Tuesday May 29th 2012

A week after I shivered at Lord?s even in my overcoat (much envied by fellow members), summer suddenly burst into life and with it the prospect of completing some of the backlog of National Twenty20 matches. The North has been on track all season, and have nearly reached the quarter-final stage. Woodhouse Grove will be representing the North East against the North West?s Sedbergh (last year?s semi-finalists) or King?s Macclesfield. The latter play-off will be played this Friday. Fuller details below and on the competition spreadsheet which will be updated tomorrow evening, Wednesday.

In the South, St Bede?s defeated Tonbridge and will now play the London winners. St Albans will be representing North London, while there is a contest this Thursday between Whitgift and KCS Wimbledon to find the South London winners.

Christian Purchase of Wycliffe hit the highest score reported this week, with 171 against Dean Close. His innings included no fewer than 17 sixes and 11 fours. The massive score of 321 for seven in only 45 overs was more than daunting and it was a credit to Dean Close that they managed a response of 212, a score which in former times might have been thought par for the course. Purchase then played for Glos CCC”s 2nd XI in a three-day match v Ireland A and scored 157 not out, with 16 sixes and 11 fours.

Dulwich?s Anthony Alleyne, who was the top batsman in schools cricket last year, has had a quiet season so far but returned to form with 145 against Harrow, to post a total of 325 for eight in 55 overs. As in the previously mentioned game, Harrow?s score of 271 in reply would formerly have been most impressive, but it was not enough on this occasion.

Down at Taunton (School), it was Charlie Miles?s turn to grab a share of the spotlight with Tom Abell (who hit his third consecutive century with 110 not out). Having bowled some tight off-spin to restrict MCC to 257 for seven declared, he joined Abell with the score teetering at 84 for four. The pair put on an unbroken stand of 176 to win with four overs to spare, Miles winning the game with a six which left him on 98 not out.

Kirkham Grammar School enjoyed a fine draw with Stonyhurst. George Brookes hit his maiden century for the school in only 85 balls (106 not out), with six sixes and twelve fours, to post a score of 217 for five declared. He then took a couple of wickets in restricting the home side to 155 for eight.

Haberdashers? Aske?s had enjoyed an unbeaten season until they came up against Abingdon. The latter had reached the fairly modest score of 178 and Habs were coasting quite happily at 48 without loss. A couple of silly run-outs changed the game, as silly run-outs do, leading to a middle-order collapse and an all-out total of 141.


*Ipswich 194-5 (30 overs), Gresham?s 188

KES Birmingham 126-6 (35 overs), *Malvern 130-2

MCC 257-7 dec, *Taunton 260-4 (T Abell 110 not out)

*KCS Wimbledon 131 (J Howe 5-36), St John’s Leatherhead 121

Caterham 172 (45 overs), *Christ?s Hospital 173-7

*Wellington (Berks) 137 (50 overs), Cranleigh 138-3

*St Edward’s Oxford 144 (55 overs), Hutchins (Aus) 145-2

*Bedford 279-9 (50 overs), Uppingham 170-9 (S Thakor 110 not out)

Clifton 249-6 (50 overs), *Dauntsey’s 203

*Oundle 209, Stowe 210-5

Kirkham GS 217-5 dec (G Brookes 106 not out), *Stonyhurst 155-8

*Malvern 180 (50 overs), Shrewsbury 184-2

*Abingdon 178, Haberdashers? Aske?s 141

Merchant Taylors? Crosby 152, *KEQMS Lytham 156-3

*Winchester 175, St Edward?s Oxford 176-8

*Bancroft’s 185-7 (45 overs), Colfe’s 187-5

Clayesmore 127-7 dec, *King’s Bruton 128-3

*Dulwich 325-8 (55 overs) (A Alleyne 145), Harrow 271

*Glasgow Academy 82, High School of Glasgow 83-6

High School of Glasgow 57, *High School of Dundee 61-1

*Wellingborough 126, Bloxham 128-4

Bedford Modern 139, *Wellingborough 142-2

Reed?s 203-8 dec, *Merchant Taylors?, Northwood 207-6

Whitgift 254-6 (50 overs), *Hampton 160

Trinity 148 (50 overs), *Whitgift 149-3

*Ratcliffe 164-9 (40 overs), Mount St Mary?s 71

Ardingly 244-8 dec, *Lancing 153

*Taunton 263 (50 overs), Queen?s Taunton 206-6

*Felsted 270-9 dec, Haileybury 168-9 (C Price 5-31)

Rugby 188-6 (50 overs), *Cheltenham 190-4

Wycliffe 321-7 (45 overs)(C Purchase 171), *Dean Close 212

*Durham 208-3, Barnard Castle 100

*Tiffin 126, St George?s,Weybridge 127-3

*City of London Freemen’s 261-4 dec (F Davies 118 not out), Emanuel 148-5

Bradfield 230-9 (50 overs)(T Hurley 5-49), *Charterhouse 233-2

*Colstons 141, Monkton Combe 142-3

*Durham 179, Woodhouse Grove 181-5

National Twenty20, North-East section group play-off

*Durham 116 -8 (20 overs), RGS Newcastle 119-5 (20 overs)

National Twenty20, North-East section semi-finals

Woodhouse Grove: 176-3, St Peter?s York: 95

Hymers 163-5, RGS Newcastle: 86

National Twenty20, North-East section final

Woodhouse Grove 198-2, Hymers 98

Woodhouse Grove win the North East section and now play the winners of the North West section (Sedbergh or King?s Macclesfield)

National Twenty20, South East section final

Tonbridge 152-3, St Bede?s 156-4

St Bede?s win the South East section and now play the winners of the North and South London section (St Albans or KCS Wimbledon/ Reed?s)

National Twenty20, East section group 6

Leicester GS 102-7, Oakham 96-8

Stamford 88-5, Leicester GS 87

National Twenty20, South Central section group 2

The Oratory conceded to Bradfield

National Twenty20, West Midlands section group play-off

RGS Worcester 97. Malvern 98-1

National Twenty20, South London section group play-off

Whitgift 154-7, Hampton 136-6

National Twenty20, South West section group 1

Bristol GS 86-4, *Clifton 87-1

Queen Elizabeth Hospital 98-7, *Clifton 99-1

Clifton win the group round

National Twenty20, South West section group 3

Filton 178-2, *King Edward?s Bath 87-7

Filton win the group round

National Twenty20, South West section group 4

*Taunton 199-5, Wellington 71-6

*Taunton 118-5, King?s Taunton 102

Taunton win the group round

National Twenty20, South West section group 5

Millfield 125-8, *Blundell?s 104-9

*Millfield 235-1, Wells Cathedral 73-7

Millfield win the group round

National Twenty20, South West section group 6

*Sherborne 164-3, Bryanston 111

?Sherborne win the group round

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