Tuesday June 10th 2014

Lest there be a spate of Buttler-style run-outs backing up, let us be clear what the Laws say (as opposed to the special regulations as applied last Tuesday) and how you should run between the wickets.

The onus is on the batsman not to leave his ground until the bowler has delivered the ball. He should therefore actually watch the bowler ? unlike dozy Jos Buttler who just wandered vaguely down the wicket. He should then back up seven yards from the popping crease. Yes, seven yards, which can be achieved with gentle skips down the wicket thus leaving only twelve yards to make the first run while still leaving plenty of time to get back if no run is possible. See my article The golden rules of running between the wickets

It is merely a convention that bowlers should give a warning (as indeed happened in Buttler?s case). The batsman has only himself to blame if he doesn?t know the Laws (or regulations in this case) of the game. However, this does not allow the bowler to lure the batsman out of his ground by pretending to bowl (and thus letting him back up) and then deliberately not deliver the ball in order to run him out. This ploy is actually used quite commonly ? and wrongly – in the West Indies. The Law says that once the bowler?s back foot hits the ground in his delivery stride, the batsman should have a reasonable expectation that he will actually deliver the ball. If he does not, then the umpire should call dead ball. I did see this happen twice in the same school match -in the UK – some years ago when Vyv Richards?s son tried this ploy but was foiled by the umpires who knew their Laws.

In a tight game, Al Russell scored 50 for Eton, and then as wicket-keeper took two catches and a run-out. Stowe looked like winning the game with 70 needed from the last 10 overs, but Eton bowled tightly to restrict the Stowe batsmen.

In Saturday?s difficult conditions, Wellington (Berks) nevertheless chose to bat on winning the toss. After a solid opening stand by Ben Curran (48) and Adam Dewes (21), Sam Curran played a faultless innings from number three, finishing with 103, and was well supported by the middle order who all contributed. A score of 235 for nine was kept under control by the fine bowling of Anshie Rath whose slow left arm took six for 46. Wellington took early wickets and Harrow were left on 21 for three. However, Robbie White made an excellent 86 and was well supported by Miles Kellock (18), Dan Steward (23) and Jamie Grist (35), which meant that Harrow fell only six runs short in their chase.

Yet again the weather defeated the attempts of most schools to play at all. Not as in 2012 persistent heavy rain, but heavy showers at just the wrong times (ie match days). Thus, the classic nightmare day for Masters i/c wondering whether to believe the forecast because of all the things which have to be cancelled, from catering to transport, and pressure from SMTs and parents because of impending exams. At least the National Twenty20 competition has managed to progress despite serious disruptions all term. To see up-to-date details of the 2014 competition click here.


Clifton 147 (50 overs), *Dauntsey’s 148-6
St Edward?s Oxford 272-4 (50 overs)(M Hammond 100), *Winchester 103
*Taunton 175-9 (40 overs), Queen?s Taunton 97
King Edward’s Bath 160-8 (40 overs), *Monkton Combe 85 (B Gundry 5-19)
*Eton 180-7 (40 overs), Stowe 169-6
Oakham 168-4 (40 overs), *Stamford 118
Caterham 118 (J Taylor-Edwards 5-27), *Christ?s Hospital 120-7
*Glasgow Academy 120-6 ( 20 overs), Wellington (Ayr) 28
*Bede’s 213, Charterhouse 85
Oundle 174 (A Cox 5-25), *Felsted 176-1
*Clayesmore 214-3 (30 overs) (J Price 112), Sherborne 3rd XI 111
*Haileybury 119, Uppingham 115
Wellington (Berks) 235-9 (50 overs) (S Curran 103, A Rath 6-46), *Harrow 229
*Rugby153, MCS Oxford 72
Butterflies 120, *Bradfield 124-4
Bradfield 172-8 (35 overs), *Cheltenham 143
*Wellingborough 212-4 (35 overs), Bedford Modern 64 (J Staughton 5-15)

National Twenty20 competition

North East section group 2 first round
GSAL 118 7, Hymers 69 9

North East section semi-final
Woodhouse Grove 141-5, QEGS Wakefield 113-7
RGS Newcastle withdrew; Durham or GSAL play Woodhouse Grove in the North East final

West Midlands and Wales section play-offs
RGS Worcester 107-5, *Denstone 109-4
Bromsgrove 87-9, Malvern 89-1
Malvern now play Denstone in the regional final

South West section play-offs
*Millfield 142-1, King?s Taunton 128-9
SGS College 170-4, Kingswood 58
Millfield now play South Glos and Stroud College in the regional final

School Sport Magazine National Under-17 Competition
Shrewsbury U-17 190-4 (25 overs), *Wrekin U-17 110-7

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