Tuesday April 30th 2013

It probably began with the Packer revolution. In more recent years it was the Australians who showed us that it is not too incredibly daring to be more than 60 for one at the luncheon interval of a Test match (eat your heart out, Sir Geoffrey). In normal one-day declaration games, 80 for two at lunch used to seem a sensible target. Wow, has that changed, not least with the growth in fewer than ten years of the Twenty20 format (which has always existed, but not so obviously and publicly).

Last week I reported on the spectacular innings of Ryan Higgins who scored 160 not out in a score of 232 for five in a 20 over game. This week, Stowe scored a quite extraordinary 302 for one in 20 overs (not part of the National Schools Twenty20 competition).? Ben Duckett was rather slacking by comparison with Higgins in managing a modest 134, but he was almost upstaged by Jake Olley with 131 not out. This seems to be a record, and I?d be delighted to hear if anybody knows differently.

At Clifton, hat-tricks did the buses trick. Three on the same day, one of them by Jonathan Dilley (son of the late Graham, one of the heroes of the great Headingley Test of 1981). On his debut for the College, he took five for 16 overall. Others were Gareth Jones for the 2nd XI (three for 14) and Matthew Welsh for the Under-14s (five for 21). In the following match, against Bristol Grammar School, Dilley took another hat-trick with seven for 13 overall.

There is a long-standing tradition of wandering clubs (ie those without a home ground) playing against schools in order, originally, to provide opposition in the days when travel ?was pretty difficult. Most schools nowadays have fixtures against MCC and Free Foresters, but many others have also given this service in the cause of schools cricket. The following paragraph records a slightly lesser-known club who reached a significant milestone. It also looks like very clever captaincy by the Incogs.

?Dulwich and Incogniti met for the 100th time. The Incogs, closely observed by their President, Nick Gibbs, set a solid 200-6 before declaration at tea. This left Dulwich with a challenging target to reach from 34 overs. Although they started well, with Peter MacCormack scoring a well-judged 77 off 96 balls, after the loss of his wicket the Dulwich middle order fell quickly leaving them 192-8 with three balls to go; a tense finish which resulted in a draw, Dulwich ending on 198 for eight.

In the first of what is hoped to be a regular event in different regions, an HMC Yorkshire schools XI held the local MCCU (MCC University) to a draw. The University declared at 231 for three, but the HMC side couldn?t quite match it with 185 for six.

Already after two weeks some schools have played more cricket than in the whole of last season. As I write we have April showers, so let?s hope the weather has settled into a more traditional pattern (although this rather too frequently used to mean a very damp May!). The really well-organised will note that everything for Wisden is now available here. There is some discussion going on with ECB, especially with reference to their play-cricket website which is becoming the repository for all results. Clubs on that website use first names and surnames. Wisden demands full initials. Now that electronic scoring methods produce an automatically generated score for this website, we need to have an agreed protocol for how to enter names into the computer in the first place. Watch this space for more news on discussions with ECB.

All Masters in charge have their nightmare moments. Why should not all your players have a bad day and all be bowled out for nought? Sedbergh, a strong cricketing school, came quite close to this against Durham, reduced to six for five wickets including a run-out; probably a silly one, such is the psychology which grips teams in serious trouble. Order was restored by captain Charlie Parker (80) and Miles Lloyd (34) and they reached an almost respectable 145, Ryan West having taken five for 42. Durham, another strong cricketing school, in reply were skittled out for 41, Parker again leading the charge with four for 11 and Stephen Croft on his debut taking five for seven with his leg-breaks.

Perhaps lured by Masters in charge of England fame, cricketers from previous generations have sent their sons to Oakham where until last year Frank Hayes was in charge, now succeeded by John Crawley.The home side inserted Worksop who rose to the challenge and declared at 234 for eight, a young James Ilott taking two for 29. In reply, the winning total of 234 for eight was secured by another Essex son,? Henry Foster (son of Neil) with 80 from 68 balls.


