Tuesday May 14th 2013

A remarkable match saw Wellingborough?s captain Charlie Macdonell score an unbeaten 150 runs against King?s Ely to add to his unbeaten 85 v Northants CCC Under-17 a few days earlier. Thus, with 235 runs in two innings without being dismissed he deserved his call-up to play for Northants CCC 2nd XI v Leicestershire in a three-day game. The game also saw 15-year-old off-spin bowler Ben Wall seal the match by taking not just a hat-trick but four wickets in four balls. He had also scored 71 in the Wellingborough innings, showing his versatility as a very promising young all-rounder.

Felsted were inserted on a good wicket by Haileybury and made 226 from their 35 overs, set up by a century opening stand between Reece Hussain (74) and Oliver Grayson (44). Josh Hunter-Jordan finished the innings with 48 off 24 balls. Haileybury’s best bowler was Joel Stewart, taking three wickets. Haileybury chased vigorously with Greg Horwood scoring 58 but the highlight was Ralph Lane making 112 off 74 balls. The game came down to the last over, with Haileybury needing three to win off two balls. They managed only a single because of superb bowling by Rory Burns.

King?s Taunton and Millfield usually have not only two of the strongest sides in the country but both also boast the finest wickets in the area; normally hard and fast and quite bouncy. It was therefore a surprise when it was a bowlers? day in this keenly contested game at King?s. Millfield bowled superbly to restrict the home side to 30 for four, but some sensible batting in the middle led to a total of 179 all out which seemed not really enough. The King?s opening bowlers struck immediately to make Millfield three for three, and they never really recovered in this 50-over match, reachng an all-out total of 121.

More (literally) striking performances occurred in the National Schools Twenty20, also from King?s Taunton, where Rhys Davis hit 13 sixes and 13 fours against Wellington (Somerset) to make 152 from 66 balls. For the bowlers, Jordan Grosert of Durham against Barnard Castle had a double wicket maiden for his first over and then three in his fourth to take six for 19 overall.

Sedbergh, who have reached Finals Day of the National Schools Twenty20 for the last two years, lost to Bolton in the play-offs in the North-West region by the tightest possible margin. Finishing on level scores (116 each), Bolton won the match by having lost only five wickets to Sedbergh?s six. Bolton now play Manchester Grammar School to contest the North West region final. The winners there then play the winners from the North East.

There were some other fine performances: in an all-day game, Durham?s Adil Arif Tahir against Barnard Castle scored 142 from 129 balls, including three successive sixes. Freddie Burgess, a 15-year-old off-spinner at Christ?s Hospital, took six wickets for only three runs against St Dunstan?s. At St George?s Weybridge they have a most promising young player in their Under-14s. Will Jacks scored 114 against Hurstpierpoint. Then he was promoted to the Under-15s for the Surrey Cup match against Kingston Grammar School and scored 221 not out from just 111 balls.

Hymers and The Grammar School at Leeds (marketing folk have a lot to answer for with their love of re-branding) had a cracking contest; yes, at Leeds. The home side rattled up 243 for one in their 50 overs, led by Jack Harrison (115) and Jonny Haslem (107). This hardly seemed enough when Tom Norman, fresh from 177 in his previous innings, scored 123 and Harry Tyson 93 not out to put the visitors in a very strong position at 210 for no wicket. They were thwarted by a hat-trick from captain Ben Morley (three for 65) which led the Leeds school to victory by 14 runs.

Two fifth-formers (Year 11) at Reed?s made their mark last week. Sonny Cott scored his maiden hundred with 107 not out against Hampton, to lead his side to victory by eight wickets. He followed this with a record opening partnership of 201, uubroken, to record a ten-wicket win against Kng?s Canterbury, his partner being the other youngster Philip Salt who scored 102 not out while Cott scored 91 not out.

Our old friend, the rain in May, cancelled or curtailed many matches.


