Tuesday June 2nd 2015

Very few games indeed except for some in Scotland with a shorter half-term.

Two contributions from Rob Morris who is the HMC regional organiser for the West Midlands and Wales. He is also the scorer for Shrewsbury and by following this link you can read his full report on the wonderful match against their old boys, the Shrewsbury Saracens, which I summarised last week:

Shrewsbury v Shrewsbury Saracens

Henry and George LewisHenry and George Lewis

Rob also sent a link to a Daily Telegraph article, which says all the right things.

The lessons cricket can teach us all

This week, ECB finalised its guidance on helmets, following the introduction of a new BS standard this year. Maybe I should re-iterate that you should not be intimidated into buying new helmets immediately as a circular to many schools from one manufacturer erroneously implied. Anyway, this is very important and should be looked at carefully for the future. It will also be circulated to all cricket-playing schools (as long as they are on my list).

ECB guidance on helmets

On that topic, Wisden are still very exercised that only a tiny handful of state schools send in their information for inclusion in the schools section of the Almanack. I have added a new request to the report form (which I shall be sending out fairly soon), asking you to nominate any state school you know of who play a decent standard of cricket. However, it would do no harm if you could let me know now via an email to [email protected] of any state schools who come into this category.

Last link is to the National schools T20 competition which is nearing its final stages. As of today, the following schools are still in contention:

North: Woodhouse Grove or St Peter’s York v Bolton or Manchester GS or Sedbergh

East:The Leys v Bedford; Shrewsbury or Malvern v Monmouth or Wrekin

South: Hurstpierpoint v St Albans or Reed’s or Whitgift

West: Clifton or SGS v Millfield or King’s Taunton; winners of that v Wellington (Berks)

National Twenty20 competition


*Winchester 117, Radley 120-8
Eton Ramblers 175-9 (60 overs) (J Hardman 6-71), *Eton 178-3
*High School of Glasgow 104, Stewart?s Melville 105-2
Hutcheson’s GS 88 (30 overs);*Glasgow Academy 91-2

Schools Cricket Online