*Pangbourne 146 (20 overs), ?Shiplake 78

Reading 165-2 (30 overs), *Pangbourne 166-5

Ipswich 212-4 (30 overs), *The Leys 196-6

MCC 187, *Rugby 188-4

*St Benedict?s 157-8 (35 overs), Queen Elizabeth?s Barnet 157-6

XL Club 173-8 (40 overs), *Wellingborough 174-8

*Durham 165-2 (20 overs), Durham Gilesgate Sports College 73-6

Merchant Taylors?, Northwood 281-4 (30 overs) (A Shah 136), *Enfield GS 166-6

*Clifton 153-9 (50 overs), Kingswood 62 (J Dilley 5-16)

Incogniti 200-6 dec, *Dulwich 198-8

*Stowe 302-1 (20 overs)(B Duckett 134, J Olley 131 not out), Oratory 106

*Denstone 213-9 (40 overs), King’s Macclesfield 160

ArnoldKEQMS 130,? *Kirkham GS 133-5

St Ambrose 88 (35 overs)(G Hobson 5-10), *Manchester GS 92-3

*Haberdashers’ Aske’s 171-6 (40 overs), Queen Elizabeth’s Barnet 161-8

*St Edward’s 215-7 (50 overs), Marlborough 175

MCC 249?3 dec, *Ratcliffe 157-7

Portsmouth GS 204-5 (40 overs), *Winchester 141

MCC 284-7 dec,*Eton 285-5

Leeds/Bradford MCCU 231-3 dec, HMC Yorkshire XI 185-6

*Yorkshire Gents 182-6 dec, St Peter?s, York 134

Lancing 122-5 (20 overs),*Worth 115-8

St Benedict’s 81 (50 overs), *Dulwich 82-1

*Bede’s 210 (M Crane 6-62), Lancing 53

*St Edward’s 266-7 dec, Rugby 142 (M Hammond 6-51)

Hymers 160, *Ashville 164-8

*Rossall 107, Cheadle Hulme 108-6

Clayesmore 197-5 (35 overs), *Milton Abbey 22-2 (rain)

*Stowe 223-8 dec, Uppingham 101 (J Keeping 5-8)

Christ?s Hospital 126-6 (35 overs), Reigate GS 112

*Seaford 90 (40 overs), Caterham 91-3 (Martin Berrill Sports League)

*Christ?s Hospital 185 (40 overs) (L Hansford 106), Seaford 69 (Martin Berrill Sports League)

*Wellington (Berks) 224-5 (45 overs), Bradfield 203-7

*Malvern 241-5 (50 overs), Repton 212

Dauntsey’s 148 (40 overs), *Colston’s 128

*Ratcliffe 221?4 (35 overs) (B Shaw 106 not out), Welbeck 97

Sevenoaks 92,*Worth 93-2

*Haberdashers’ Aske’s 86 (A Walters 5-10), Berkhamsted 87-3

Sedbergh 145 (R West 5-44),*Durham 41 (S Croft 5-8)

Worksop 233-6 dec, *Oakham 234-8

Marlborough 229-5 (50 overs), *Winchester 195

*Radley 190, Eton 191-4

Queen Elizabeth?s Hospital, Bristol 164-4 (35 overs), *Wells Cathedral 137-8

Bryanston 164-7 (35 overs), *Monkton Combe 141-8

*Nottingham HS 172-8 (40 overs), Denstone 173-3

*Bradford GS 160 (50 overs), St Peter?s, York 161-3

*St Paul?s 114, Merchant Taylors?, Northwood 115-3

*Blundell?s 333-4 (50 overs)(J Dart 132, J Maunder 100 not out), Taunton 103

Bedford Modern 65,? Berkhamsted 66-6

Bedford Modern 176, Stamford 177-9

St Edwards Oxford* 266-7, Rugby 131

Radley 182, Rugby* 170-8

*Bristol GS 82? (J Dilley 7-13), Clifton? 85-1

*Tonbridge 255-7 (50 overs), Cranleigh 168

*Wellingborough 1st XI 161-8 (38 overs), The Leys 131

*Woodhouse Grove 237-3 (40 overs) St Aidans 126

*Woodhouse Grove 192-6 (40 overs) GSAL 64 (D. Budge 5-14)

*King’s College School, Wimbledon? 100, St George?s, Weybridge 68

*King’s College School, Wimbledon 172-7 (35 overs), City of London Freemen?s 132-6

*King Edward’s School, Bath 128-7 (40 overs), Kingswood School 130-9

Haileybury 81, *St Albans 84-0

Dr Challoner?s GS 145, St Albans 148-6

*Bedford, 1st XI 251-3 (40 overs) Felsted School, 1st XI 148-10

*City of London Freemen?s 211-3 (35 overs)(G Macdonald 102 not out)(M Jackson 5-23), St Dunstan?s 91

