Tuesday May 20th 2014

Extraordinary performances tend to be recorded by batsmen because of perfectly sensible ECB restrictions on young bowlers and limits built into overs cricket. Last Saturday ? gloriously sunny in most parts of the UK – was paradoxically an exception. In the most extraordinary display of swing bowling I think I have ever heard of (and, apparently, it really did swing), the opening bowlers of Wellington (Berkshire) skittled out Marlborough for a mere 22. That is not a typo. Marlborough are by no means a weak side, having for example beaten Eton earlier in the season. But on a perfectly blameless pitch and in glorious weather Sam Curran, youngest of the three sons of the late Kevin, took six for seven with his left-arm-over, while Virain Kanwar, who has spearheaded the Wellington attack for three years, bowled right-arm and took four for 11. The innings lasted just 12 overs and Wellington knocked them off in under three.

Earlier in the week, before the sun started shining and on a less than perfect pitch, Cranleigh were defeated by the leg-spinner Mason Crane of Lancing who bowled them out for 99 after Lancing had grafted their way to a modest 126 all out, despite the best efforts of Ryan Maskell (56) and Mick Bellamy (36). Cranleigh were seriously struggling at 12 for five and it was only the lower order which restored some respectability. Crane took six for 39 and Bellamy four for 28.

On the same day, Harry Funnell, a newcomer to Uppingham?s 1st XI, playing only his second match aged 14, bowled a very consistent line and length to take an impressive five for 11 and bowl out Trent for 81 after Uppingham themselves had managed only 123.

In this depressingly exam-laden term, there was a marvellous advertisement for the best of schools cricket in the match between Abingdon and St Edward?s, Oxford. Both sides were unbeaten and between them boasted 19 players with county experience. St Edward?s chose to bat and opener Joe Barrett scored his third century of the season with 121, while England Under-19 all-rounder Miles Hammond added some fireworks at the end of the innings with 61 not out. The score of 280 for five in 50 overs was formidable but the home side set off purposefully and despite losing wickets at regular intervals (with AJ ? his preferred name – Woodland taking five for 30 altogether) they kept up with the run-rate. At 248 for seven the game was in the balance: Leo Bethell at number seven was on 40 and looking set, but he hoisted one to what disgusted bowlers call cow-corner (batsmen nowadays call it a slog-sweep) and was superbly caught on the boundary. Adam Spears did his best to haul Abingdon over the line but they finished 13 short. A great game of cricket.

Another was not far away in North London. On a blisteringly hot day, Merchant Taylors’ at home surprisingly opted to bowl first and soon had Berkhamsted in trouble on 70 for six at lunch. However, a fine innings of 91 from Harry Bartlett led Berkhamsted to a competitive score of 161. In reply, Merchant Taylors’ were struggling on 57 for five which soon became 101 for eight. Still needing 60 runs in a 45-over game, the task looked too steep until the tail-enders battled hard and nudged Merchant Taylors’ to 149-9, setting up a nail-biting final over. It all came down to the last ball of the match with Merchant Taylors’ requiring one run to win with the number 11 on strike. A chip over midwicket for one saw Merchant Taylors’ over the line in a thrilling finish.

This column strongly supports the ECB in calling for a balance of declaration and overs cricket in schools and there was, for the discerning, a thrilling draw for Warwick when they had been pretty comprehensively outplayed by Oakham. The latter had declared at 241 for seven and Warwick found themselves 114 for nine with 22 balls to save the game, ten of which were played by number 11. There would be no story had the last pair not succeeded and celebrations in the dressing-room were probably as great as if they had won the FA cup, which their stalwart efforts had no doubt prevented everybody from watching.


MCC 65, *Denstone 66-1
*Uppingham 123, Trent 81 (H Funnell 5-11)
*King Edward’s, Bath 118-8 (20 overs), Sexey’s 54
*Oratory 102 (20 overs), Stowe 103-7
*Hurstpierpoint 119-4, Bede’s 120-4 (Langdale cup)
Wellington (Berks) 100 (20 overs), *Bradfield 52
Marlborough 22 (S Curran 6-7, V Kanwar 4-11,), *Wellington (Berks) 23-0
St Peter’s, York 69 ,*Durham 71-5
Haberdashers’ Aske’s 164-4 (40 overs), *St Albans 165-1 (G Scott 103*)
Pocklington 187-4 (40 overs), *Hymers 165
*St Paul’s 117 (50 overs), St John’s, Leatherhead 121-1
*Denstone 183, Trent 167-9
*Oakham 241-7 dec, Warwick 114-9
*King Edward’s, Bath 133, Dauntsey’s 139-8
*Winchester 233-8 (50 overs), Charterhouse 132
St Edward?s Oxford 291-6 dec, *Oratory 100
Ratcliffe 171-5 (30 overs), *Welbeck DSFC 117
Monkton Combe 205-8 (40 overs), *Prior Park 148 (Peak Sports League)
*King Edward’s, Bath 133 (40 overs), Dauntsey’s 139-8 (Peak Sports League)
St Edward’s Oxford 280-5 (50 overs) (J Barrett 121), *Abingdon 267-9 (A Woodland 5-30)
*Ipswich 180-8 (40 overs), Bishop’s Stortford College 138-9
*Lancing 126, Cranleigh 99 (M Crane 6-39)
Bedford 310-7 (50 overs), Oundle 167-7
King?s Canterbury 256-5 dec (G Baker-White 140), *Felsted 262-6
*Christ?s Hospital 109, Hampton 110-2
*Wells Cathedral 139-7 (40 overs), Clayesmore 140-4
Sedbergh 108 (50 overs), *Shrewsbury 111-1
Tonbridge 209 (55 overs), *Eton 159 (J Monkhouse 6-20)
Kingswood 226 (40 overs), *Bristol GS 203-8
Rugby 207-9 dec, *Stowe 140
*Caterham 239-6 (30 overs), St Dunstan?s 119
*Sherborne 184-7, Cheltenham 187-4
King Edward VI, Southampton 197-5 (40 overs), *Seaford 191-8
*RGS Worcester 151 (40 overs), Worcestershire CCC Academy 152-6
*QEGS Wakefield 148, Woodhouse Grove 149-3
Monmouth 92, *Clifton 93-1
Glasgow Academy 99 (20 overs), Kelvinside Academy 69 (K Moir 6-15)
Berkhamsted 161, *Merchant Taylors’, Northwood 162-9

