Tuesday June 27th 2017

It has long been a problem that Masters i/c Cricket have to arrange their cricket fixtures before the summer?s exam timetable is published. Term dates in schools are arranged several months earlier. This would not be much of a problem if the exam timetable remained fairly constant but unfortunately it doesn?t: exams just seem to get earlier and earlier, leaving schools with a rump second half of term where it is very difficult to motivate pupils to do anything much. What with the manic obsession with endless revision on the part of parents, SMTs (or SLEs) and even pupils, and the vastly excessive number of exams taken (often nowadays in handy bite-size chunks rather than two or three hearty three-hour slots), it is a wonder that any cricket is played at all.

A new phenomenon has occurred this year. Seemingly unknown by anybody outside the Muslim community except exam boards themselves, the dates of Ramadan are apparently unusual this year and have caused exam boards to make some important exams much later. I?m not quite sure why this should affect things since Ramadan lasts a month and there have clearly been exams in this period, but nevertheless where until last year schools arranged cricket weeks and the like for the all too brief period after exams had finished, now exams are still going on. Apparently there is an Economics exam today and even an English exam (with some boards) on Thursday which for many independent schools is the last day of term. As the same is going to apply until 2022, I?m told, surely schools should be adjusting their term dates accordingly?

This has had serious repercussions for the National T20 which has struggled to complete the earlier rounds before the Finals Day (semis and final) at Arundel on Thursday June 29th (10am start). This is a completely free and open event at this famously lovely ground, with masses of parking available. No tickets required; you just come along. Arundel itself has quite a following of supporters and on a lovely day ? which is what we have usually had, but maybe not this year ? there can be hundreds watching with picnics and barbecues etc.

Three of the four finalists have only just been decided and the day will feature some of the best young cricketers in the country: Sedbergh (North), Millfield (South West and South Central), Merchant Taylors? Northwood (London and South-East) and Shrewsbury (East and West Midlands and Wales). Do come along. Pictures and details can be seen by following the link below (or under Competitions on the left).

In a thrilling regional final the hosts, Shrewsbury, scored what seemed like a rather inadequate target of 118 for 5 in their 20 overs. The Leys seemed to be going reasonably well in reply at 58 for four after 12, but they then suffered no fewer than six run-outs, three of them almost unbelievably in the final over, leaving the visitors one short.

In the flourishing Bath and District Monkhouse Intersport League, Dauntsey?s clinched the title with a convincing win against Kingswood. Both sides were unbeaten in league matches but with 4th formers Jack Grant and George Edwards each taking three wickets, and Will Thomas hitting 64 not out, Dauntsey?s won the title for the eighth time. The latter followed up with a maiden century against the Old Boys the next day.

At the risk of over-mentioning St Peter?s York, they had a grand day out for their Under-12s with all lights flashing and all bells ringing. Their Super8s Cricket Tournament, now in its fourth year, featured eight teams from around the country, 8 overs, 8-a-side, coloured shirts, pink ball, flashing bails, a Powerplay over in which runs are worth double, BBQ lunch etc. It was a great day, and the weather held to allow some exciting and high-scoring cricket. The final saw Clifton (Bristol) beat St Olave?s in the final by 16 runs. In the semi-final, however, the hosts St Olave?s had a boy ? Elias Smith – who, having already scored two fifties in the day, scored 119 from 31 balls against Trent – quite an achievement and very enjoyable to watch. He won player of the tournament and won a hand-made bat from B3 cricket.