*Wellington (Berks) ?224-5 (45 overs), Bradfield 202-7

*Pangbourne 145 (20 overs), Shiplake 80

MCC 220-5 dec (D Catterill 112 not out), *Shrewsbury 83-2 (rain)

Taunton 88-8 (20 overs), *Millfield 89-2

National Schools Twenty20 competition

East section group 1
King?s Ely 106-9, Wisbech GS ?107-4
Gresham?s 160-4, Norwich 127-9
Gresham?s 157-6, Wisbech GS
Gresham?s win the group

East section group 4
Denstone 141-7, *Ellesmere 81-9
Denstone 156-5, Bablake 81
Denstone win the group

East section group 5
*Uppingham 113-9, Oakham 114-2
Stamford 165-4, *Uppingham 94-6
Oakham 142-5, Stamford 113
Oakham win the group

West Midlands group 1
Monmouth 126-7, *Malvern 129-2
Bloxham 40 (T Kohler-Cadmore 7-27),*Malvern 42-0
Malvern win the group

West Midlands group 4
Denstone 141-7, *Ellesmere 81-9
Denstone 156 – 5, Bablake 81
Bablake 116-8, *Ellesmere 117-1
Denstone win the group

West Midlands group 6
King’s Worcester 140-7, *RGS Worcester 143-5
Llandovery 160, King’s Worcester 155
Llandovery 105, *RGS Worcester 107-2
RGS Worcester win the group

North London section group 2
Westminster 82-9, Forest 84-2
Westminster 143-4, Berkhamsted 144-3
Berkhamsted 158-5, Forest 149-9
Berkhamsted win the group

South London section group 1
*Alleyns 142-3 (20 overs), St Benedict?s 144-5
St Benedict?s 128-9 (20 overs), *Hampton 129-2
*Whitgift 151-7 (20 overs), St Benedict?s 78-5
Hampton win the group

South East section group 3
Hurstpierpoint 138-9, Reigate?86
Hurstpierpoint 98-2, Ardingly 99-8
Cranleigh 164-5, Reigate GS 75
Ardingly 109-8, Cranleigh 103-6
Ardingly win the group

South East section play-off
*Bede’s 187-3, King?s Canterbury 25
*Tonbridge 108, Ardingly 82
*Tonbridge 104-6, Bede’s 106-4
Bede?s win the South East section

North London section group 1
*St Albans 142-5, Aldenham 136-9
Haileybury beat Chigwell (still chasing scores)
*St Albans 123-7, Haileybury 103
St Albans win the group

East section group 2
Bedford Modern 150-4, Wellingborough 151-1
*The Leys 140-8, Wellingborough 133-5
Bedford Modern 111, *The Leys 112-3
The Leys win the group

East section group 3
Shenfield 119-8, *Felsted 123-0
*Felsted 134-5, Ipswich 129-7
St. Joseph’s 98-8, *Felsted 99-7
Felsted win the group

West Midlands section group 1
Monmouth 126-7, *Malvern 129-2
Malvern win the group

West Midlands section group 2
Bromsgrove? 153, Wycliffe 78-6
Bromsgrove win the group

West Midlands section group 3
Wolverhampton Grammar beat Solihull by two runs
Wolverhampton Grammar beat Adam?s Grammar by ten runs
Adams GS beat Solihull by eight wickets.
Wolverhampton GS win the group

West Midlands section group 5
Oswestry 111-6, Wrekin 112-3
Oswestry 41 (20 overs), *Shrewsbury 42-1
Shrewsbury win the group

South West section group 1
Clifton 126-3, *Queen Elizabeth?s Hospital 48
(Others to be decided)

South West section group 3
Taunton 88-8, *Millfield 89-2
(Others to be decided)

South Central section group 3
Portsmouth GS 130-6, St Edward?s Oxford 127
Portsmouth GS win the group

South Central section group 4
Magdalen College School 129-8, Abingdon 114
Dr Challoner?s GS 93-9, Abingdon 97-6
Magdalen College School 135-1, Dr Challoner?s GS 139-6
Magdalen College School win the group under NRR

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