National Twenty20 competition ? first round (cumulative list)

To see details of the 2014 competition click here.

North East section group 1
Woodhouse Grove 128-6, *Silcoates 80
Birkdale 103-5, *Silcoates 104-1
Birkdale 54-9, Woodhouse Grove 55-0
Woodhouse Grove win the group

North East section group 2
Pocklington 120-5, GSAL 121-3
Pocklington 111-5, Hymers 112-5
(Hymers v GSAL still to be played)

North East section group 3
*St Peter’s, York 159-6, Ashville 65-9
*Ashville 70-9, QEGS Wakefield 71-5
*St Peter’s, York 147-4, QEGS Wakefield 148-6
QEGS Wakefield win the group

North East section group 5
Durham130-4, *Barnard Castle 67
(Yarm withdrew)
Durham win the group

North West section group 1
Altrincham GS 146-6, King?s, Chester 147-4
Wilmslow HS 133-4, King?s, Macclesfield 121- 6
Wilmslow HS 138-4, King?s, Chester139-4
King?s, Macclesfield 169-3, Altrincham GS 74-5
King?s, Chester win the group

North West section group 2
Bolton 168-3, Merchant Taylor?s Crosby 88-7
RGS Lancaster , Liverpool College
RGS Lancaster 151-4, Bolton 152-3
Merchant Taylor?s Crosby , Liverpool College
Bolton win the group

North West section group 3
Cheadle Hulme 113, Manchester GS 117-2
Stockport GS , Bury GS
Stockport GS 70-4 (from 10 overs), Manchester GS did not bat
Stockport won 3-1 on a bowl-out
Stockport GS win the group

North West section group 4
Sedbergh 226-4, Hutton GS 76
Kirkham GS, AKS Lytham
Kirkham 81-8, Sedbergh 82-0
Hutton GS, AKS Lytham
Sedbergh win the group

Eastern section A group 1
Nottingham HS 71, *Trent 74-1
Repton 131-9, Oakham 132-6
*Trent 81-9, Oakham 82-5
Oakham win the group

Eastern section A group 2
Bedford v Oundle v Rugby rained off
(Oundle and Rugby then withdrew)
Bedford go through

Eastern section A group 3
Kimbolton 75-8, Wellingborough 76-4
Stowe 135-9 (J. Richardson 6-15), Bedford Modern 130
Stowe 68, Wellingborough 69-1
Wellingborough win the group

Eastern section A play-offs
Bedford 168-8, Wellingborough 96
(Others still to be played)

Eastern section B group 4
King? Ely 101-8, Stamford 102-1
Wisbech GS 96-8, Stamford 99-3
(Thomas Deakin withdrew)
Stamford win the group

Eastern section B group 5
Framlingham 105-9, The Leys 106-2
Gresham’s 207-3 (M Barker 120), Norwich 193-5
Gresham’s 147-6, The Leys 131-9
Gresham?s win the group

Eastern section B group 6
St Joseph’s 100-6, Ipswich 101-0
Ipswich 142-6, *Felsted 134-6
Shenfield 130-7, Ipswich 134-2
Ipswich win the group

West Midlands and Wales group 1
Monmouth 137-8, Llandovery 107
(Christ Brecon withdrew)
Monmouth win the group

West Midlands & Wales section group 2
*King’s Worcester 64, RGS Worcester 65-1
(Dean Close withdrew)
RGS Worcester win the group

West Midlands & Wales section group 3
Wolverhampton GS 84-9, *Bromsgrove 89-1
*Bromsgrove 182-4, Wrekin 67-6 (rain – D/L win for Bromsgrove)
Wrekin 156-4, Wolverhampton GS 112-6
Bromsgrove win the group