Reed?s School 99, *KCS Wimbledon 102-3
Rugby 185-2 (20 overs), *Warwick122
*Sherborne 312 (D Buck 158), Dauntsey?s 209
MCC 198, *Clifton 199-4 (T Smith 114 not out)
*Winchester 204-7 (50 overs), Cranleigh 205-8 (E Wylde 5-27)
Felsted 226-6 (35 overs), *Haileybury 225-4 (R Lane 112 not out)
*St Edward’s 387-4 (40 overs) (C Dickinson 122 not out, J Barrett 162), Ysgol Dyffryn Aman 123 (National Schools Under-17)
*St Peter?s, York 130, The Grammar School at Leeds 131-0
*Wellingborough 243-2 (C M Macdonell 150 not out), King’s Ely 59
*Wellingborough 154, Oundle 94
*St George’s, Weybridge 190-5 (35 overs), Dr Challoner?s GS 193-6
Hurstpierpoint 256-6 (50 overs), *St George’s, Weybridge 157 (B Cooke 5-46 )
MCC 240-9 dec (T Hancock 103, N Brand 6-87), *King’s Taunton 242-6
MCC 236-5 (50 overs) *Repton 238-2 (N Kumar 154 not out)
Saints 233?7 (40 overs), *St Peter?s, York 234-3 (C Elliot 107 not out)
*King?s Taunton 179, Millfield 121
Park High 59, *Mill Hill 62-5
*Pangbourne 126?4 (25 overs), The Oratory 130?2
*Woodhouse Grove 175-4 (40 overs), Huddersfield New College 146
*Brentwood 271-5 (45 overs)(K Velani 143), Dr Challoner?s GS 186
*Watford GS 186-9 (35 overs), Dr Challoner?s GS 187-3 (G Shiel 114)
Wrekin 163-7 (40 overs), *Shrewsbury 164-5 (National Schools Under-17)
XL Club 160?3 dec, *Ratcliffe 11?1 (rain)
*Charterhouse 95 (40 overs), Eton 96-6
The Oratory 98-8 v *St Edward’s Oxford (rain)
*Felsted 274-5 dec, Haberdashers’ Aske’s 103 (J Foley 5-36)
*Bradfield 202-9 (50 overs), Winchester 79
Eastbourne 204, *Lancing 56 (A Goble 6-11)
Abingdon 199-8 (35 overs), *Stowe 165 (J Fitzjohn 5-30)
Stowe 97, *Wellingborough 57-2 (rain)
*GSAL 243-1 (50 overs) (J Haslem 107, J Harrison 115 not out), Hymers 229-6 (T Norman 123)
*St John’s Leatherhead 136-8 (48 overs ? reduced under D/L), St Paul’s 129
*Dulwich 226-9 (50 overs), Cranleigh 230-7
Tonbridge 208-6 (50 overs), *Harrow 209-5
*Bede’s 198-8 (50 overs), Whitgift 72 (F Hudson-Prentice 5-12)
MCC 247-6, *Oakham 250-5 (C Hurley 122)
*Mill Hill 161-5 (35 overs), John Lyon 105 (T Harley 6-30)
Queen’s Taunton 36, *King’s Taunton 37-2
MCC 203-4 dec, *Merchant Taylors’, Northwood 168
Merchant Taylors’, Northwood 196, *Westminster 124-7
*Hampton 237 (C O?Brien 129), Dulwich 238-3
*Bedford Modern 169-6, Oakham 170-6
*Wellington (Berks) 194, Radley 111
Queen Elizabeth?s GS 106, *St Albans 107-7
Durham 241-3 dec (A Tahir 142), *Barnard Castle 163-4
St George?s Weybridge 248-7 (45 overs), *Lord Wandsworth 185
*Queen Elizabeth?s Hospital 150-4 (30 overs), King Edward’s Bath 107
St Dunstan?s 45 (F Burgess 6-3), *Christ?s Hospital 46-0
*Clifton 183-5 (40 overs ? reduced in case of rain), Cheltenham 161
Shrewsbury 40-3 v *Repton (rain)
Stowe 97, *Wellingborough 57-2 (rain)
*Gresham?s 140-5 (30 overs), Norwich 142
*Gresham?s 212-3 dec (H Blackiston 100 not out), Royal Hospital 85 ( F Sutton 6-35)
*Greshams 181-2 dec, XL Club 80
Gresham?s 163 (38 overs ? reduced for rain), *Culford 83-7
*King?s Chester 122-7 (30 overs), Ellesmere 123-5
Monmouth 165 (40 overs), *RGS Worcester 166-9
*Oundle 96, Rugby 97-2 (M Karslake 5-18)
Prior Park 148-5, *Dauntsey’s 131 (Peak Sports League)
Birkdale School 99, *GSAL 103-1
*Woodhouse Grove School 192?6 (40 overs), GSAL 64
MCC 201-9 dec (47.4 overs), *GSAL 114
*St Peter?s York 131, GSAL 135-0
*Woodhouse Grove 157-6 dec, Bradford GS 126-9
St George?s Weybridge 248-7 (45 overs), *Lord Wandsworth 185
*Tiffin 132-7 (35 overs), Lord Wandsworth 133-8 (A Watkins 5-20)
*Lord Wandsworth 172 (50 overs), St Paul?s 150-9
*Colston?s 217-7 (50 overs) (J Roper 110 not out), Taunton 122
Hampton 213-5 (35 overs), *Reed?s 217-2 (S Cott 107 not out)
The King?s School, Canterbury 198-6 dec, *Reed?s 201-0 (P Salt 102 not out, S Cott 91 not out)

