Searching the archive

It all depends what you want to do and in how much detail.

If you know exactly what you are looking for, eg H. G. L. Perkins at Wrekin in 1935, then it’s simplest just to go back to the individual year and scroll through. NOTE CAREFULLY that Wisden knows all players in the stats by full initials rather than first name, and always has a space after each initial full stop (as above).

If you know roughly whom you are looking for, but not sure which year, then scroll through each decade (as below) until you find him (sic).

If the details are even more sketchy (eg you don’t know where he went to school) then you probably need to use the SEARCH facility. But beware: this may take time. Or you could take a short cut for somebody famous and use the Google-powered search engine below first.

Open the decade you think is the right one and then press Control + F. A tiny box opens up. Enter the name and full initials if possible (NB that space after each full stop). It will continue to say “working on it” until it finds what you are looking for. Follow the instructions and it will find every mention of that person in the whole decade, one by one. Of course, you may have to do this with two decades if somebody is near the turn of it.

If you are not sure of the full initials, then just enter the surname, but it does mean that you will find others with the same name.

If you have only the haziest notion of when the boy was at school, then you may find him using our Google-powered search engine.

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