West Midlands & Wales section group 4
Adams GS 43-8, *Denstone 54-1
Adams GS 134-7 Ellesmere 94 – 5
Ellesmere 57-8, *Denstone 61-2
Denstone win the group

West Midlands & Wales section group 5
*Shrewsbury 177-9, Canon Slade 25
Oswestry 70, Leicester GS 71-3
Oswestry 101-7, Canon Slade 102-8
Leicester GS 66, *Shrewsbury 67-2
Shrewsbury win the group

West Midlands & Wales section group 6
*Bloxham 99-4, Bablake 98-6
Bablake 84-6, Malvern 85-0
*Bloxham 92-7, Malvern 93-2
Malvern win the group

West Midlands & Wales section play-offs
Leicester GS 115-5, *RGS Worcester 118-2
Malvern 253- 3 (A Milton 143 not out), Llandovery 55-9
(Others still to be played)

South East section group 1
Dover 71, *Duke of York?s 72-0
Ashford 125-7, St Edmund?s 126 -4
*Duke of York?s 114-6 (18 overs), St Edmund?s 0-0 (rain)
Ashford 129-8, Dover College 0-0 (rain)
Duke of York?s win the group

South East section group 2
*Tonbridge 143-5, Sevenoaks 92-5
Skinners? 98-8, Sutton Valence 99-3
*Tonbridge 160-6, Sutton Valence 137-5
Skinners? 170-3 (D May 112 not out), Sevenoaks 134-4
Tonbridge win the group

South East section group 3
Brighton 72-9, *Bede’s 73-2
Cranbrook 134-5, Lancing 49
*Bede’s 150-7, Cranbrook 131-7
Bede?s win the group

South East section group 4
(Epsom, Ardingly and Eastbourne all withdrew)
Hurstpierpoint go through

South East section group play-offs
*Tonbridge 105-6, Bede’s 83
Duke of York?s 58, Hurstpierpoint 59-0
Hurstpierpoint 48, *Tonbridge 50-1
Tonbridge win the section

North London section group 1
*St Albans 167-5, Aldenham 97
Haileybury 137-6, Langley Park 141-5
*St Albans 142-9, Langley Park 97-8
St Albans win the group

North London section group 2
Latymer 75-4, *Merchant Taylors? 79-2
Forest 121-7, Berkhamsted 119-7
Berkhamsted 180-5, Latymer 117-7
Forest 99-7, *Merchant Taylors? 100-2
Merchant Taylors?, Northwood win the group

North London section final
St Albans 99-9, *Merchant Taylors’ 103-3
Merchant Taylors? win the North London section

South London section group 1
Dulwich 172-5, John Fisher 99
Hampton 122-7, Eltham 121-7
Eltham 136-6, Dulwich 125-7
Hampton 180-4, John Fisher 117-7
Dulwich 139-9, Hampton 139-7
Eltham 318-1 (G Haley 208 not out), John Fisher 82-9
Hampton win the group with Eltham best runners-up on NRR

South London section group 2
KCS Wimbledon v Reed?s v Caterham v Chigwell rained off
(Caterham and KCS Wimbledon then withdrew)
Reed?s beat Chigwell on the toss of a coin
Reed?s go through

South London secton group 3
St George?s Weybridge 104-8, Whitgift 105 (?)-0
Trinity 104-8, Whitgift 107-5
(Colfe?s withdrew)
Whitgift win the group

South West section group 1
Bristol GS 111-5 (12 overs – reduced), *Clifton 113-2
South Glos and Stroud College 100-6, *Clifton 60
South Glos and Stroud College 144-5, Bristol GS 94-4 (16 overs; D/L target 103)
South Glos and Stroud College win the group

South West section group 2
Prior Park 81-6, Kingswood 83-2
Downside beat KES Bath on a bowl-out
Kingswood 160-3, *Downside 96
Kingswood win the group

South West section group 3
King?s Taunton 203-7, Milton Abbey 62-8
Taunton 103, Wellington (Somerset) 104-4
Taunton 102, King?s Taunton 103-1
Wellington 51-9, King?s Taunton 52-2
King?s Taunton win the group

South West section group 4
Sherborne 83-9, Millfield 87-1
Plymouth 72-8, Millfield 73-2
Sherborne 134-3, Plymouth 94-7
Millfield win the group

South Central section group 1
Portsmouth GS 126 -9, *Abingdon 130-3
Portsmouth GS 191-4, Ryde 119-5
(Ryde then withdrew)
Abingdon win the group

South Central section group 2
Bradfield 120-8, Dr Challoner?s GS 107-9
Dr Challoner?s GS 135-8, *Lord Wandsworth 74
*Lord Wandsworth 102-6, Bradfield 105-3
Bradfield win the group

South Central section group 3
*Winchester 129-8, Oratory 131-4
(Dauntsey?s withdrew)
The Oratory win the group

South Central section group 4
*St Edward’s Oxford 173-5, Wellington (Berks)125-9
(Forest, Wokingham, withdrew)
St Edward?s win the group

South Central section play-offs
Abingdon 157-7, Bradfield 159-7
(The Oratory v St Edward’s still to be played)

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