Rugby versus Clifton in a two-day game was a great example of how this form can be manipulated to bring about an excellent game of schools cricket. Clifton lost the toss and slightly surprisingly were asked to bat by Rugby on what looked to be a good batting surface. Clifton batsman Rob Clarke certainly confirmed this, striking 60 from 46 balls before admirably walking for a faint edge down the leg-side. Clifton did though lose wickets steadily but a few hefty blows from Fergus Cole allowed the visitors to declare at 50 overs on 214-9. A slightly slow over-rate from the Rugby attack meant that Clifton could only bowl 38 overs in return before close of play. The rugby Captain, Ed Beard, was unbeaten on 78 as Rugby finished the day on 148-4. Unsurprisingly Rugby batted on into day two and eventually declared after an hour?s play when Beard was out for 114. The scores were then level on 214. Clifton struggled in the period before lunch and 48-3 was not a good position to be in. Wickets continued to fall after the break and Clifton looked out of the game until a last wicket stand of 23 in 15 overs took crucial time out of the game. Clifton were eventually bowled out for 149 leaving a tricky 150 in approximately 33 overs for Rugby to win. When Fin McCreath was bowled by Prem Sisodiya for 34 Rugby were 73-3 and a crucial close call on a run out was soon after ruled in Rugby’s favour. Will Hatton went on to score an excellent 51 and steer Rugby to victory with 15 balls to spare. It was a brilliant two days’ cricket and certainly a great example of how this form of cricket still has a role to play in schools.


MCC 234-7 dec, *Bedford Modern 136-9
*Bristol GS 230-9 (40 overs), Taunton 202-1
*Clifton 149-8 (35 overs), Gloucestershire Under-17 150-3
Old Sennockians 142-2 (20 overs), *Sevenoaks 128
*Sussex Martlets 222 (G Freeman 6-49), Christ?s Hospital 194
Sevenoaks Vine 184-3 (20 overs), *Sevenoaks 127-7
Bristol GS 140, Clifton Under-17 141-8
Wiltshire Queries 198,*Dauntsey?s 200-2
*Wycliffe 113 (30 overs) (D Call 5-26), Monkton 115-6
Canford 198-5 (20 overs),*Bryanston 124-6
KES Birmingham 231-7 (35 overs),*RGS Worcester 139-9
RGS Worcester 281-9 (50 overs),*Bristol GS 116
Whitgift 161-9 (50 overs), *Cranleigh 163-5
*Framlingham 208, Felsted 212-5 (J Cox 128 not out)
*Wellingborough 259-7 dec, Nottingham HS 92
Bancroft’s 228-7 (50 overs),*Haberdashers’ Aske’s 180
St Peter?s,York 168-6 (45 overs), *Pocklington 101
King?s Canterbury 122 (50 overs) (R Joseph 5-27),*Sevenoaks 123-3
*St Edward’s 168-8 (50 overs), Bradfield 109
*Portsmouth GS 173, Bryanston 176-3
St John?s Leatherhead 170,* RGS Guildford 171-3
Oundle 145,*Oakham 148-2
Bolton 101 (40 overs) (J Scott 5-26),*Cheadle Hulme 102-3
Sunshine Coast (Aus) 175,*Stowe 177-2
Loughborough GS 174-7 (40 overs),*Ratcliffe 178-6
MCC 183-7 dec,*Wellingborough 111
*Hurstpierpoint 194-9 (20 overs), Brighton 111
Woodhouse Grove 164-9, *Lancaster RGS 165-4
MCC 184-8, *Woodhouse Grove 161
Ashville College 107,*Woodhouse Grove 108-3
*Eltham 216-8 dec, Forty Club 143-8
MCC 220-6 dec,*Eltham 113
Eltham 193 (J Stone 7-81),*Dulwich 139
Prince Alfred (Aus) 183 (50 overs),*Eltham 186-5
*Kingswood 115 (40 overs), Dauntsey?s 119-1 (Monkhouse Intersport League)
*Dauntsey?s 249-7 (W Thomas 129) (40 overs), Old Dauntseians 231-9
Old Blues 161, *Christ?s Hospital 162-7
Old Boys 200 (36.2 overs),*RGS Worcester 185 (38.2 overs) (S Shah 5-29)
Sedbergh 194,*Durham 100
*Durham 145, Kent Street GS (Aus) 79
Ampleforth 75,*Durham 76-3
Clayesmore 142-9 (27 Overs), *King’s Bruton 144-5
Marlborough 209, *Cheltenham 149
Bromsgrove 130, *Stowe 134-1
*St Peter?s, York 148, MCC 150-4
Clifton 214-9 dec & 149, *Rugby 214-7 dec (E Beard 114) & 151-4

National Schools Twenty20 competition (cumulative)
Click to see the current state of the National T20.

