Tuesday May 15th 2012

Electronic scoring in schools has taken off in a big way. About half the results published below were produced (more or less automatically) by electronic scoring systems. There are huge advantages in using these modern devices, and you don?t have to be a teenager in order to use them (though they?re great fun to use and teenagers will queue up to go to an away match to be the scorer for the Under-14s B side). For my money, they?re of even greater benefit to the poor chap on some distant field who finds himself having to score as well as umpire. And they?re incredibly cheap, ranging from free (sic) to ?59.99 for the Rolls-Royce of the genre (as used at Lord?s). Click on “Electronic scoring” on the left? for an expanded article on electronic scoring.

The weather relented at the weekend and therefore there was an opportunity for the National Schools Twenty20 competition to catch up a little, albeit with hastily-made arrangemnts. A century in schools cricket is something to be celebrated, but to do so in a Twenty20 match is really rather special. To do so twice in succession is quite extraordinary. Alex Thomson of Denstone hit 122 from 63 balls against Bablake with seven sixes and nine fours, and followed this with 106 not out against Wrekin (four sixes and 10 fours). He gallantly put himself down at number 11 for the final match of the group round. Alex Fox for Woodhouse Grove scored a century (101) in 46 balls, with five sixes and 11 fours. In a traditional? match against local rivals , he took six for 12 to bowl his school to victory against Bradford Grammar School, with an over to spare.

Alex Thomson of Denstone switch-hitting for six

Otto Hopton for Pangbourne celebrated his debut for the side by taking six for 12 against Shiplake with his orthodox slow left-arm, culminating in a triple-wicket maiden

Shrewsbury?s opening bowler Ruaidrhi Smith, who captained England Under-15s and is in Scotland?s Under-19 squad, had a very fruitful final over of his allotted ten against Repton, taking four wickets in an overall haul of five for 24. He did something similar the previous week, taking four for nine against Trent.

Bancroft?s struggled with a 10am start and found themselves at 27 for six on a damp pitch. Rescued by a patient 34 from Vikram Handa they eventually reached 106 for nine in their 45 overs. Eltham responded briskly with 40 from 10 overs but then also had problems with the conditions before overtaking the home side with five wickets to spare.


*Poole GS 172-3 (30 overs), Clayesmore 117-7

*Dauntsey?s 153-8 (40 overs)(Peak Sports League), Beechen Cliff 115 (K Patrick 5-11)

Worksop? 204-5 dec (J Callis 100 not out), *Shrewsbury 207-3 (S Leach 106 not out)

*Shrewsbury 188-7 (20 overs), Worcestershire Under-19s 111-6

*Shrewsbury121, Millfield 126-6

*KES Birmingham 83, Shrewsbury 87-1

Shrewsbury 253-5 (50 overs),*Trent 135

*Shrewsbury? 249-6 (40 overs), Wrekin 8-1 (rain)

Giggleswick 148-3 (40 overs), *Sedbergh 152-3

*High School of Glasgow 73-9 (30 overs), Hutchesons’ GS 74-3

Repton 102 (50 overs) (R Smith 5-24), *Shrewsbury 103-1

*Radley 130, Wellington (Berks) 131-5

Manchester GS 149-9 (50 overs), *Sedbergh 152-3

King?s College School 130 (40 overs), *RGS Guildford 131-6

*Winchester 183-2 (50 overs), Bradfield 185-2

*Hymer?s 135, Grammar School at Leeds 136-8

Wrekin 156, Old Swinford Hospital 80

*Eastbourne 182, Lancing 125

St John’s, Leatherhead 198-2 dec, *St Paul’s 65-9

Bradford GS 135 (T Williamson 5-45),? *Lancaster RGS 71-8

*Lancaster ?RGS 223-4 (50 overs) (S Moorby 115), Bolton School 105 (M Liver 5-16)

*Prior Park 98-9 (40 overs)(Peak Sports League), Dauntsey’s 99-1

*Monkton Combe 111 (Peak Sports League), Wycliffe 112-5

MCC 188-5, *Oakham 178-6

*Oakham 290-4 (50 overs) (T C Fell 103 not out), Bedford Modern 123

*Bancroft’s 106-9 (45 overs), Eltham 109-5

*Tonbridge 109, Cranleigh 112?0

*Sevenoaks 105, Sutton Valence 109-8

*Stowe 195-7 (40 overs), Bradfield 173-9

*Winchester 183-2 (50 overs), Bradfield 184-2

*Dulwich 55 (20 overs), Whitgift? 60-0

Whitgift 184-5 (20 overs), *Alleyn’s 74

Surrey? Academy 204-6 (50 overs), *Whitgift 100

Ashtead CC 237-7 (50 overs), *Whitgift? 64 (Cope 5-11)

