Wisden cumulative archive

The cumulative spreadsheet 2000-2019 is a vast file (45.5MB), which even with a very fast internet connection may take a minute to download. I have also provided PDFs of each section.

One important thing to note is that until about 2003, almost all school matches were declaration games, and since that time the overwhelming majority have been 50 overs. This has had two effects: teams either win or lose as there is no such thing as a draw and so team figures may be very different from about 2003 onwards. Secondly, overs cricket drastically limit the number of overs a bowler may bowl (10 in a 50-over match). On that latter topic, since the late 2000s, ECB have issued strict guidelines as to how many overs bowlers above slow are limited in the number of overs they may bowl in a spell and also in an innings, whether the game is declaration or overs.

A note on what is included in Wisden over the years. Before 2005 (season), there was no mention of Best Bowling, and therefore in these files they do not appear for any year before then. The number of centuries scored likewise did not appear until a few years before this.

Seasons 2000 – 2004 were all typed from the original Wisden figures as these were before I took over for the 2005 season and introduced spreadsheets. Since season 2005 I have had the full figures (though not published in Wisden) and these have always been on this website (courtesy of Wisden).

The first file is a spreadsheet showing which schools have appeared in Wisden since 2000; the second is the huge cumulative spreadsheet 2000 – 2019, updated every year round about six months after the publication of the printed version, again by kind permission of Wisden.

Schools appearing in Wisden 2000 – 2019

Cumulative spreadsheets of all figures 2000 – 2019

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Batting overall by runs scored
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Bowling overall by wickets
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Highest team scores since 2000

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