Tuesday July 21st 2009

This page is normally updated weekly on Tuesday afternoon. During the Sir Garfield Sobers tournament it will be updated as results come in.

Deadline for results and comments is Monday 2pm (preferably much earlier). Guidelines for sending results are at the foot of this page.


Update from the Sir Garfield Sobers Festival in Barbados

Day/night Final at the Kensington Oval

Trinidad Under 17 224-5 (S. Katwaroo 104 not out), Lester Vaughan 165

Current standings

Zone A

Trinidad Under 17


Dominica Schools

20 pts


18 pts

Queen?s Park

18 pts

Phoenix Academy

12 pts

BCL Juniors

10 pts

Convent Garden

6 pts

Nottingham HS

6 pts

Zone B


28 pts

Lester Vaughan

24 pts

St Lucy

22 pts


22 pts


20 pts

School of the Nation

18 pts


16 pts


10 pts

St Mary?s

2 pts

Semi-finals and playoffs

Dominica Schools 80, Trinidad Under-17 84-0

Queen?s Park 230-3, Sedbergh 216

Phoenix Academy 96, BCL Juniors 97-3

Nottingham HS 182, Convent Gardens 134

Lester Vaughan 115, Combermere 51

St Lucy v Lodge ? no play (rain)

School of the Nation 146-8, Presentation 133

Solihull 102, Foundation 104-6

Tuesday July 21st 2009

Review by Douglas Henderson

This is the final update of the website for this season, though we shall be updating the results from the Sir Garfield Sobers tournament in Barbados until the final next week. Huge thanks to our sponsors in this our first year.

During the autumn we shall be finishing the set-up for the website with all archives, search facilities etc fully functioning. Do browse through the archives in an idle moment.

Update from the Sir Garfield Sobers Festival in Barbados

Round 9

Presentation 287-9, St Mary?s 121-9

Only reported score; the others presumably rained off

Round 8

St Mary?s 52, Lodge 53-2

Combermere 211, Presentation 157

St Lucy 230-3 (37 overs), Foundation 92

Lester Vaughan 206, School of Nations 206 (reported score but LV won)

Nottingham HS 188, Dominica schools 157

Round 7

Phoenix 135-7, Dominica Schools 139-9

Nottingham HS 174-4, Queen?s Park 176-2

BCL Juniors 156, Trinidad Under-17s 158-9

Combermere 289-3, Solihull 114

St Lucy 258-9 , Lester Vaughan 194

St Mary?s 158-9, School of Nations 159-3

Presentation 187-9, 228-5 (reported score but Presentation won)

Convent Garden 222-6, Sedbergh 228-5

Round 6

Presentation 123 (33 overs) Lester Vaughan 51-2 (LV won under D/L method)

School of Nations 153-7 (35 overs), Lodge 154-3

Convent Gardens 96-8 (35.4 overs), Trinidad Under-17s 100-3

Comerbermere 174-5 (34 overs), Foundation 127

Solihull 234-7, St Mary?s 94-7 (won by Solihull under D?L method)

Phoenix 153-7, Queen?s Park 153 (reported score but not true)

Nottingham HS 226-8, Sedbergh 97-3 (won by Sedbergh under D/L method)

Dominica Schools 185, BCL Juniors 181

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