excellent performances, notably against the MCC. Fielding was excellent, but the batsmen just needed belief in themselves. Richard Nicholls produced several good batting performances, supported by Harry Apperley in the bowling.

Woodhouse Grove School P 16 W 11 L 1 D 4 A 4

Master i/c: R. I. Frost Coach: A. Sidebottom

Woodhouse Grove narrowly failed to equal the school record of 12 victories in a very successful season. St Lucian Dalton Polius excelled with both bat and ball and represented Windward Islands Under-19. Gareth Phillips and Alex Hewitt both played for Yorkshire Schools Under-19 with Phillips also playing for Notts. 2ndX1. Wicket-keeper Daniel Allen was invited to represent Yorkshire Academy.

Worksop College P 13 W 12 D 1

Master i/c: I. C. Parkin Coach: A. Kettleborough

A season to remember in terms of results and team spirit. The batting by the top four helped to post challenging totals and knock off scores. The bowlers, especially the spin of Bansal and Dobb contained opposition well and Brett Hutton gave some much needed cutting edge. The Yorkshire Independent schools 20/20 was also won.

Worth School P 10 W 3 L 5 D 2 A 3

Master i/c: R. Chaudhuri

Worth with a very young side had a mixed season with Mathew Donegan scoring the most runs and Charles Forbes and Tom Prower being the joint highest wicket takers. However for the first time in Worth history two players namely Donegan and Christopher Adlam were picked to play for Sussex Under-17s.

Wrekin College P 15 W 11 L 2 D 2 A 3

Master i/c: M. de Weymarn Coach: J. P. Dawson

A far, far better season than anticipated. The team had an outstanding leader in Richard Oliver, who brought the best out of his side. The exceptional opening attack of Alex Saunders and Scott van Breda often proved devastating and decisive.

Wycliffe College P 12 W 7 L 5 A 1

Master i/c: M. J. Kimber

Tom Wand?s 450 runs at an average of 75 including two centuries was a major highlight for the team. Archie Trow, a young leg-spinner, topped the bowling averages and looks to have a bright future.

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