Tuesday May 8th 2012

The National Twenty20 competition finally got under way with the first round in the North East and North West sections played last Wednesday on schedule. The current situation of the competition may be found under ?Competitions? (see left). There are major headaches elsewhere in the country with talk of bowl-outs and coin-tossing in lieu of actual cricket.

Mike Wren-Kirkham of The Grammar School at Leeds bowled superbly in his opening spell to restrict? St Peter?s but returned to devastating effect with a hat-trick, finishing with five for 35. St Peter?s declared at 189 for nine, but the visitors reached the total for the loss of four wickets.

Sedbergh, who reached the semi-finals of the National Twenty20 competition in 2011, were unfortunate when the first attempt to play the match at Lord?s was rained off after only nine balls, by which point they had scored an extraordinary 24. They lost on the replay at Arundel. In the meantime they seem to have unearthed a new star in Dan Gomersall in Year 11. Newly selected for the 1st XI, he scored consecutive hundreds in his first two games, a most impressive feat.

King?s Taunton are normally a pretty good match for Millfield as in recent years they have produced some formidable players such as Jos Buttler, Craig Meschede and Alex Barrow. However, this year they came unstuck against their strongest rivals on the circuit. Daniel Williams, with the remarkable figures of five for eight, made excellent use of slower balls to dismiss King?s for a very modest 74 which Millfield overcame without loss.


*Sedbergh 254-6 dec (D Gomersall 113), Durham 144-7

MCC 174-9, *Sedbergh 178-1 (D Gomersall 105 not out)

MCC 167, *Dulwich 96-9

*Denstone 256-4 (45 overs)(A Thomson 157 not out), Wrekin 141

*Dulwich 210-7 (40 overs), Hampton 165-8 (C O’Brien 101 not out)

*Ampleforth 105, Sedbergh 106-4

*Merchant Taylors’, Northwood 200-3 dec (J Phillips 101), Haberdashers’ Aske’s 178-6

*Merchant Taylors?, Crosby 173, Kirkham GS174-5

High School of Glasgow 143-5 (30 overs), *Glasgow Academy 108

King?s Taunton 74 (D Williams 5-8), ?*Millfield 78-0

*Taunton 224 (50 overs)(G Bacon 5-36), Bristol GS 203-9 (J Kelly 5-31)

*Taunton 166-9 (40 overs), Clifton 117-8

Oundle 108, *Rugby 114-2

Free Foresters 124, *Winchester 125-7

*Stowe 195-7 (40 overs), Bradfield 173-9

*RGS Worcester 137-9 (35 overs)(Chesterton Cup), Hereford CS 100

Warwick 147-9 (50 overs), *RGS Worcester107

*St Peter?s 189-9 dec (55 overs) (M Wren-Kirkham 5-35), Grammar School at Leeds?190-4

Reading Blue Coat 136-8 (35 overs), *Merchant Taylors?, Northwood 129

National Twenty20 competition, North West section group 4

?Kirkham 198-5, KEQMS Lytham 76

Arnold 155-7, Rossall 158-3

KEQMS Lytham118-9, ?Arnold 120-1

Kirkham GS 128-8, Rossall 90 (M Eaton 5-23)

Kirkham win the group round

?National Twenty20 competition, South London section group 1

?Whitgift 184-5, ?Alleyn’s 74

Dulwich 111, Caterhan 98

Dulwich 55, Whitgift 60-0

?Whtgift win the group round

National Twenty20 competition, Eastern section group 1

King’s Ely 41, Gresham’s 42-3

Norwich 171-5, King’s Ely 82-4

Norwich 72, Gresham’s 73-2

Gresham’s win the group round

?National Twenty20 competition, North East section group 5

?Dame Allan’s School 75-8, RGS Newcastle 76-5

King’s,Tynemouth 96-7, Dame Allan’s School 97-1

King’s Tynemouth 85-4, RGS Newcastle 86-4

RGS Newcastle win the group

? National Twenty20 competition, North East section group 1

St Peter?s, York 156-6, Silcoates 113-8

St Peter?s York win the group

?National Twenty20 competition, West Midlands section group 3

RGS Worcester 138-7, Solihull 84-8

King’s Worcester 114-7, Bromsgrove 119-2

RGS Worcester 128-9, Bromsgrove 64

King’s Worcester 92, Solihull 96-3

RGS Worcester 148-6, King’s Worcester 96-6

Bromsgrove 161-3, Solihull 149-6

RGS Worcester win the group round

?National Twenty20 competition, South London group 3

(reduced to 10 overs because of weather)

?Reed’s 80-1, St George’s 80-5 (Reed?s win on loss of fewer wickets)

Reed?s 75-5, Eltham 50

?St George’s 66-7, Eltham 67-1

Reed?s win the group round

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