South London 50/40 League

50/40 League Constitution

The following rules and regulations are to be adhered to for the forthcoming 2010 season.
A review will take place at the end of the season for 2011.

1. The league shall be knows as the ?50/40 League?.

2. Organisation of the league will be conducted by the Secretary (MH) and any disputes settled through him.

3. A minimum of 6 fixtures must be played to be a part of the 50/40 League.
It is hoped that over time a full compliment of 8 fixtures can be played by every school.

4. All matches shall be played according to the Laws and Spirit of Cricket

5. Match Regulations:
a. Saturday Fixtures are to be 50 overs per side with a maximum of 10 overs per bowler.
b. Mid-Week Fixtures are to be 40 overs per side with a maximum of 8 overs per bowler.
c. The Heads of Cricket at each fixture may agree a different format if required but a minimum of 20 overs is to be competed to constitute a match, otherwise an abandoned result will be recorded. This includes rain affected games.

6. Points System:
a. A winning team will receive 3 points
b. A losing team will receive 0 points
c. In the event of wet weather a result can stand if 20 overs (or 80%) of the second innings has been completed. The result will be decided by run rate for the first 20 overs or equivalent.
d. In the event of an abandoned game both sides will receive an average number of points per game, which will be calculated once all fixtures are complete, and then added to the total. This will include bonus points accumulated.
e. If a fixture cannot be arranged then 1 point shall be awarded to both teams.
f. In the event of a game being cancelled having been arranged then the side cancelling shall receive 0 points and the opposition 3 points.
g. In the event of a tied game both sides will receive 2 points
h. Bonus Points:
i. Bonus points can be accumulated during the second innings only.
Figures on ?Bonus Point Grid? have been rounded up to the nearest run.
ii. A bonus fielding point can be achieved if the team chasing are restricted to less than 75% of the total scored in the first innings.
iii. A bonus batting point can be achieved if the team batting second surpass 75% of the total scored in the first innings or win the game inside 80% of the overs for the second innings. (50ov = 40ov, 45ov = 36ov, 40ov = 32ov, 35ov = 28ov, 30ov = 24ov, 25ov = 20, 20ov = 16ov). Only one point can be achieved by the batting side and not two.
iv. Once the run/total is achieved the bonus point belongs to the batting side (e.g. once 158 runs have been scored chasing 211 then bonus point is awarded to batting side. It does not require 159 to be scored)
v. A batting bonus point can be scored if only 1- 3 wickets fall.
vi. A bowling bonus point can be scored if the fielding team take 7-10 wickets.

7. PowerPlays and Fielding Circle.
a. A 5 over PowerPlay can be decided at any time by the captain of each team. A PowerPlay must take place in each innings for each team. Within the 5 over PowerPlay only 3 fielders can be placed outside the fielding circle.
b. Outside of the PowerPlay overs the following two rules must be adhered to:
i. Four players must field inside the circle at all times.
ii. No more than five players on the leg side at any time.

8. A white line shall be painted on the bowling crease halfway between the stumps and the return crease on both sides of the stumps for leg side wides. These lines will not be used for off side wides, which are left to the discretion of the umpire.

9. Format of the matches are dictated by the home side due to catering requirements (eg. 50ov ? Lunch ? 50ov ? Tea)

10. The 2nd XI?s from each school will play in their own League with the same rules and regulations stated above. Any stipulations (eg. PowerPlays) not wanting to be played can be agreed before the game. Gaining points will remain the same.

11. Results for both the 1st XI and 2nd XI fixtures will be passed to the Secretary as soon as is possible after the fixture has been played, preferably the next (or Monday) morning. It is not the responsibility of the Secretary to chase results. A result sheet/e-mail will be completed before being sent to the Secretary by the home side.

12. Cup and Medals. Each School will pay a sum (tbc) towards a 2nd XI Cup and an additional sum for a medal each year in both Leagues for the Best Performance(s) of the Season.

13. The Cup and Medals will be presented at the winning schools Prize Giving.

I, as Master in Charge of Cricket at ____________________, agree to the constitution set out for the 2010 season.


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