North East section group 1
*Silcoates 61-8, Worksop 62-0
Birkdale 108-9, *QEGS 112-4
*Silcoates 126-7, Birkdale 131-2
Worksop 152-6,*QEGS 146-6
Worksop win the group

North East section group 2
Pocklington 166-6, *Hymers 123-9
Woodhouse Grove 114, Pocklington 114-8
(Pocklington win by losing fewer wickets)
Woodhouse Grove 125-7, Hymers 70
Pocklington win the group

North East section group 3
Ashville 145-6, *Bradford GS 150-1
St Peter’s York 185-5, Ashville 67
St Peter’s York 179-5, *Bradford GS 71
St Peter’s School York win the group

North East section group 4
Barnard Castle 90, RGS Newcastle 91-6
Durham 138-7, RGs 141-5
RGS Newcastle now play St Peter’s York

North East section semi-finals and final
Pocklington 83-9, Worksop 85-3
St Peter’s York 156-6, RGS Newcastle 89
St Peter’s York 103, Worksop 100

North West section group 1

Merchant Taylors’ (Crosby) 140-7, King’s Chester 142-3
King’s Macclesfield 173-8, Grange 88
Grange 143-6, Merchant Taylors’ 148-0
Kng’s, Chester 120-8, King’s, Macclesfield 104-7
King’s, Chester win the group

North West section group 2
Birkenhead School 290-2, Wilmslow HS 48
Birkenhead School 237-2, Liverpool 50
Birkenhead win the group

North West section group 3
Bolton 203-1, *AKS Lytham 121-8
*AKS Lytham 244 -4, Kirkham 220 – 6
Altrincham GS 91, Bolton 95-1
Bolton win the group

North West section group 4
Manchester GS 185-4, Stockport GS 111-5
Audenshaw 72, Cheadle Hulme 73-0
Audenshaw 160-7, Stockport 129-8
Cheadle Hulme 84, Manchester GS 86-5
Manchester GS win the group

North West section group 5
Sedbergh 235-3, Myerscough 114-9
Sedbergh 195-5, Lancaster RGS 97
Sedbergh win the group

North West play-offs
Birkenhead 158-5, Manchester GS 151-6
Birkenhead 136, King’s Chester 135-7
Sedbergh 179-4, Bolton 110-8
Birkenhead now play Sedbergh?

North West final
Sedbergh 190-5, Birkenhead 124-4

North region final
St Peter?s York 91, Sedbergh 92-2
Sedbergh now play in Finals Day at Arundel Thursday June 29th

East section group1
*Trent 186-3, Nottingham HS 107-8
Trent 197-4 Repton 87
Trent win the group

East section group 2
Oakham 99-9, *Oundle 95
Stamford 101, Oakham 105-3
Oakham win the group

East section group 3
Stowe 146-8, Rugby 150-1
Stowe 131-6, Leicester GS 134-2
Rugby 168-7, Leicester GS 120
Rugby win the group

East section group 4
*Kimbolton 125-6, Wellingborough 129-2
*Bedford 174-4, Wellingborough 106-7
Bedford win the group

East section group 5
The Perse 92, *The Leys 95-1
Felsted 160-4, The Perse 154-8
*The Leys 188-5, Felsted 141
The Leys win the group

East section group 6
Gresham’s 69-8, Norwich 70-4
Gresham’s 138-3, Framlingham 141-2
Norwich 175-5, Framlingham 152-7
Norwich win the group