National Twenty20 competition

North East section group 3
GSAL 135-2, QEGS 122-7
Worksop 134-7, GSAL 99-9
QEGS 110, Worksop 67
GSAL (Leeds) win the group on NRR

North East section group 4
*Durham 141-6, Barnard Castle 119 (J Grosert 6-19)
Yarm withdrew
Durham win the group and now play Newcastle RGS

North West section play-offs
*King’s Macclesfield 110-5, Manchester GS 114-6
*Sedbergh 116-6, Bolton 116 – 5
Bolton win by virtue of losing fewer wickets
Manchester GS now play Bolton in the North West final

East section A play-offs
Felsted 159-3, *The Leys 149-9
*Felsted 162-3, Gresham’s 159-9
Felsted win the section play-off and now play the Eastern section B winners

East section B play-offs
Bedford 152-5, Oakham 135-5
Bedford now play Trent

West Midlands section play-offs
RGS Worcester 68-6 (20 overs), *Shrewsbury 69-3
Shrewsbury and RGS now play Denstone

South London section final
*Dulwich 142, Hampton 139-6
Dulwich win South London and now play St Albans

South West region group 1
Clifton 126-3, *Queen Elizabeth?s Hospital 48
*Clifton 183-2, Bristol GS 161-8
*Bristol GS 125-5, SGS (Filton) 126-6
(Others still to be played)
(Winners of this group play runners-up of Group 2)

South West region group 2
Kingswood 181-5, *Monkton Combe 65
KES Bath 106, *Monkton Combe 107-3
Prior Park 97-8, Kingswood 100-4
Winners: Kingswood. Runners-up: Monkton Combe
(Winners of this group play runners-up of Group 1)

South West region group 3
*Taunton 176-3 (G Hallas 107 not out), Wellington Somerset 101-4
Taunton 88-8, *Millfield 89-2
*King?s Taunton 280-6 (R Davis 152), Wellington Somerset 85-9
Taunton School 130, *King’s College 135-3 (13.1 overs)
(Others still to be played)
(Winners of this group play runners-up of Group 4)

South West region group 4
Sherborne 160-5, Canford 129-9
Plymouth College withdrew
Winners: Sherborne Runners-up: Canford
(Winners of this group play runners-up of Group 4)

South Central section semi-final
*Bradfield 181-4, Dauntsey?s 159-8
Bradfield play the winner of Portsmouth v Magdalen College

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