Tuesday June 7th 2011

With half-term for the whole of last week in most schools, very little cricket was played, though there are a few results published below.

We?d strongly urge cricketers who would like to combine University with a high standard of cricket to consider one of the six MCC Universities. For further information go to: http://www.mccuniversities.org for further details. The Editor, Douglas Henderson, has several printed booklets with the same information. Send him an e-mail to [email protected] if you would like a free copy.

Another delightful innovation by MCC in recent years has been the recognition by the club of boys (no girls so far) who score a century or take five or more wickets in the school?s fixture with MCC. They are offered a free day at Lord?s, including all meals, as guests of MCC. They can also bring two other guests. Thirty-five boys who achieved this in 2010 were thus honoured over the weekend with a presentation by the President of MCC, Christopher Martin-Jenkins, during the tea intervals (Saturday and Sunday) of the second Test match. Their names and achievements are listed below the results.

ECB have circulated to all schools (via this website) and other groups a document which relates to behaviour on the field, a matter of concern to various bodies. It is printed below

ECB and MCC announce plans to stamp out bad behaviour in junior cricket

ECB and MCC today announced a new joint initiative ? ?Play Hard, Play Fair and Stay in the Game? aimed at improving standards of behaviour in junior cricket.

The initiative, which is also supported by PCA, ESCA and the HMC Schools, has been devised to help educate youngsters about the challenges they may face as players or as captains and promote a wider acceptance and understanding of the ?Spirit of Cricket.?

Drawn up in close consultation with age-group players, coaches and managers, the project will invite all children participating in Under 15 cricket this summer to take part in an online quiz based around ten different cricketing scenarios and include an opportunity to win tickets to an npower Test Match.

It will be accompanied by the implementation of a new code of conduct for junior cricketers which has recently been circulated to all junior clubs and match officials to coincide with the start of the new season.

ECB Head of Non-First Class Cricket Paul Bedford said: ?As well as learning that cricket is a fun and enjoyable sport, we want all young cricketers in whatever competitive situation they are in to understand that they have a crucial role to play in upholding the game?s historic reputation for fair play.

?There is no place for bad behaviour in cricket and this initiative is designed to help teach the next generation of players about the importance of showing respect to your opponents, match officials, coaches, scorers and spectators.?

MCC?s Head of Cricket, John Stephenson, said: ?MCC is delighted to be working in partnership with the ECB to deliver this new initiative, which will help to ensure thousands of young people adopt the Spirit of Cricket principles of playing hard and fair.

?MCC Spirit of Cricket represents a central force for good in the game at all levels ? from the grassroots to the Test match arena ? and has been embraced by the world?s finest players. We hope this new initiative helps young cricketers to learn about the benefits of teamwork, leadership and sportsmanship, and encourages them to win and lose magnanimously.?

To view the online quiz, go to www.ecb.co.uk/playhardplayfair

For those unfamiliar with the background to ?The Spirit of Cricket?, the following is appended:

About MCC Spirit of Cricket

In the late 1990s, two distinguished MCC members (and ex-England captains), Ted Dexter and Lord (Colin) Cowdrey, sought to enshrine the ?Spirit of Cricket? in the game?s Laws.

The Dexter/Cowdrey initiative proved successful and the Spirit of Cricket, in the form of a Preamble, was incorporated into the Laws of Cricket in the year 2000. It highlights the roles and responsibilities of captains, players and umpires in respecting and upholding the Spirit of Cricket, and making the game fair, competitive and enjoyable.

Now into its second decade, the MCC Spirit of Cricket message is promoted to audiences worldwide, including a partnership with the Indian Premier League, ensuring some of the very best and most exciting players endorse the ?play hard, play fair? message.


*Merchiston Castle 210-6 (50 overs), Gordonstoun 109

Radley 247-6 (50 overs), *Winchester 219-8.

Dollar Academy 183-6 (30 overs), *High School of Glasgow 161-4

Free Foresters 169, *Malvern 171-4

XL Club 178, *Glasgow Academy 140-8

*Glasgow Academy 161-6 (30 overs), Wellington (Ayr) 57

XL Club 187 (O Tridgell 5-49), *Strathallan 193-2 (N Farrar 118 not out)

*Strathallan 269-5 dec (D Hoogerbrugge 101 not out), Strathallians 183

Winners of a trip to Lord?s as guests of MCC:

Jordan Baker 5-60 Bishop?s Stortford High School

Freddie Coleman 140 not out Strathallan School

Gareth James 127 not out Bancroft?s School

Christopher Leonard 5-48 Uppingham School

Giles Makinson 112 not out Bolton School

Guy Mitchell 135 Cheltenham College

Joe Moxham 100 not out Rugby School

Hugo Parnell 126 Sir Joseph Williamson?s School

Jonathan Phllips 126 Merchant Taylors? Shool (Northwood)

Ashwin Raj 100 Ipswich School

Fergus Taylor 5-79 Sherborne School

Charlie Thwaytes 5-28 Sedbergh School

James Wallace 5-44 Bedford Modern School

Robbie White 119 not out Harrow School

Tom Williams 117 not out Stamford School

Oliver Wood 104 Westminster School

Chris Beech 109 Denstone College

Mark Best 101 not out Coventry Schools

Tom Brook 110 not out Sedbergh School

William Collier 104 not out King Edward?s School, Bath

Jack Cornick 140 King Edward?s School, Birmingham

Odge Davey 123 Malvern College

Alex Grant 100 Tettenhall College

Matthew Henry 176 not out St Joseph?s College

Matthew Hobden 6-30 Eastbourne College

Freddie John 102 Clifton College

Nick Kent 5-42 St George?s College

William Leith 107 Wellington College (Berks)

William MacVicar 100 Dulwich College

Craig Overton 102 West Buckland School

Nick Prettejohn 137 Kingswood School

Joe Purvis 115 Loughborough Grammar School

James Shepherd 102 not out Culford School

Thomas Weaver 106 Beechen Cliff School

Jack Williamson 102 not out Loughborough Grammar School

(a few others also achieved the feat but were unable to attend)

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