*Whitgift 119-3 (20 overs), Colfe’s 105-7

*Whitgift? 87, St Bede’s 90-4

*Magdalen College School, Oxford 144-9 (50 overs), Haberdashers?Aske?s 145-3

*Taunton 269-5 (50 overs)(T Abell 143 not out), Colston?s 95

City of London Freemen’s 116 (40 overs), *Berkhamsted 81

Queen Elizabeth?s, Barnet 82-9 (40 overs), *St Albans 86-5

Woodhouse Grove 159, *Bradford GS 122 (A Fox 6-12)

Woodhouse Grove 178-9, *Manchester GS 179-5

Pangbourne 134-9 dec, *Shiplake 90 (O Hopton 6-12)

*Merchant Taylors?, Northwood 220-7 dec, Westminster 32

*Fettes 155-5 dec, XL Club 70-5 (W Edwards 5-14)

*Fettes 96, Loretto 100-5

George Watson?s 148-5 (20 overs), *Fettes 152-2

Fettes 140-8 dec, *Strathallan 102-5

*Hymers 135, Grammar School at Leeds136-8

National Twenty20 competition, South East section, group 2

Sevenoaks 55, Tonbridge 56-0

Judd 116-5, Sutton Valence 110-7

Tonbridge 168-5, Judd 112-8

Tonbridge 193-2, King?s Canterbuy123-7

Tonbridge win the group round

?National Twenty20 competition, South East section, group 3

Cranleigh 98-9, St Bede’s 99-4

Cranleigh 98-9, St Bede?s 99-4

Reigate GS 64-9, St Bede?s 67-1

St Bede?s win the group round

National Twenty20 competition, South East section, group 4

?Lancing 76-9, Eastbourne 82-8

?National Twenty20 competition, North East section, group 2

Woodhouse Grove 184-3 (A Fox 101), Ashville 102-5

Woodhouse Grove 144-3, Pocklington 55

Woodhouse Grove win the group round

?National Twenty20 competition, North East section, group 3

?QEGS Wakefield 88, Grammar School at Leeds 89-1

QEGS Wakefield 103-8, Hymers 33-2 (Hymers win on net run rate)

Hymers 98-8, Grammar School at Leeds 94-9

Hymers win the group round

National Twenty20 competition, North East section, group 4

Durham 208-3, Barnard Castle 100

Durham win the group round

National Twenty20 competition, West Midlands section, group 1

Monmouth 113-6, Malvern 115-1

National Twenty20 competition, West Midlands section, group 2

Shrewsbury 212-8, Oswestry 69-8

Ellesmere 36, Shrewsbury 40-2

Adams GS 43, Shrewsbury 44-0

Shrewsbury win the group round

?National Twenty20 competition, West Midlands section, group 4

Denstone 201-2 (A Thomson 122), Bablake 32

Denstone 187-0 (A Thomson 106 not ou), Wrekin 111-5

Wolverhampton GS 69-8, Denstone 72-2

?National Twenty20 competition, South West section, group 4

Taunton 118-5, King?s Taunton 102

National Twenty20 competition, North London section, group 2

?Aldenham beat Haileybury on a bowl-out

St Albans 155-7, Chigwell 50

?National Twenty20 competition, South London section, group 2

?KCS Wimbledon 141-5, John Fisher 98-8

(Colfe?s and Lord Wandsworth withdrew)

KCS Wimblodon win the group round

?National Twenty20 competition, South London section, group 2

?Hampton 146-6, Trinity Croydon 85

Hampton 151-7,?RGS Guildford 114

?National Twenty20 competition, North London section, group 1

?Westminster win the group by an independent draw out of the hat

?National Twenty20 competition, South Central, group 3

Dauntsey?s?107, Portsmouth GS 108-5

(Peter Symonds ?and King Edward VI, Southampton withdrew)

Portsmouth win the group round?

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