East section group 7
Shenfield 174-6, Brentwood 113-6
Ipswich 171-8, Brentwood 123-8
Shenfield 100-2, Ipswich 96-8
Shenfield win the group

East section quarter-finals
*Shenfield 156-7, Leicester GS 136-5
*The Leys 140-3, Norwich 94
Bedford 145-5, Rugby 137-8

East section semi-final
The Leys 121-9, Oakham 110
*Bedford 155-7, Shenfield 129-7

East section final
Bedford 106-7, *The Leys 107-5
The Leys now play Shrewsbury in the regional final

West Midlands and Wales section group 1
Wyclffe 37, Dean Close 38-0
Monmouth 155, Llandaff Cathedral 133-6
Dean Close 113-5, Monmouth 114-4
Monmouth win the group
Dean Close runners-up

West Midlands and Wales section group 2
Malvern 149-5, RGS Worcester 150-4
Bablake 94-6, RGS Worcester 98-2
Malvern 188-4, Bablake 75
RGS Worcester win the group
Malvern runners-up

West Midlands and Wales section group 3
Wolverhampton GS 126-6, Wrekin 114-8
Bromsgrove 166-4, Wolverhampton GS 133-4
Wrekin 107, Bromsgrove 109-1
Bromsgrove win the group
Wolverhampton GS runners-up

West Midlands and Wales section group 4
Shrewsbury 176-3, Oswestry 67-6
Ellesmere 109 (Owens 5-12), Newcastle Under Lyme 113-1
Shrewsbury 157-7, Newcastle Under Lyme 55-8
Shrewsbury win the group
Newcastle Under Lyme runners-up

West Midlands and Wales section quarter-finals
*Shrewsbury 145-6, Woverhampton GS 87-9
*Bromsgrove 149-6, Newcastle Under Lyme 142-7
*Monmouth 108-2, Malvern 109-5
RGS Worcester 98, Dean Close 100-7

West Midlands and Wales section semi-final
*Dean Close 96, Newcastle under Lyme 101-4

West Midlands and Wales section final
*Shrewsbury 198-2 (20 overs), Newcastle under Lyme 123

East and West Midlands and Wales regional final
*Shrewsbury 118-5, The Leys 117
Shrewsbury now play in Finals Day at Arundel

South East section group 1
Bede’s 126, *Eastbourne 127-3
*Eastbourne 140-6, Brighton 102
Bede’s 115-7, Aldridge Cricket Academy 94-8
Eastbourne 127-3, Bede’s 126
Eastbourne win the group

South East section group 2
Cranleigh 175-6, *Reigate GS 90
Cranleigh 207-2, St Lawrence 62
Reigate GS 166-3, St Lawrence 125-9
Cranleigh win the group

South East section group 3
Claremont 107-3, Ashford 91-8
*Hurstpierpoint 161-4, Claremont 137-2
Hurstpierpoint win the group

South East section group 4
Tonbridge 242-6, Kent College 52
*Tonbridge 235-4 (J O’Riordan 121), Simon Langton 100
Tonbridge win the group

South East section semi-finals
*Tonbridge 163-8, Eastbourne 119-7
Hurstpierpoint 118-9, Cranleigh 121-3

South East section final
*Tonbridge 128-7, Cranleigh 123-6
Tonbridge now play the winners of the London section for a place on finals day at Arundel

North London section group 1
UCS Hampstead 95,*Merchant Taylors’ 98-1
Aldenham 141-7, Forest 144-6
*Merchant Taylors’ 214-2, Forest 118
Merchant Taylors’ win the group

North London section group 2
*St Albans 183-2, Bancroft’s 163-7
St Albans win the group

North London section final
*Merchant Taylors’ 150-6, St Albans 132-7
Merchant Taylors’ win the North London section and now play the winners of South London

South London section group 1
St Benedict’s 82-8, Whitgift 85-1
Whitgift 192-5, Reed’s 163-6
Whitgift win the group

South London section group 2
Dulwich 178-8, Caterham 131-6
Caterham 142 -6, Eltham 135- 8
Eltham 130-6, Dulwich 134-2
Dulwich win the group

South London section group 3
Epsom 124-7 Hampton 125-5
Trinity 179-5 Langley Park 126-8
Trinity 156-6 Hampton 103
Langley Park 105-5, Epsom 106-2
Trinity win the group

South London section group 4
*Wilson’s 73-7, KCS Wimbledon 74-3
*KCS Wimbledon 167-5, Kingston GS 142-7
John Fishers withdrew
KCS Wimbledon win the group

South London section semi-finals
Whitgift 173-0, Dulwich 151-7
KCS Wimbledon 140-6, Trinity Croydon 141-7

South London section final
Trinity 84-8, *Whitgift 85-6

London section final
Whitgift 106-8, *Merchant Taylors’ Northwood 109-6

South East and London region final
Tonbridge 124-9, *Merchant Taylors? Northwood 126-6
Merchant Taylors’ now play in Finals Day at Arundel

South West section group 1
Clifton 156-8, *Downside 74
Downside 127-8, Colston’s 128-4
Colston’s 104-8, *Clifton 105-1
Clifton win the group
Colston’s runners-up

South West section group 2
Bristol GS 108, SGS (Filton) 109-4
Bristol GS 112-9, Taunton 116-5
*SGS (Filton) 140-7, Taunton 136 (M Omar 5-17)
SGS (Filton) win the group
Taunton runners-up

South West section group 3
Mount Kelly 148-3,*Clayesmore 95
Mount Kelly 178-5, Blundell’s 182-5
Blundell’s 84-9, King’s Taunton 85-1
King’s Taunton win the group
Blundell’s runners-up

South West section group 4
South Dartmoor 81-9, Sherborne 83-2
*Sherborne 149-6 (20 overs), Millfield 150-7
Millfield win the group
Sherborne runners-up

South West section quarter-finals
Taunton 90-6, Clifton 91-3
*King’s Taunton 240-3 (T Banton 155), Sherborne 107-8 (J. Clark 5-10)
Millfield 188-5, Blundells 52
Colston’s beat SGS (Filton) on a bowl-out
King’s now play Colston’s and Clifton play Millfield

South West section semi-final
*Clifton 105-9, Millfield 107-6
*King’s Taunton 102, Millfield 103-6
Millfield now play St Edward’s Oxford for a place on Finals Day

South Central section group 1
*Oratory 133-6, RGS High Wycombe 137-5
Radley 160-4, RGS High Wycombe 161-3 (E Casterton 109 not out)
Radley 179-4, Elizabeth Guernsey150-6
RGS High Wycombe win the group

South Central section group 2
St Edward’s 154-4, Abingdon 107-9
Magdalen College School 211-5, Reading Blue Coat 70
*St Edward’s 128-5, Magdalen College School 106
St Edward’s win the group

South Central section group 3
Wellington (Berks) 198-6, Dauntsey’s 93
Wellington (Berks) 93, Bradfield 94-1
Lord Wandsworth 91-9,*Bradfield 92-4
Dauntsey’s 153-6, Lord Wandsworth 130-8
Bradfield win the group

South Central section group 4
Portsmouth GS, 174-5,*Winchester 130-8
Portsmouth GS 153-6, Marlborough 145-7
Marlborough 147-3,*Winchester 111-5
Portsmouth GS win the group

South Central section semi-finals
*St Edward’s 177-7, Portsmouth GS 111
RGS High Wycombe 103-4 (20 overs), *Bradfield 106-4

South Central final
*St Edward’s 122-5, Bradfield 120-6

South West and South Central region final
Millfield 199-4,*St Edward’s 132-5
Millfield now play in Finals Day at Arundel

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